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38 fatwas

  • Renting a flat from disbelievers sharing the kitchen with them Date: 15-12-2003

    Can I rent a basement apt from a non-Muslim family? I will have my own room, bathroom, etc., but will have to go up to use the kitchen... More

  • It is lawful to eat with disbelievers with condition Date: 8-12-2003

    1) I am a Moroccan Muslim, I am now living in Italia, I want to know if I take a meal in a house of an Italian, is it Halal, I mean eating with Christians is Haram. 2) I am working in a restaurant as a cleaner, in this restaurant there is the wine, it s forbidden, some times I go to church to ask for help. What Shariah says?.. More

  • Has only European non-Muslim friends Date: 3-2-2003

    I live in Europe and all of my friends are not Muslim. Is it lawful to participate fully as a Muslim in Western culture, e.g. go out with friends to parties, talking with girls,... but all as a Muslim. .. More

  • Attending a church wedding Date: 2-10-2002

    My friend invited me to go to church with some Christians for a wedding.I don't know exactly whether I am allowed to do so or not... More

  • Video coverage at a church Date: 25-8-2002

    Am I allowed to go and do video coverage at a church?.. More

  • Invitation to Church wedding Date: 20-4-2002

    I am Muslim from Algeria - living in Germany - and my wife (Muslim too) has non-Muslim parents and family. I received an invitation to a wedding in Church for a member of her family. Could we accept this invitation?.. More

  • Associating with non-Muslims living in same building Date: 20-11-2001

    I am staying in a 7 story flat. Non-Muslims coming from different parts of India mostly occupy these flats. The doubt is that when my wife and I meet them (opposite sexes) in the lift or ground they greet, smile and talk to us. Can we return these greetings (to opposite sexes) and talk to them as it would be weird if we do not respond. If they invite.. More

  • Socializing with non-Muslims Date: 10-8-1999

    Is it haram to socialise with non-Muslims people?.. More