365 fatwas

  • Thinking That A Person Who Reviled the Prophet Is a Kafir Date: 15-9-2022

    A person asked about the repentance from reviling the prophet (pbuh) to a sheikh. What is ruling for a person who thinks in his mind this person who reviled the prophet (pbuh) Kafir and then stopped immediately since he knows the issue of takfeer is big since I don't know if all the impediments where met for takfeer. Does that make me Kafir since it.. More

  • She Sleeps in the Same Room with her Grandmother who Keeps Saying Kufr Words Date: 14-9-2022

    I sleep in my grandmothers room becouse her husband died recently she says kufr things like may Allah and prophet ?‎ protect you or may dastgeer protect you(sufi saint)can I sleep there is this approving of her apostasy my mother insists me to sleep there .. More

  • Nullification of Marriage by Apostasy Date: 14-9-2022

    In hanafi fiqh they say marraige is terminated immediately if someone commits kufr. Can a layman from hanafi background follow the opinion on islamweb that if he repents before wife’s iddah his marraige is intact especially that he feels islamweb is trustworthy. The person is not sure if he committed kufr or not. Kindly give direct answer and not.. More

  • Not Everyone who Disbelieves in Islam is a Belligerent Date: 21-8-2022

    Salamu Aleikum. Whoever denies islam is fighting islam. Is this correct? .. More

  • Using Stamps which Have Images of a Cross Date: 9-8-2022

    i understand sometimes you don't answer my questions for some reason but could you make you answer this one..i am currently receiving disability benefits in the country where i live in, they require a document signed and sent to them, am i allowed to use stamps that are called first class or second class stamps which have a cross on them and stick on.. More

  • Uttering Words of Disbelief in Anger and Frustration Date: 8-8-2022

    As salamu alaikum. Suppose, if a person utters words of disbelief (like insults to Allah the almighty in anger and frustration) and later repents from it. But he did not realize or consider himself a kaafir or disbeliever. Because he has firm belief and respect to Allah the almighty in heart. What he did was an outburst he could not control. He could.. More

  • Attributing a Place to Allah, The Most High Date: 1-8-2022

    According to https://www.facebook.com/AhleSunnahWalJamaah/videos/974384312611807/ Imam Abu Hanifa (150H) said disbeliever those who attribute a place to Allah (Narrated by Ibn Abdi s-Salam and Al-Qari)Shaykh Al-Azhari said Imam Subki it is disbelief by unanimous believe that Allah is in one direction or that He sits on the ThroneSo where do asharis.. More

  • Whispers of Kufr (Disbelief) Date: 31-7-2022

    Please answer my question quickly sheikh, so I am taking debate class in this class they make me say the pro and cons of things like gun control or homosexuality like for example I have to make a case argument saying if homsexuality should be allowed in America and why it shouldn't be allowed , sheikh have I committed kufur I was thinking this class.. More

  • Commiting an Act of Kufr Ignorantly is not Disbelief Date: 20-6-2022

    Assalam u alaikum. I am from Pakistan and now learning Islam, I also changed myself now to straight manhaj after being guided. But being an ignorant person, 3 years ago I wanted to talk to hindu person on social media and to seem harmless I showed myself as hindu guy but I swear to Allah, I never knew such an act is not allowed and is kufr and nobody.. More

  • What You Did Is Not Disbelief Date: 20-6-2022

    Assalamualaikum sheikh.last 3 years i had commited kufr unknowingly.Recently,i got recall to this sin.Alhamduliilah i had repented.My question is in those 3 years i pray i fast.Did all my good deeds that i do in those 3 years accepted or not because of my ignorance and forgetfullness.Jazakallah khayran .. More

  • This Behavior Is Not Disbelief or Mockery of Allah’s Creation Date: 20-6-2022

    Assalamu alaykum, i want to apologize firstly and i really dont want to be insulting or unfriendly.but i have sent you a couple of questions in the last days/weeks and havent got any reply.and i have a new question:my teacher in school jokingly said to a student that hes a unicellular and i laughed. Is that kufr and considered as mocking Allahs creation... More

  • Committing a Sin When Athan Is Being Called Is Not Kufr Date: 7-4-2022

    Is it kufr and blasphemous when one sinning like drink alcohol, watch p*rn,or listen to music during athaan (call to prayer) ? .. More

  • Disliking the Opinion of a Scholar Is Not an Act of Disbelief Date: 27-3-2022

    Is hating scholar opinion kufr? Example, Scholars differ in the ruling of music, then there are people who are not scholars who hate one of their opinions, is he kufr? .. More

  • Acquiring Books That Include Kufr Date: 16-2-2022

    Assalamualaikum I’m wondering what is the ruling on owning fiction books that has shirk or kufr aspects in it. The plot itself isn’t based on kufr or shirk. Is this an action that nullifies Islam even if the doer doesn’t believe in it ? ( like those who insult the religion or says statements of kufr .. More

  • A Translator Translating and Proofreading Articles of Kufr Date: 13-12-2021

    Assalamu’alaikum. I’m sorry for asking another question, but it’s really urgent. I work as a translator and sometimes i have to translate and proofread articles (that are going to be published in journals that can be read by many people) that contain kufr words (for example there’s one article that explains the types of curses and one of them.. More