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  • Joining College Which Has Posted Happy Diwali On Its Facebook Page Date: 3-2-2022

    can I join a college which has posted happy diwali (wishing Hindus on their festival)on on there Facebook page. .. More

  • Wants to Draw a Red Spot on Her Forehead Date: 5-12-2021

    I want to put bindi(small red dot) on my forehead just for me so is it permissible/allowed in Islam? .. More

  • His Hindu Colleagues Greet Him on their Festival by Saying to Him 'Happy Diwali' Date: 14-6-2020

    Assalamualaikum. I am from India. I work in a School. My maximum colleauges are hindu. After their festival my colleague and boss wish me by saying 'Subho Bijoya' , 'Happy Diwali'. My question are 1. Can I wish them back by saying "Subho Bijoya" , "Happy Diwali"? 2. Is saying "subho bijoya' and 'happy diwali '( though I disbelieve and hate to say.. More

  • Accepting Food During Hindu Festival Date: 25-4-2019

    Can I eat the food (walnuts) recieved from Hindu on the occasion of Mahanavmi (thier festival) Please guide in light of QuranAnd sunah .. More

  • Imitating non-Muslims Date: 3-1-2019

    I have read that the Prophet -peace be upon him- forbids us to imitate the non-Muslims in any aspect of life. But I don’t understand how this could apply in clothing. Most people buy their clothes from non-Muslim brands and Muslim women, nowadays, like to follow non-Muslim fashion. Is this haram? Also, unfortunately, nowadays it is the non-Muslims.. More

  • Is Imitating non-Muslims Kufr Date: 13-3-2018

    Imitating the Kufar.It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Umar said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” Does that mean if someone were to say Shave their beard completely or celebrate birthdays, do they become a Kafir and there marriages invalid ect. I have read from IslamQa.. More

  • Substituting for non-Muslim colleagues during their festivals Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. Our factory runs 24 hours/day. So when our Eids come, we take a leave and our non-Muslim colleagues, they take our shifts. Similarly, when their Puja comes, they take a leave and we take their shifts. Is it allowed for us to do so? Or does this constitute helping in sin? .. More

  • Standing for national anthem - wearing jerseys with players' names Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Shaykh, may Allah reward you for your previous answers. Shaykh, I had two queries: 1. Though I read on your website that standing for and singing the national anthem of one’s country is forbidden, my friends are asking me about the reason for that. They are saying that it is not worship; you are.. More

  • Ruling on women wearing red dot (bindi or tikka) on forehead Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Shaykh, I would like to know whether it is allowed for a female to put a red dot, or 'bindi’, also known as ‘tikka’ (the ornamental jewel worn on the forehead) on her forehead as a form of adornment. It is an adornment worn by females in the subcontinent, especially in India. Some say that this.. More

  • Participating in non-religious festivals of non-Muslims Date: 26-12-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Shaykh, can you provide me the explanation of the verse: {For every religion We have appointed rites which they perform…} [Quran 22:67]? Does the verse give us (Muslims) permission to participate in their festivals like birthdays (individual birthdays), wedding anniversaries, company anniversaries,.. More

  • Impermissibility of contributing to non-Muslim religious festivals in any way Date: 22-10-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I study in college, where the higher-posted people are non-Muslims, and the students are organising functions of their religion in which they worship idols, and they started asking for money as a contribution. I refused in the beginning, but then they again came and said that I have to give the money. I told them that I would, but.. More

  • Lighting so-called ‘Unity Candle’ at wedding celebration Date: 9-9-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have been married for three months now. My wife was a Catholic and reverted to Islam, praise be to Allaah. When we got married, we did not have a ceremony, so my parents-in-law, who are not Muslim, planned one for us. So we went to their place and had a little party where we had food and chatted. The part that angered me is that.. More

  • Wearing Magatama beads Date: 22-8-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Do Magatama beads have any validity in Islam? .. More

  • Ruling on Indian 'Solah Shringar' Date: 20-8-2017

    Is 'Solah Shringar' lawful in Islam? I am from India, where I see almost all of the Muslim brides do some or almost all of the 16 'Shringar', which all Hindu brides follow. My question is simple: all of the Muslim Indian girls follow this, and my wife and mother and all relatives from old to young have a nose ring; is it lawful in islam? .. More

  • Writing Valentine's Day cards as graded class project Date: 19-7-2017

    My teacher assigned her students to write Valnetine's Day cards as a graded project. Is it permissible for me to do so to get a good grade in the class, or should I receive a zero? .. More