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  • Disbelievers are 'slaves' of Allaah in the general sense Date: 14-10-2014

    Salaam Alaikum. I have another question about Islam. Who are the servants of God? Is every human being God's servant, or only those who follow God? Can polytheists be servants of God? Who are the slaves of God? Is every human being God's slave, or only those who follow God? Can polytheists be slaves of God? Thank you. .. More

  • Refuting the allegation of (why did Allaah create us?) Date: 9-1-2014

    My question is somewhat strange, but it has confused me greatly. I would like to ask the scholars about it. The question simply is: why did Allaah create us? The answer is mentioned in the verse: {And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me}. However, Allaah always does whatever He Wills; when He wants a thing to happen, He only says.. More

  • The wisdom behind creation Date: 7-3-2012

    When a Buddhist asked me about the wisdom behind creating and testing humans, I couldn’t answer. Why did Allaah the Almighty create us although He is in no need of us?.. More

  • Wisdom behind the creation of man Date: 5-12-2011

    Why did Allaah create man, because I feel that I came to this life in vain? What should I do to increase my love for the Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam (may Allaah exalt his mention)?.. More

  • Why Allaah created humans although angels were worshipping Him Date: 4-12-2011

    ASAK.. If angels were already workshipping Allah , then why did Allah create humans and this universe, when he had angels already workshipping him..... More

  • No contradiction or inconsistency in the universe Date: 28-2-2011

    As the universe is based on contradictions: black is necessarily in return for white and evil is in return for good etc., what is my guilt in being considered an evil person who’s existence is necessity in return for another good person, that is, that all of this is pre-destined for us?.. More

  • The Earth is a place for trial Date: 24-1-2011

    Why did Allaah the Almighty make us live on the earth and not in Paradise?.. More

  • Conditions for acts of worship to be considered valid Date: 12-10-2010

    What are the conditions that render acts of worship valid? .. More

  • Having doubts regarding the wisdom behind the creation of man and Jinn Date: 10-10-2010

    I know that Allaah The Almighty has created us for the sake of worshiping Him. However, a friend of mine put doubts in my mind about this. What is the evidence that supports this notion? .. More

  • The purpose of worship Date: 7-10-2010

    I know that Allaah the Almighty Says (what means): {And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.} [Quran 51:56] What then is the rationale behind the creation of mankind and the Jinn and behind the worshipping of Allaah the Almighty, especially since if we worship Allaah or if we do not, this does not affect the authority, sublimity.. More

  • Difference between loving Allaah and loving His Messenger Date: 21-9-2010

    Assalam U Alikum, Sheikh I want to know about the Love for Allah and the Love for the Prophet(S.A.W). There is a Hadith where Prophet(S.A.W) said no of you have faith until he loves me more than his father , mother, son, wife and even himself. Also we have to obey and love Allah, when we obey and love Allah that is worship of Allah.And in same way.. More

  • Wisdom behind creation Date: 3-12-2007

    Why did Allaah The Almighty create us and order us to worship Him though He is in no need for us or for our worship? .. More

  • Why did Allah create us? Date: 30-6-2004

    Did god create us to suffer on earth or to work for the hereafter?.. More

  • Why did Allah create the universe? Date: 7-3-2004

    Why did Allah create the universe, and all the living creatures including the Jinns and Angels?.. More