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  • Feels She Is Losing Faith and Was Inconsistent with Prayers and Fasts Date: 12-7-2020

    I feel like i’ve lost almost all my emaan. Usually, during the time of ramadan i’m always so excited to get closer to allah swt and become a better muslim. This year I have failed to connect with allah swt and islam, I have been inconsistent with my prayers and fasts which hasn’t happened since I was a child. Last year, I committed more sins than.. More

  • The Difference Between Weak Faith and Kufr Date: 16-7-2018

    I was wondering,is there a difference between weak faith and kufr? .. More

  • Characteristics of true believers Date: 10-12-2017

    If a person has these characteristics, are they considered a true believer in Islam? 1. Praising Allah in abundance by doing any acts of worships for a lengthy time whenever Allah gives and/or answers their calls. 2. Becoming very content when Allah provides them a person to be their guide and/or guiding a person to them. They consider those individuals.. More

  • Change in degree of religiosity is common in humans Date: 5-12-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Could you please tell me why there are Muslims who act religiously and then change? For example, a person was guided by Allah, and Allaah did everything for them. That person seemed like a religious person, which is what they were showing. However, it came to the point where the person's character had changed, and they then wronged.. More

  • Statement of the heart versus action of the heart Date: 5-7-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I heard someone say the following statement; is it true? This verse can be used as evidence for the action of the heart as a seperation for the statement of the heart: “Is it not time that the hearts of all who have attained to faith should feel humble at the remembrance of God and of all the truth that has been bestowed [on them].. More

  • Explaining how faith includes actions Date: 22-4-2016

    Asslaamu alaykum. There is something that I am confused about. I heard that Ahl As-Sunnah (the People of the Sunnah) say that imaan (faith) also includes actions. But what is the evidecne for this? Allaah uses the word imaan for prayer in the Quran, so, yes, we include that, and it is known that not praying is kufr (disbelief), but I see people using.. More

  • Faith comprises words, deeds and intentions Date: 17-10-2015

    Assalamu Alaikum Shaykh. I am sending this question on behalf of some family members who state that they have a solid belief in Allah but who don't see a need or reason to follow all Quranic/Prophetic commandments. For example, they say that Islam is truly in their hearts and that they turn to Allah in gratitude and repentance with all humility, but.. More

  • Reaching 'perfection' in faith Date: 7-5-2014

    Asalama 'alaikum. only four women in the history of Islam have perfected their faith, what does it mean to perfect your faith? Does this mean that we will never be able to reach ihsan in worship? Also I have another question is it permissible to make Dua to see RasulAllah sallaAllahualayhiwasallam in a dream because I have been consistently doing so.. More

  • Everyone’s faith fluctuates Date: 6-7-2012

    Sometimes I feel I am a hypocrite and at other times I feel I am ostentatious. What should I do?.. More

  • The perfection of faith Date: 5-12-2011

    Are actions a condition for the perfection or soundness of faith?.. More

  • The Testimony of Faith implies belief and action Date: 5-12-2011

    What is the meaning of the Hadeeths which point out that anyone who testifies that none is truly worthy of worship but Allaah will enter Paradise? .. More

  • Faith increases with repentance and good deeds, decreases with sins Date: 15-9-2011

    I feel that my heart has became void of belief, how can I restore it and forget this life which has become my main concern?.. More

  • Faith: belief and deeds Date: 3-10-2010

    I let my beard grow and faced some criticism as a result. Some people said to me that faith is in the heart and not in the beard. I replied that this is true, but we must follow the Quran and the Sunnah which commands us to let our beards grow. Was my reply correct? What do you advise me to say in reply?.. More

  • Her righteous husband thinks he has lost his faith Date: 31-12-2009

    salam aleikum. i have one question about iman. my husband is a very good and practising muslim. he read the quraan every day, pray the 5 obligatory salats and pray many sunna salats too and is always in the mosque. he reads very much about islam and listen to many lessons too but still he say that lately he have loose his imaan. we always listen to.. More

  • Means to reinforce faith Date: 5-12-2007

    How can a Muslim reinforce his faith?.. More