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  • Having a ritual bath after repentance from apostasy Date: 21-8-2011

    In the past, I lived among Sufis and committed some violations of Islam out of ignorance. However, I have repented, praise be to Allaah, but I did not have a ritual bath because I did not know that I was out of the fold of Islam then. They used to tell us that a person is not responsible for acts committed before 18 years of age, which they fixed as.. More

  • He jokingly made the sign of the cross Date: 23-6-2011

    one of my muslim friend was foolong around and he did the cristian cross thing that they do on the chest etc. is this a bad sin for him? as he did it probablywihtout thinking and he doesnt beleive in it as he is a muslim is this a bad sin for him? thankyou .. More

  • Dealing with apostates Date: 5-4-2011

    My father-in-law apostatized from Islam; he gave up prayer and fasting and he even raised doubts about the verses of the Quran. I am not sure how I should treat him. Should I be dutiful to him and treat him kindly? Am I permitted to eat from his food or to feed him from mine? Is my wife permitted to inherit from him if he dies before her?.. More

  • Ruling on keeping the apostate wife Date: 9-3-2011

    In the Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful. A year ago, I married a foreign woman who has newly reverted to Islam and, consequently, adhered to the Islamic dress code. However, after a while, she told me that Islam has many mistakes. For example, she believes that passing wind does not nullify Wudhoo' (ablution), that it is not due.. More

  • Does marrying a Christian man constitute apostasy? Date: 9-3-2011

    My cousin was raised in France, and her mother is a Christian. Hence, she was not brought up according to the sound Islamic manners. My uncle then divorced that woman and accompanied his daughter to his homeland. Some years thereafter, her mother came to visit her. During the visit, she planted hatred of Islam and love for Christianity in her daughter’s.. More

  • There is no greater sin than disbelief Date: 8-3-2011

    There is a husband who insults Allaah the Almighty, drinks alcohol and does not establish prayer. However, he does not negate the prohibition of these actions. Rather, he utters the two testimonies of faith and acknowledges that he is a sinner. He also beats his wife and scolds her, but he loves her and does not want to leave her. Therefore, is.. More

  • The Muslim who died as an apostate and was ejected by the earth Date: 26-1-2011

    Who was the man who converted from Islam to Christianity then died and was ejected by the earth?.. More

  • The prayers of a blasphemer Date: 25-1-2011

    What is the Sharee'ah ruling on a person who prays but always blasphemes Allaah the Almighty?.. More

  • No apostasy because of major sins Date: 2-11-2010

    There are Hadeeths that negate the faith of someone who commits a sin; does this mean that he has become a disbeliever?.. More

  • He smiled and laughed after hearing a story that mocks religion Date: 26-5-2010

    As Salam Alykum, I just wanted to ask about somthing related to Mocking the Religion. The other day I heared a story about a person that did some bad things and said she did it because Allah (SWT) likes for a person to a job well or be sincere in it, and I smiled or laughed a little, and it got me worried thinking that I mocked the religion when I.. More

  • She insulted the Quran during a quarrel with her husband Date: 17-3-2010

    Salaam Please can you help me, i am so upset and ashamed of myself, alhamdulilah i love allah and love my religion allah has helped me through so many difficulties. I am ashamed to say this when i was having an arguement with my husband he asked me something and i was quite angry and said 'i swear on the effing quran that i didnt do this' astagfirullah.. More

  • A Muslim jokingly saying he wants to be a Christian or a Jew Date: 22-2-2010

    What is the ruling if a person unintentionally or for joke says he want to enter Christianity or he wanted to become Jew or wanted to enter other religion than Islam...does this make him a kafir straight away?what we have to do if we make mistakes and unintentionally utter such words...thank you... More

  • A Muslim student in UK expresses her admiration for Christianity and the Church Date: 16-8-2009

    Slam Alicoum,AMuslimsister went for a scholarship to the UK and failed and the UK government refused to accept her again. Her brain was washed by British people and the church there. She thinks that they are more advance than us and the church board and pop are more nicer and kinder that Muslim Sheikhs. She is emailing the British embassy and American.. More

  • Making up the prayers and fast missed while having doubtful faith Date: 2-8-2009

    Asalam-o- Alaikum A person(born in Muslim family) gets into severe depression and remains in the miserable situation for almost 2 years. He becomes doubtful with reagard to existence of Allah during that period and leaves the prayers entirely however did manage Ramadan and most friday prayers with the doubtful iman. Later on(at the end of those 2.. More

  • Apostated when he was young Date: 26-1-2009

    I apostated more than three times when I was young and now I want to be firm on islam but recently I read that in the tafsir of Ibn Kathir from ali (ra) that istitaba of Murtad is three times and after he is killed basing himself on an ayat in surat Al Nissa. Does it means that after three apostasy Allah does not forgive the apostate if he makes Tawba... More