1168 fatwas

  • Having picture taken without Hijab Date: 1-7-2001

    Is it true that it's Haram to take a picture without Hijab?.. More

  • Females wearing tampons Date: 1-7-2001

    Is it wrong for a female to wear tampons? Some people say yes if your are a virgin. Is that true?.. More

  • Falsehood can not come to Shariah Date: 1-7-2001

    Is the Shariah an interpretation of Laws of God made by men? If so, could it contain any mistake or wrong interpretation?.. More

  • Husband and wife fear for fetus after wife received X-ray Date: 25-6-2001

    My wife recently had an X-ray. After that, she discovered that she is pregnant. Some of the doctors said that she must abort the fetus because there is a risk that he will have serious problems like to be mentally or physically handicapped. And the others said that she must not do so, because if there was any problem, he would have already died. We.. More

  • Playing card games on PC's Date: 14-6-2001

    I want to know what is the ruling against playing card games, solitaire and the like, which are usually available on all PC's. I have a feeling that it is not correct, but would like to know the opinion of more knowledgeable people, through the Glorious Qur'an and the Prophet's (Peace and blessing be upon him) Sunnah... More

  • Chat clubs on Internet Date: 11-6-2001

    We have a club in Yahoo called Yemen club, we discuss different topics in them, but in the last few days there was a big discussion. I wish that you advice us about it from the Islamic way. The founder of the group has made a Christian co. founder in the group who can delete the posts of the member or ban them or even delete the whole club, he has.. More

  • Going to the beach and swimming in the sea Date: 28-5-2001

    What does Islam says about going to the beach and swimming into the sea?.. More

  • Women dancing to romantic music Date: 24-5-2001

    In my village where I live women dance with ARABIC NEW SONGS which contains words like "I love you, I miss you, etc. Does Islam allow dancing to such songs?.. More

  • Drawing Living Beings Date: 3-5-2001

    I'm a Norwegian Muslim girl and I have a "little" problem...I'm going to a Norwegian school, and we have a drawing/art subject where we have to draw things with "life", like people, animals etc... But my mother told me that it is Haram to draw thing with "life", so I'm trying to avoid that. But we HAVE TO DO IT at school, because our teacher is going.. More

  • Muslims sight seeing in Churches Date: 26-4-2001

    Can Muslims visit a Church to see the American culture, only seeing the Church as a museum? .. More

  • Language in the Hereafter Date: 24-4-2001

    We all know that Arabic is the Language of the Qur'an and that Allah revealed the Qur'an in Arabic and that Arabic is the "Language of the Heavens". "Is it obligatory to learn the Arabic Language? If some one does not know Arabic then what will he do when the angels come to his grave for questioning him after his death and on the Day of Judgement when.. More

  • Operation for sex change Date: 22-4-2001

    What was the Islamic rules about effeminate man behaving like a woman who is having an operation to remove his male vital part and form it like a female part. He even form the woman breast. Now his body physically look like a woman. Also about his Aurah, his marriage to the man .his mixed with another woman and about his repentance. What I tell you.. More

  • Use of sedatives and anesthetics in Islam Date: 2-4-2001

    I am a doctor and want to know if the use of sedatives and hypnotics (sleeping pills) are allowed in Islam. it does not come under the ruling of Al Khamer... More

  • Islamic view of dangerous and expensive sports Date: 12-3-2001

    What is Islamic rule about a Muslim taking part in some dangerous sports like parachute, jumping, mountain climbing, etc. What about sports like football which costs a lot of money to build the stadium, to buy football equipment? What is Islam's view of these sports which costs a lot of money?.. More

  • Ruling on martial arts Date: 27-2-2001

    What is the status of practising Martial Arts like Boxing, and all the sports of aggression?.. More