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  • Making Du'a and reading Qur'an in language other than Arabic Date: 4-8-2002

    I'm an American Muslim who doesn't speak Arabic. Can I make (Du'a), e.g. when entering the bathroom or hearing the thunder in English or must I say it in Arabic? Can I read the Qur'an in English? I have one with both English and Arabic, but I just started learning Arabic... More

  • Prostrations during the prohibited times Date: 29-7-2002

    In the Name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful and peace be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad. During the period of "Zawwal" i.e. the time after the Fajr prayer, just before the Zuhr prayer, just about the noon time and after the Asr prayer, before the Maghrib prayer, when it is not allowed to offer prayer or offer prostration, if.. More

  • Holding the Qur'an while traveling Date: 29-7-2002

    When traveling can I hold a Qur'an even when I am not praying because of the way luggage is handled in planes, I want to carry it with me... More

  • Abrogated Verses of the Quran Date: 27-7-2002

    First of all my thanks for the previous Fatwa. I am completely satisfied from the answer. This time I have a query about Islamic Jurisprudence. My question is: What is al-Naskh (abrogation of the verses of Holy Qur'an)? Is it true that there were certain verses of the Holy Qur'an that were abrogated? If yes, which and how many verses were abrogated.. More

  • Women covering their heads for Azan and reciting Qur'an Date: 23-7-2002

    Is it obligatory for women to cover their heads during Azan or when reciting the Qur'an?.. More

  • Questioning the authenticity of Surah At-Taubah Date: 22-7-2002

    I saw the reply to my last question concern Surah At-Taubah. I think you did not understood my question. I asked about the last two verses of Surah At-Taubah because I saw on the Internet that (2) two verses [128 and 129] of Surah At-Taubah are wrong; they are not really verses of the Qur'an. It was found only with one of the companions of Prophet.. More

  • Translation of Qur'an in Persian and Urdu Date: 22-7-2002

    I am in need of Qur'an translation in Persian and Urdu languages... More

  • The last revealed chapter and verse of the Qur'an Date: 20-7-2002

    What was the last chapter (Surah) and verse of the Qur'an revealed to the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) before his death that when his companions heard it they cried? What is the last revealed chapter (Surah) of the Qur'an?.. More

  • Learning Tafseer from Teacher who Disagrees with Scholars Date: 15-7-2002

    I have two questions and that is that I am really interested in learning Tafseer and one of my teachers has started teaching to a few interested students. I usually read Tafseer Ibn Kathir and Maududi (he was a Pakistani scholar). The class is conducted so that each of us reads Tafseer of our own choice and then we discuss it under his supervision... More

  • Which Is More Rewardable: Reciting the Quran or Doing Thikr? Date: 13-7-2002

    What is more rewarding, doing Zikr such as saying Tahleel and Takbeer or reading the Qur'an? .. More

  • Name of the Dog in Soorah Al-Kahf Date: 8-7-2002

    What is the name of the dog of people of the cave (Ashab al-Kahf)? .. More

  • Reward for reading Surah al-Ikhlas 10 times Date: 7-7-2002

    Does Hadith say that if you read Surah Al-Ikhlas 10 or 11 times, Allah builds a palace for you?.. More

  • Explanation of Luqman [31: 34] Date: 6-7-2002

    Could you please explain me the last verse of Surah Luqman. Does Allah give any of this knowledge of unseen to his prophets?.. More

  • Explanation of "al-Ruh" and "Nafs" in Qur'an Date: 3-7-2002

    What is the difference between (al-Ruh) the spirit (mentioned 14 times in the Qur'an) and (al-Nafs) the soul (mentioned 61 times in the Qur'an)? Please explain... More

  • Reciting Qur'an in other than Arabic Date: 2-7-2002

    Is it alright to read the Surah YaSin in Romanised language?.. More