270 fatwas

  • Struck and killed a child with his car without any negligence on his part Date: 6-1-2010

    Dear Sir, Assalam-o-Alaikum,I am emailing to you in a situation of distress and confusion.Yesterday,I was driving on the road with my family(wife,son2 yrs,house maid)from city A to City B.The highway has small villages/towns on the way and therefore small public transports stop on the sides of the road to take and offload passengers. I was driving at.. More

  • A dispute over Diyah and inheritance Date: 2-11-2009

    Assalamualikum. The question rises from the real story I am going to tell. A minor uncle shot dead his minor nephew with the pistol given to the victim dad by the minor dad who is the granddad to the victim. Over the burial the granddad announced that he is giving one his houses to the victim family as Dia. after a couple of years the granddad changed.. More

  • Concealing fasting is not forbidden in Islam Date: 16-9-2009

    I am currently fasting as an expiation for manslaughter and I am trying to hide this from people. It was a painful accident and I do not want to talk about it. One of my neighbors happened to offer me some food. I forgot that I was fasting, so I put part of it in my mouth. When I remembered, I spat it out and pretended to chew it by moving my jaws lest.. More

  • It is permissible for you to avoid this trial Date: 19-8-2009

    I have been arrested by the police in canada for putting accidentally a fire to the house of a person. The person forgave me but they still want to prosecute me for causing damages to his house. They will prosecute me according to man-made laws. Is it permissible for me to attend the hearing or should go into hiding or flee the country. I want to know.. More

  • The person who caused the accident has to expiate and pay Diyah Date: 18-6-2009

    salam, a person is driving a car with 5 passengers, a trailer hit his car at the back, as a result of that 3 out of the 5 passengers die. is he the one who is going to do fasting or the trailer driver?. assalamu alaikum.. More

  • Punishment for honour killers in the hereafter Date: 4-6-2009

    a man killed his 2 sisters (one his own sister, another cousin) on account of unsocial deeds, (nude model-ing, may be prostituting etc). What is the culprit's penalty hereafter in front of Allah. waiting for reply. thanks in advance... More

  • Prescribed punishment for drinking wine Date: 11-5-2009

    Salam 3alaykom, Some sins that are mentioned in the Qur2an doesnt have any prescribed punishment such as wine drinking, and in some hadeeth, Rasoul ALLAH (pbuh) used to lash the 1 who drinks and other times kill him: Dawud :: Book 38 : Hadith 4470 Narrated Qabisah ibn Dhuwayb: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: If anyone drinks wine, flog him;.. More

  • Beat his cousin to discipline her Date: 30-4-2009

    asalamualykum my question is that i hit one of my cousin sisters to discipline her because her parents were careless in that matter,i dont touch girls cause i know its haram but i hit her in a state of rage because she was behaving arrogently in all matters. i even tried to explain her but she behaves in the same manner. was i wrong in doing that... More

  • Punishment of a man who killed his wife Date: 19-3-2009

    Assalamualaikum, Its very sad but, I want to know. One of my sisters is burnt alive by her husband,we rush her to the hospital but after a day she died. Before dying she told that her husband beat her with belt tied her, put kerosene & burnt her .She has left a girl child 2 1/2 years old & a baby boy of just an year. Her husband is now in police custody.. More

  • Testimony by what is most predominantly thought to be the truth Date: 11-1-2009

    Assalamu aleikum One day, a few months back. I was involved in a car accident. I was approaching a red light and had already stopped or was almost coming to a stop ( I don't remember for sure), when a driver who had lost control of his car hit me in the back. Due to the force with which I was hit in the back, My car got pushed forward and it hit another.. More

  • Expiation for killing by mistake Date: 8-1-2009

    Incase the death of several people occurs out of the mistake or poor judgement of a caregiver, what should the caregiver do if he/she can not find a slave to free or fast two consecutive months for each of the victims?.. More

  • Repelling harm comes in priority over achieving benefit Date: 31-12-2008

    Assalamalaikum my question is that at a certain situation how we have to take descision when we find in that particular things both benefit and harm or sin.But the benfit is more than harm or sin.So here i have to weigh both the things and take the desicion that which one is more.So please explain me islamic principle for such kind of situations... More

  • The four Imaams’ agreement is not considered a consensus Date: 22-5-2008

    Assalaamu alaikum, A sister from our forums is asking the following question, "If the four Imams agree on a ruling, would this amount to a "consensus", i.e. "ijma"? Because, when there is "ijma" on a ruling, the proof that the scholars used might be forgotten. At least, this is what I learnt in Usul al-Fiqh." We hope you can answer her question, jazak.. More

  • Meaning of Istihsaan Date: 17-4-2008

    what is istehsan? tell me the detail of istehsan,its meaning and propher,s and His companions saying about istehsan... More

  • The Islamic corporal punishments are mercy for societies Date: 15-4-2008

    Hello friend, I find you website very interesting,but I am sorry that I am not a muslim. When you sentence a crimminal to death,I see you carry out a public beheading.Would not hanging be the best way, as we used to do this here in Britain some years ago. Do you still stone a crimminal to death? Peace to you,friend. Raymond... More