266 fatwas

  • Fifteen year old committed Zina Date: 10-4-2001

    A 15 years-old girl committed adultery (Zina) with her 24 years old boyfriend. Because the girl is still below age (according to our law), her boyfriend was charge for rape and sentence for several years in jail .What was Islamic view about this matter. .. More

  • Taking Human Life in Islam Date: 31-3-2001

    1- If a man entered his home and saw his wife sleeping with a stranger and he killed them both, what will be Islam's judgment on him? Should he be executed too or what?2- If a Muslim killed another Muslim for no reason, will he be considered out of Islam (murtad)? .. More

  • Following a Mathhab Date: 1-2-2001

    Is it compulsory to follow a Madhhab? Is it permissible to transfer from a Madhab to another Madhab?.. More

  • Punishment for murder Date: 23-11-2000

    1- What is Islam's penalty for a first degree murder? Is it the death penalty? Some people say-that the death penalty is something against our conscience. 2- I have difficulty explaining Islam's position on homosexuality... More

  • Qualifications of the members who give fatwa Date: 26-4-2000

    If you don't mind, can you tell me of your qualifications etc... More

  • Should a Zani confess and accept punishment here Date: 31-3-2000

    Should a zani confess and take his punishment in this earth? Some Sheikhs have said that he shouldn't and only increase his good deeds. This Zani is not married and did this with another non-married person... More

  • Method of issuing Fatwa Date: 29-2-2000

    I 'm a student. Could you please tell me the way or the method you use to deliver the fatwa? .. More

  • Applying penalties in Islam (Hudud) Date: 28-2-2000

    I understood that application of penalties in Islam (Hudud) may be done only by an Islamic state ruled by Kitabullah and Sunnah. As a Muslim minority in Australia, I said that individuals cannot apply Hudud on other individuals. What is the evidence from Qur'an and Sunnah? .. More

  • Punishment for Illegal Sexual Intercourse Date: 3-11-1999

    What is the punishment of a Zani? .. More

  • Stealing from Non-Muslims Bank Date: 22-8-1999

    Can I steal from bank? .. More

  • What is Fatwa? Date: 30-5-1999

    What is Fatwah?.. More