1168 fatwas

  • Male physician examining woman in emergency room Date: 25-12-1999

    I am a physician. Is it haram to examine a woman during the month of Ramadan in the emergency room? .. More

  • Reasons cigarette smoking is Haram Date: 4-12-1999

    I know that cigarette smoking is haraam in Islam, but why is it so? Please give all the reasons from Qur'an and sunnah... More

  • Using mouthwash containing alcohol Date: 18-11-1999

    Can I use mouthwash with alcohol? .. More

  • Is spending on two big Internet sites for Islam in same building excessive Date: 18-10-1999

    Isn't it excessive spending (Esraf) to have two big Internet sites for Islam provided from two different offices in the same building and spending more than 5 millions QR per year where "dawa" through the Internet has less results than direct action and contact, especially with the non-Muslims living and coming every day to Qatar?.. More

  • Use of the crescent on mosques Date: 3-10-1999

    Why is the crescent moon used on the top of almost every masjid as if it is an Islamic logo? Is this practice Islamic and what is its origin? assalam.. More

  • Tourism brings non-believers Date: 22-9-1999

    Tourism is very important business, especially for countries that do not have other financial means, for example, tunisia. However, we know that tourism brings foreigners with bad habits, like bad clothes and alcohol. What is the Islamic view on this matter?.. More

  • Girls Chatting with Men on Internet Date: 9-9-1999

    Is it Halal for a girl to chat with men in chatrooms on the Internet and to exchange e-mails between males and females? .. More

  • Muslim male, former female, wants wife Date: 18-8-1999

    Bismillah arrahman arrahim, assalam alaykom wa rahmatollah, i sent you a question for a fatwa and i am sending you now a detailed letterabout my story. please help me. I am a muslim man who lives in canada. I need your help to give me a fatwain marriage and i need your knowledge of the islamic laws to help me. I am an engineer, an honest man, who follows.. More

  • Internet contact for legal marriage Date: 17-8-1999

    Can I enter in contact with a Muslim girl by internet for legal marriage? You help me for this... More

  • Giving part of a dead body to another person Date: 13-8-1999

    Can we give a part of a dead body to another person?.. More

  • Cloning Date: 9-8-1999

    What is Islam's point of view on cloning human beings? Temporary abortion as family planning?.. More

  • Using the Internet: Haram or not? Date: 6-8-1999

    What do the sheiks think about using the internet; if it is haram, what is haram about it? .. More

  • Smoking: Haram or Makrooh? Date: 29-6-1999

    Is smoking Haraam? Some people say smoking is makrooh, but I believe it is haraam, since it causes harm and damage to the body just like illegal drugs. I heard that smoking was declared haraam, but many people continue to believe it is makrooh. .. More