998 fatwas

  • Touching the Quran Without Ablution Date: 31-7-2001

    What is the ruling on touching the Qur'an and reading it by a Muslim without having "Wudu" (but not in the state of Junub)? Is this permissible or I have to make Wudu to touch the Qur'an? .. More

  • Qur'an script (Rassem) and styles of Qur'anic recitation Date: 24-6-2001

    Please explain how many ways are famous in writing the Qur'anic (Rassem) script? I know Naskh, Nastailiq, Kufi etc., but I don't know the detail. What are the names of Qira'at of Qur'an? For instance one is that of Qari Abdul Basit and other by Husri and the third by Sudais.Please explain by giving the names and their originators... More

  • Answers to Qur'anic verses Date: 18-6-2001

    1. Is it permissible to answer orders that are in some verses? Such as 87:1 and last verse of 95:8.2. Is it permissible to do imitation (Taqleed) of Imams?.. More

  • Sadaqallah-ul-Atheem Date: 12-6-2001

    Is saying Sadaqa Allah Al Adhim is a Bida' or not, please give proof. .. More

  • The seven heavens and discoveries in astronomy Date: 11-6-2001

    I'm asking about seven heavens and recent human discoveries in the field of astronomy. Is there any connection between heavens and, for example, Alpha Century or other systems in the Universe? And should we think of that at all!.. More

  • Scientific evidence of splitting of the moon Date: 24-5-2001

    Has science shown any evidence of the "splitting of the moon" according to Surat Al-Qamar (54) in Qur'an? If so where can I find it?.. More

  • Giving Qur'an to non-Muslim Date: 23-5-2001

    Can I give the Arabic Qur'an along with translation in Marathi Indian language to a non-Muslims. I have given one already, so please reply in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah... More

  • Origin of Qur'an Date: 14-5-2001

    A Hindu has approached me recently and queried the Qur'an's teachings. He has said that the Qur'an originated from the Hindu books known as the 'Vedas', which he claims were written thousands of years before Islam. Further still he claims the Hinduism is the first and foremost religion. Though I have endeavored to find a suitable answer for his queries.. More

  • Seven earths and seven heavens Date: 23-4-2001

    Please give me the details of seven earths and seven heavens in the light of Qur'an, Hadith and science... More

  • Reading Surah Al-Kahf in group on Jumuah Date: 1-3-2001

    In our praying room, after the fajr prayer of Friday a group of people sit together and read Surah al Kahf in a group - each person reading two or three verses until they finish the Surah and they hope from Allah that Allah will give each of them the reward for reading the whole surah. I know that reading Surah al Kahf on Friday is authentic, but reading.. More

  • God is best among creators Date: 6-2-2001

    God is best among creators as written in Qur'an ayah 23: 14; so beside Allah is there any other god?.. More

  • Revising interpretation of Qur'an Date: 6-2-2001

    One Muslim leader wants the Ulama' to revise the interpretation of the Al-Qur'an suitable with the particular period. What was your FATWAS' IN THIS MATTER?.. More

  • Reward for reading Qur'an in any language Date: 1-2-2001

    Can you read the Qur'an in any language and get the same reward for it?.. More

  • Names and numbers of surahs in Qur'an Date: 7-1-2001

    I want to ask question about chapters of Qur'an and names of Ayats, who gave numbers and names of Ayat and Surats, for example Surat Baqara has 282 Ayat? .. More

  • Reason for the Revelation of Soorah At-Tahreem Date: 2-1-2001

    What is the reason for the descend of Surah at-Tahrim? .. More