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  • A man's height and Islam Date: 21-3-2001

    Does a man's height have any significance in Islam? .. More

  • Useful tools to read Fatwaas on our site Date: 15-3-2001


  • Settling in new house Date: 17-2-2001

    What is the Sunnah way to settle in a newly built house ? .. More

  • Basic questions by new Muslims Date: 1-2-2001

    1 A new Muslimah does not wear her hijab in the countryside. Can the Jinn see her and should she cover her head when she is outdoors, even if there are no humansaround? 2 Another sister does not pray at work because there is no private place to pray. So she prays all her prayers late (after work). Is it permissible for her to pray sitting at her.. More

  • Signature containing the words Date: 7-1-2001

    My signature contains the words "ALLAHU AKBARU". Is this prohibited?.. More

  • Suspicion of Theft Date: 3-1-2001

    I cannot locate or account for the disappearance of my camera. I suspect that a maid in my employ may have taken it, but I have no proof. Can I deduct the price of the camera from her salary, then return it later if I find she is innocent? .. More

  • Losses and debts due to injustice Date: 12-8-2000

    Assalamalaikum, I have the following question for your response and possible guidance . Jazakumullah Khair. If a person 'A' is not only deprived but also put to a great loss as a result of charges, which years later are proved to be mere accusations. 1) Who is responsible for the huge lossess incurred by 'A'? 2) If there are not only losses,but also.. More

  • Tried to commit suicide because of bad memory Date: 1-8-2000

    I have been married for some years and have children, and I am working. When I go for prayer, I can't remember anything. I read the Qur'an every day, but I cannot remember even a word. Even in school, I went to special education because I have such a bad memory. They took me to a doctor (psychologist). I tried to kill my self many times, but I could.. More

  • European Islamic Council Date: 30-7-2000

    Can you please direct me to an informational site for the European Islamic Council for Fatwa and Research. I know they will meet again in August 2000. I very much would like to learn of the results of the last meeting and follow information in the upcoming meeting. Jazak allahu khair for your effort on my behalf. Wa Salam... More

  • Papers all over house and piles of clean clothes Date: 12-6-2000

    In Islam I know you are supposed to keep your house clean, but what about being disorganized with papers all over the house and a huge pile of clean clothes etc. .. More

  • Ulama who are answering Fatwa inquiries Date: 1-2-2000

    Please tell me the names of the Ulama which are answering the Fatwa Question... More

  • Significance of white and green colors in Islam Date: 3-12-1999

    I know the white color stands for peace in Islam but I don't know why the green color is used in so many Muslim flags... More

  • A friend gets everything he thinks of and is worried he may not be rewarded in Hereafter Date: 13-10-1999

    My friend has a problem: he says that he gets what he wants; no sooner does he think of something he gets it. He wonders if he will be denied rewards in the hereafter, since he gets everything here. Will he be rewarded for his righteous deeds on the day of resurrection or are the rewards of his deeds being given only here? Something I would like to.. More

  • Muslim emigrant to Muslim country feels unwelcome Date: 8-8-1999

    As-salamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah I'm a relatively new revert, 4yrs to be exact. We are now residing in Yemen in an effort to comply with the command of our Rabb, that is to leave Dar ul Kuffar and go to Dar ul Islam. However, we find that we are unwelcome in these countries and are often viewed with suspicion. Job opportunities are minimal, especially.. More