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  • Is Being Among the Correct Sect Enough? Date: 26-3-2019

    I was scrolling through recent fatwas and i came across fatwa 393448. As far as i understand you said there that hell is not eternal? Is that true? Why is it then important to be in the correct sect if every Muslim will in the end be saved anyway? .. More

  • Reasons for the Emergence of Muslim Sects Date: 17-2-2019

    Asslamu Alaikumthis is my question Sir:-What are the causes of the emergence and development of different sects internal and external.may Allah reward you abundantly .. More

  • Acceptable and unacceptable differences Date: 9-1-2014

    A fellow Muslim said to me that he is convinced of the opinion of the Salaf regarding the issue of the Names and Attributes of Allaah. However, he does not like reviling the opponents in this regard. He says, "why do we not tolerate this difference of opinion in the same way we tolerate differences in Fiqh issues." How can I reply to him?.. More

  • The difference between Kalimat At-Tawheed and Tawheed Al-Kalimah Date: 8-3-2012

    Please provide a detailed explanation of Tawheed (monotheism), Tawheed Al-Kalimah and Kalimat At-Tawheed.. More

  • Are Islamic groups included in the famous Hadeeth regarding the division of the Ummah? Date: 3-10-2010

    Are such groups as Salafis, some Sufis, the Muslim Brotherhood…etc. those referred to in the Hadeeth narrated on the authority of ‘Abd Allaah ibn ‘Amr: "And my Ummah will be divided into 73 groups…." [At-Tirmithi]? .. More

  • The Ashaa‘irah and Maatureediyyah Date: 30-9-2010

    Who are the Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaa’ah? If the Ashaa’irah and Maatureediyyah are not from the Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaa’ah, then who is? If you classify them under the Islamic sects, you are dubbing them disbelievers and the possibility of their admittance into Hell. .. More

  • A teacher of al-Aqeedah (creed) finds another teaching Sufism and theology Date: 16-11-2002

    I teach the subject of al-Aqeedah (creed) in Holland to new people. But there is another man who teaches them Sufism and al-Kalam (theology) and speaks ill of Ibn Taymiyah . What should I do?.. More