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  • Committing a Sin When Athan Is Being Called Is Not Kufr Date: 7-4-2022

    Is it kufr and blasphemous when one sinning like drink alcohol, watch p*rn,or listen to music during athaan (call to prayer) ? .. More

  • Wisdom for Which Allah Created the Disobedient People and the Disbelievers Date: 6-4-2021

    Assalamu alaikum. If Allah loves for His servants to obey Him, why does He will that some of His servants disobey? Is this a contradiction? .. More

  • Laughing at a Joke or a Funny Video Is Not Kufr Date: 24-6-2019

    Asalaamualaikum, my question is with regards to urges to laugh/smile. I keep coming across videos that I’m unsure if it constitutes mocking religion. An example is one where a guy calls in a talk show asking for a fatwa on if he invalidated his fast after accidentally tripping, eating a whole shawarma, an apple, and 3 liters of water, then there was.. More

  • Saying Bismillah before sinning or Alhamdulillah after sinning Date: 27-4-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. What is the ruling on those who say ‘Bismillaah’ (in the name of Allaah) before doing a sin or say ‘Alhamdulillaah’ (Praise be to Allah)after commiting a sin? .. More

  • Sinner does not necessarily hate Allah Date: 24-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I was wondering; if someone loves sin in their heart and hates Allaah, like a serial killer, but he nevertheless believes in Him and agrees with everything that Allaah says while not caring about that, so he believes that halal is halal and haram is haram but does not apply that, is he a disbeliever or not? .. More

  • Boasting about sins to gain fame Date: 17-10-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. As far as I know, regarding things that have been unanimously agreed upon to be haram as halal is Kufr (disbelief). What is the ruling on someone who does not regard a haram thing as halal but boasts about doing it in order to become reputed in his circle? For example, someone boasts about how he flirts with girls and so on; is that.. More

  • Helping non-Muslims harm Muslims Date: 18-6-2016

    Assalamu alaykum. I know that supporting the disbelievers against the muslims is disbelief. But does that also apply to the private life of the muslim? For example: A Muslim does not like a certain group of muslims because of personal matters and harms them together with a group of disbelievers, or a Muslim is a member of a criminal gang together with.. More

  • Ruling on the prayer and good deeds of someone who drinks alcohol Date: 19-8-2015

    I offer my payers regularly—praise be to Allaah for that—however, I occasionally drink alcohol. Will my prayers and good deeds not be accepted from me? .. More

  • Ruling on finding a person's voice funny when reading the Quran Date: 27-1-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum. Sometimes a person's voice may sound strange because some gas comes through his throat while he is speaking, or because there is a lot of saliva in his mouth or something similar, and some people find that funny. But what is the ruling if this happens while the person is doing dhikr or reciting the Qur'an, and the people still find.. More

  • The 'opponent of Allaah' in this Qudsi Hadeeth is not a non-believer Date: 23-6-2014

    Assalammualaikum the Prophet said: "Allaah said: 'I will be the opponent of three persons on the Day of Judgment: a man (i.e. a person) who gave a pledge in My Name and then acted treacherously, a man who sold a free person (as a slave) and consumed his price and a man who hired a laborer and got the full work done by him and did not pay him his wages.’”.. More

  • Avoiding sin out of fear of the law of the land Date: 28-4-2014

    We have to follow Sharia law and we also have to follow the law of the land. Is it shirk to not commit certain sins because of the law of the land and not because of the laws that Allah has sent to us? For example, where I live you cannot watch movies illegally online, so I do not do that, but I do watch movies legally like on tv and on the internet... More

  • Ruling on mocking a sinful Muslim Date: 20-5-2013

    Assalaamu alaikum, Not sure this is the right section.There is a Muslim who believes but quit praying and has been involved in many major sins. Another Muslim got upset with them as they do not heed advice and calling them back to Islam and mocked them. Is the repentance for this sin to Allah swt only or to that person as well? Ok, I explain more. There.. More

  • Dispraising of difference in principles that lead to accusation of Fusooq or disbelief Date: 2-4-2013

    What is the meaning of the Hadeeth: “My Ummah will not agree upon an error. If you see difference, then, follow the greatest majority”? Does it mean difference in principles of religion or secondary issues? Is this Hadeeth Mutawaatir, Mash-hoor or Dha‘eef? Please advise... More

  • What will happen to a person who commits adultery then dies? Date: 7-3-2012

    What is the ruling on a person who committed adultery then died before being punished? .. More

  • Destiny of Muslims committing grave major sins Date: 14-9-2011

    Will all Muslims enter Paradise? Will Muslims who commit major sins enter Paradise after remaining for some time in Hell, especially Muslim women who do not wear Hijaab? Will they eventually enter Paradise?.. More