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  • Financial Ties Between Doctors and Medical Advertising Companies

    (Shorter version of previous post)Dr. X is working in a private hospital. He wants to make a business agreement with one of the best companies in my country. According to the agreement, I will write drugs for diseases that are produced by the aforementioned renowned company. The price of the drug is similar to that of other companies and quality is.. More

  • The presence of the gastric balloon in the stomach has no effect on fasting

    Salam, my friend is thinking of getting a gastric balloon to regain her health and lose weight, but she wants to know if she can fast with the balloon in her stomach since she needs to keep it for almost 12 months, she tried excercise diets and many more but as time passes she concerns that she might not be able to lose it all to becone healthy. I live.. More

  • The ruling on using medicines that contain alcohol

    What is the ruling on using medicines like Dayquill and Nyquill to relieve cold and flu symptoms? It is over the counter. One of the active ingredients can intoxicate and give a high in large amounts. I'm not talking about the alcohol here but some of them have it. Worst case, what if you were sick and had to take this due to the illness and the lack.. More

  • Ruling on using a product that has a forbidden description

    Asalamu alaykom. I bought makeup highlighter, where in the description on it, it says you can use it on your cupids bow. Cupid is a fake god, but our body part is named after him. (The top line of our lips). Would it be permissible to use this product? And can we also describe that body part by saying cupids bow, or would that be haram? May Allah reward.. More

  • There is wisdom in everything that Allah Almighty has legislated

    Assalamu Alaiykum,I was extremely disappointed with your answer regarding your stance on abusive parents who mistreats me a lot. It is taking a tremendous toll on my mental health that I feel suicidal. I have lost my hope in Islam and Allah completely. I knew Allah will always favour parents no matter how much abusive they are, and it sounds akin to.. More

  • Acting upon bad thoughts (insinuating whispers)

    Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhIf one Acts upon bad thoughts about Allah did he become a Kafir?For exampleI want to pray and i restart the prayer because i think Allah doesent know my Intention BUT afterwards i realize that Allah knows everthing.I had a bad thought, i acted upon it, did i leave Islam and is renewing the shahada necessary?.. More

  • Afflicted with whispers about impurity

    When I touch my face, my hands get a trace of oil from it. Will my hands become impure if I touch someplace impure with these hands? Thanks. .. More

  • Applying Creams That Contain Alcohol As a Medicine

    Assalamualaikum I have a skin problem(on limbs, face) due to which i have to apply creams (which contain alcohol) as a medicine. Is it ok to apply the creams and pray? And also after using the creams do i have to change the clothes to pray or can i pray in the same clothes?JazakALLAH khair .. More

  • Insinuating whispers about belief

    I get devilish thoughts about Allahs existence limited to my brain. i get these thoughts and in my heart i keep saying I believe in Allah who is the creator of this universe. i keep saying this but these thoughts don't seem to go instead now they interfere in my prayers. i dont doubt Allahs existence i know he's there but these thoughts wont let me.. More

  • Supplicating Allah Almighty along with employing the means to achieve desired goals

    If a man has a hormonal imbalance from a blood test, can he make dua for Allah to cure him without him losing weight or changing his diet? He is overweight and eats junkfood, doctor says he should lose weight and change diet to help fix this since they contribute to the imbalance, but can the man make dua and not change his lifestyle? He wants to make.. More

  • Rulings regarding an aborted fetus

    Aslamu alaykum,I am ashamed to have aborted my child and I will regret it till this day as i m not married and the kid would not have been healthy.. But I was just wondering if I am meant to have a funeral for my baby it was 21 weeks old and they removed it bit by bit from my womb... I have let the hospital know to keep the remain s. Don't know what.. More

  • Wants to Study Gynecology or Pediatrics but Universities Are Mixed

    I am a 18 year old girl from Turkey, and here in my country there is no segragation in universities. My country is not ruled by Sharia and everything includes free mixing. Is it halal for me to attend a mixed medical school for being a child doctor (pediatrician) or an gynecologist? My family wants me to attend university physically so this is the solution.. More

  • Whispers about IVF

    Assalamualaikum dear scholars I asked a question and got fatwa from this forum back in 2016 about ivf taking priority over performing Hajj for a deceased person. Allah granted me a son with ivf who is now 5 years old MashaAllah. He has all features of me and my wife. Now whispers from shaitan, difference of opinion regarding ivf from some scholars like.. More

  • Using an appropriate method when advising old parents

    Assalam O Alaikum I have following questions relating to old aged parents. Your response InshaAllah will guide to right path:1. My mother is very old and weak she is diabetic also. She don’t have control over eating, can I say to her don’t eat too much? I know saying that it will hurt her feelings 2. If my mother is doing something wrong, can I.. More

  • Ruling on abortion

    As salaam alaikum, Iam pregnant with my 7th child. My husband does not want, the baby and he is making me get an abortion. I fear Allah and wish to keep my child. I have been mentally and psychically and financially abuse by my husband throughout my marriage. I have no money, no family and no other home or means to live without him. Each day he becomes.. More