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  • Registering Students in Mixed Schools Date: 17-5-2018

    Asalaam aleykoum wa rahmatullah,If a person works in a mixed school/university in the west and have to registrate students in courses (which can be mixed) will the person then be contributing to free mixing? Will the person be responsible for the bad consequenses that may result from it? Is this job lawful? Barak'Allahu feekom. .. More

  • Addressing Misconceptions Date: 16-5-2018

    If the Jesus of the Bible were asked, as you quoted from Qur’an 5:116-118, whether he had said, “Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allaah,” he would certainly deny it, but not exactly as the Qur’an says. I don’t know of anyone -- in any Christian sect or otherwise -- who claimed that Mary is God, so that’s easy to deny. As for.. More

  • Muslims’ Weakness During the Mongols’ Time Date: 14-5-2018

    Aslaam alaikum sheikh1. In history why I see Muslims were severely defeated and humiliated and killed in Millions by Mongols did Muslims at that time became very sinful? Please can you tell in which sins they indulged so that I can avoid Allah's wrath. .. More

  • Fiction Novels or Games Including Things in The Past or The Future Date: 9-5-2018

    alsalam alaikumi have 2 questionsfirst one is about time travel (which i know is impossible) in fiction novels and game for exampe a character going to the past ? and is it kufr to enjoy such fiction?about game set 2030 or some other time in which they say for example this game is set in the near future so is this haram or halal? .. More

  • Are All Narrations in Al-Adab Al-Mufrad Authentic? Date: 29-4-2018

    I want to ask if all the ahadith mentioned in Al-Adab Al-Mufrad by Imam Bukhari are Saheeh and why did Al-Albani removed aprox 400 ahadith from Al-Adab Al-Mufrad like those of kissing hands and feet because they should not have been removed due to Imam Bukhari made a Bab on these ahadith that were removed by Al-Albani ? .. More

  • Looking at Images of ‘Awrah in Study Materials Date: 29-4-2018

    shaikh in case of medical science only image of sexual organs are considered image of awrah?Or the image of heart,lungs,kidney, liver,brain etc of women & muscles,joints of women's thigh,leg ,arm etc are considered awrah? Or image of men's thigh muscle,abdominal muscle ,knee joints are also considered awrah? If it is,it seems that I can't see most.. More

  • Changing the Wife’s Name to One of the Names of the Wives of Prophet Date: 24-4-2018

    A'alaykum. Thank you very much in advance. My Wife name is recorded as AZEEMUNNISA only in all official documents but her family used to call her MAHEZABEEN. Please advise me whether I continue with the either of the two names or not. If I would like to change her name with the one of the names of wives of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), could you please.. More

  • Reading Books that Contain Curse Words Date: 22-4-2018

    Asalamualikum,If there is a book which contains curse words in it, but is otherwise of benefit, is it haram to read that book? Thank you, and jazzakallah khair for all that you do. .. More

  • Tawassul by virtue of Good Deeds Date: 19-4-2018

    Is it permissible to recite istigfar and dua of prophet yunus with the aim of getting billions of halal money to spend it for Allah'sake but the main goal of reciting the dua is to please Allah or it is shirk? .. More

  • Allah did not Give us the Choice to be Angels Date: 19-4-2018

    Asalam u alikum, Is it true that Allah give us a choice to be an angel or to be a human before putting us on this earth. And secondly, were this question/choice only given to Adam(AS) or to each individual i.e. was I asked whether I will be an angel or human.Jazakullah Khair .. More

  • Returning Stolen Money Date: 4-4-2018

    Assalama'alaykum. I used to take my friends' money without right. Years have passed and I know some of them have moved away but I don't exactly know where. The other is still in my area, but I don't know where she lives and I cannot contact her. This deed has haunted me and brought guilt to me for years. I resolved to never do that again and repented... More

  • Abu Sufyan was not Forced to Embrace Islam Date: 3-4-2018

    Salam,My question is related to the conversion of companion Abu Sufyan (R.A). Many critics of Islam argue that Abu Sufyan (R.A) was forcefully converted to Islam. The reference to the narration they provide is as follows:-"Woe to you, O Abu Sufyan. Is it not time for you to know that I am the apostle of God?" Abu Sufyan answered: "By God, O Muhammad,.. More

  • A Layman Follows the most Knowledgeable and Pious Scholar Date: 2-4-2018

    Asalamo Alikom, I would like to ask regarding Sheikh giving Fatwa to someone who doesn't know the ruling or is conflicted and the Fatwa turns out wrong (in Sharia). If the sin is always on the Sheikh, then how can that be? For instance, someone can find some kind of Sheikh who says seeking help from Awliya is ok, when in fact it can be shirk. What are.. More

  • Meaning of Happiness Date: 27-3-2018

    assalam ala kaum, there is a hadeeth in which Prophet Muhammad Sallahu wassalam said that a spacious house is part of muslim happiness however Prophet Muhammad and many Salaf us saliheen are Poor. so how to understand this hadeeth.Jazakhallah khair .. More

  • Stories of Companions who Were Christians Date: 20-3-2018

    Salam. Are there any stories about Prophet Muhammad companions who were Christians before they become Muslims? Could you kindly refer me a couple of books to read of their background? .. More