375 fatwas

  • Words of Kufr (disbelief) on toys Date: 16-4-2023

    I have a toy plane that says “Cripes Almighty” on it. Cripes is a euphemism for Christ. Do I have to get rid of it. Is it Kufr to keep it. Can I just cover it with a sticker .. More

  • Impermissible to Give Charity or Ask Forgiveness for Someone who Died Upon Disbelief Date: 9-4-2023

    Can i make dua and sedeqah for my parents who died with out islam? .. More

  • Ruling on saying 'go to hell' Date: 26-3-2023

    Is saying “go to hell” as a joke kufr or shirk? Will the person who said it end up in hell because they spoke for something that only Allah knows about? I have said it as a joke but then I immediately regretted it and started asking myself these questions. .. More

  • Laughing at things that happened during pre-Islamic Days of Ignorance Date: 21-3-2023

    Assalamualaikum sheikh.I saw a video of famous dai(Ahmed deedat)who share a story of christian man and sheikh debating.The sheikh made a point that Allah cry(naudzubillah)because he cant save his own son to the chrostian missionary.Ahmed deedat(May Allah have mercy on him) tell this story at his lecture and people start laughing.Is this kufr or not. .. More

  • Her Husband Insults Religion and the Prophet Date: 12-3-2023

    Salamu allikum my names nawal I wanted to ask my husband insults the Islam religion and the prophet when we argue or fight or even he abuses Allah am I divorced from him since we were married on Islam if he abuses the religion and insult the prophet is it over since the marriage was based on Islam.when ever hes mad on something he abuses that's hes.. More

  • Committed Lots of Shirk, Kufr and Blasphemies and Fears Not to Be Forgiven Date: 12-3-2023

    Hello.I comitted a lots of shirk and kufr and blasphemies, that you never imagine of, and i cannot remembre them all of. perhaps worst than pharaoh, i cannot say thAT, Allah knows.Can i be forgiven? .. More

  • The meaning of 'the disbeliever will be gathered blind on the Day of Judgement' Date: 15-1-2023

    Salam alaykom! The 125th ayah of Surah Taha says that the disbeliever will be raised blind on the Day of Judgement, but other ayaat state that the disbeliever will see clearly on the Day of Judgement, such as 14:42 and other verses. How do we reconcile and understand the verses which speak about blindness and seeing on the Day of Judgement? BaaraakAllahu.. More

  • Ruling on Symbols that Look Like a Cross Date: 22-11-2022

    Salam alykum, there is a difference of opinion on the symbols on what is found on some abaya that are sold some which seem to be like the symbol of the cross, the sister is saying that it does not symbolise the cross because the pattern is slightly apart , I have a pic of it is there anyway of sending it to you so that you may see it your self and give.. More

  • Labelling a Muslim as a Disbeliever Date: 22-11-2022

    Assalamu AlaykumI urge you to answer my questions as soon as possible.Judgment when a Muslim is called or hukum as a Kafir Munafik Shaitan? Will people who call or hukum lose their religion? .. More

  • Negative Feelings towards Al-Hoor Al-'Ayn Date: 13-11-2022

    just have a question about that does not liking or loving Hoor Alyn, make a women a disbeliever even if she is convinced that Allah knows best, but she just can't love Hoor Alyn ? Also, just with that if a woman desires to spend few hours everyday with her husband, would that be reduced because of Hooris ? So does the presence of Hoor Alyn means that.. More

  • Thinking That A Person Who Reviled the Prophet Is a Kafir Date: 15-9-2022

    A person asked about the repentance from reviling the prophet (pbuh) to a sheikh. What is ruling for a person who thinks in his mind this person who reviled the prophet (pbuh) Kafir and then stopped immediately since he knows the issue of takfeer is big since I don't know if all the impediments where met for takfeer. Does that make me Kafir since it.. More

  • She Sleeps in the Same Room with her Grandmother who Keeps Saying Kufr Words Date: 14-9-2022

    I sleep in my grandmothers room becouse her husband died recently she says kufr things like may Allah and prophet ?‎ protect you or may dastgeer protect you(sufi saint)can I sleep there is this approving of her apostasy my mother insists me to sleep there .. More

  • Nullification of Marriage by Apostasy Date: 14-9-2022

    In hanafi fiqh they say marraige is terminated immediately if someone commits kufr. Can a layman from hanafi background follow the opinion on islamweb that if he repents before wife’s iddah his marraige is intact especially that he feels islamweb is trustworthy. The person is not sure if he committed kufr or not. Kindly give direct answer and not.. More

  • Not Everyone who Disbelieves in Islam is a Belligerent Date: 21-8-2022

    Salamu Aleikum. Whoever denies islam is fighting islam. Is this correct? .. More

  • Using Stamps which Have Images of a Cross Date: 9-8-2022

    i understand sometimes you don't answer my questions for some reason but could you make you answer this one..i am currently receiving disability benefits in the country where i live in, they require a document signed and sent to them, am i allowed to use stamps that are called first class or second class stamps which have a cross on them and stick on.. More