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  • Babies born upon Fitrah but without knowledge Date: 10-7-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. There is a verse in the Quran that says that babies are born without knowledge when they come out of the womb; how do we reconcile this with the fact that they are born upon the Fitrah (natural disposition). .. More

  • A person is not accountable for religious proofs he does not understand Date: 18-2-2016

    Are people guilty for not being able to comprehend the evidences ands proofs of Islam; for example, a muslim who is not able to comprehend a verse? And when is a person declared a disbeliever? How much evidence must be shown to a person to establish proof against them? And what if they claim that they do not comprehend ? .. More

  • Every person is born with the sound belief in the Oneness of Allah Date: 12-10-2015

    Assalamu Alaykum wa ramatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Is it true that everybody in this world was born as a Muslim but it depends on the religion he or she met is parent doing? .. More

  • Allaah punishes only after sending messengers, although people born with Fitrah Date: 17-4-2015

    Aslamualakaum. As im not knowleable and get really easily conffused, i want to ask you this. How to we relate the veres in surah 7 veres 172-173 where Allah says that he created all on fitrah so there will be no excuse on the day of judgement with regard to shirk. And the verese and hadith where Allah says that he will not punish until a messenger is.. More

  • The confession of Aadam's offspring that Allaah is their Lord Date: 2-12-2013

    Please describe briefly [Quran 7:172] especially these words "Am I not your Lord?" .. More

  • The role of man’s innate disposition in guiding a person to Islam Date: 7-3-2012

    Is man's innate disposition a separate authority for setting rules? If a person commits a major act of disbelief, will the person be saved from being judged as a disbeliever because he is naturally disposed to believe in the Oneness of Allaah?.. More

  • Every newborn child is predisposed to be Muslim Date: 8-9-2011

    A non-Muslim asked me why I am a Muslim and not a Christian, and if this is just because my parents were Muslims. I told him that taking after one’s parents is not enough to achieve sincere belief. However, I could not give a convincing reply. I want to know why we are Muslims and not Christians... More

  • Every child is born upon Fitrah Date: 18-9-2007

    Aslam o alikum 1st q, that a new born baby in a nonmuslim family,is a by birth muslim or masoom ? 2nd q , if any nonmuslim accept islam what shall we call him in english convert or revert? 3rd q , when exectly islam started in the world? .. More

  • Differences among peoples and cultures Date: 22-4-2001

    Why is it that a person tends to follow the beliefs of the culture in which he is born? His parents raise him with the mindset that their religion/way of life/culture is the right one. Throughout his formative years he develops this way of thinking as well. The man who is Pope today, would he have been Pope if he was raised up with Islamic values? Probably.. More