1186 fatwas

  • Fun fair in Islam? Date: 28-9-2000

    What is fun fair in Islam?Is there any such detail regarding fun fair?.. More

  • Using the Internet Date: 20-9-2000

    Could you provide me with feedback and insight on the following website, and its conspiracy theories, Free Masons, New World Order, etc.? Is it ok to read such and will that affect our deen and Islamic line of thought? I don't wish to corrupt my Islamic line of thought and belief and hence ask for advice. .. More

  • Healing by faith versus healing through medication Date: 8-9-2000

    Can you please shed some light on healing by faith versus healing through physicians and medicationfrom an Islamic point of view... More

  • Genetic diagnosis during in vitro fertilisation Date: 25-8-2000

    What is the Islamic view on preimplantation genetic diagnosis during invetro fertilisation? Can we destroy embryos carrying genes for diseases and thus avoid transfer of such embryos to the uterus of the patient?.. More

  • Organ transplantation Date: 21-8-2000

    What is the Islamic opinion about Organ Transplantation using ANIMAL ORGANS? (Pig kidnies and livers will be used in near future in western world)... More

  • Donating blood Date: 12-8-2000

    Does Islam allow a person to give blood? For example, donating blood at a blood drive... More

  • Forced by husband to have abortion Date: 23-6-2000

    My husband forced me to have an abortion and I did it for his sake. I was pregnant for one or two weeks. What should I do? .. More

  • Donating body parts Date: 9-6-2000

    Assalamualikum Dear brothers in Islam, What is the Fatwa on the following:- Can we donate our eyes just after the death? .. More

  • Doing research using human fetus Date: 11-5-2000

    I am a scientist doing research on the human cell and its reaction to cancer. Recently I was approached to do research in this field but using human feutus that were aborted at the age of five months. I am worried that this will not be permitted in Islam. The research is geared to finding cures to cancer but the thought of working on human fetus is.. More

  • Smoking Date: 10-5-2000

    A brother says that smoking is not haram but makruh. I believe that makruh and haram are synonyms, right? I would like to have the answer... More

  • Transsexual Date: 14-4-2000

    I want to know the Islamic view of the "transsexual". And how Islam look on khunsa... More

  • Reliable Islamic website Date: 22-3-2000

    Is this site http:// cwis.usc.edu/dept/msa reliable to introduce Islam to non-Muslims?.. More

  • Marriage contract over the telephone Date: 11-2-2000

    Is nikah on the telephone permitted in Shariah? .. More

  • Images for children Date: 8-2-2000

    What is the ruling regarding images and children? What about drawing animals for children?.. More

  • Music for children Date: 8-2-2000

    Is music okay for children, for example, in learning the Arabic alphabet or other Islamic principles?.. More