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  • Counteracting magic, evil eye and satanic possession Date: 16-8-2011

    My wife and I have bad dreams even though we perform ablution before going to bed and we read the bedtime Athkaar (mentionings of Allaah). We have performed Ghusl (ritual bathing) with the water of Sidr (lote-tree leaves) over which Quranic verses were recited, and a trustworthy Shaykh recited Ruqyah over us with verses from the Quran and supplications.. More

  • Advice to those under the influence of magic Date: 15-8-2011

    Is it permissible to go to a female soothsayer to find out whether I am bewitched or not, knowing that after that I will be seeking treatment by Quranic invocations?.. More

  • The complaint of the bewitched is permissible Date: 20-7-2011

    Do I bear a sin for saying that I am bewitched and that so and so has bewitched me? It should be taken into consideration that all the symptoms of bewitchment are clear... More

  • Burying a magic spell when finding it Date: 20-7-2011

    I found a magic spell that someone had made for me (i.e., to afflict me). My son took it and I do not know where he threw it. What should I do in order to fortify myself? I do not know the person who did it or where my son threw it... More

  • Treatment of sorcery that prevents sexual intercourse between spouses Date: 11-4-2011

    After my wife and I got married we lost any desire to have sex, to the extent that we have had no sexual intercourse until now. I sought medical treatment but the doctors said that I do not suffer from any disease. I also went to see some Shaykhs and they told me that they cured my wife of the possession of two Jinns and cured me of one, however nothing.. More

  • Quranic treatment Date: 5-4-2011

    What is the way of treating with the Quran and the Prophetic supplications? Does it benefit everyone who uses it? .. More

  • Using lote-tree leaves to cure magic Date: 8-3-2011

    We have a large store and I fear it may be affected by an evil-eye or by magic for we have already encountered problems of that kind. How can we protect our store and machines? How can we use lote-tree leaves for that purpose? .. More

  • Many reasons for delayed pregnancy Date: 8-3-2011

    Does a delayed pregnancy without a medical reason indicate the effects of a magic spell? Is it permissible to seek the help of a specialist to undo the spell? .. More

  • Treating magic spell with lead is sorcery Date: 8-3-2011

    What is the Islamic ruling on treating magic with lead? I went to a man who does Ruqyah (Quranic healing) with the Quran and he told me that I was under a spell. Consequently, he gave me pieces of lead on which he read Quranic verses and asked me to melt them over a fire until they become pure like silver... More

  • The Book of Allaah: a cure for all ills Date: 8-3-2011

    My wife has been suffering from distress, apathy and headache for one year. When she reads the Quran, she feels as if something is moving in her body and eyes. We performed the Shar‘i Ruqyah (Quranic treatment in accordance with the Sharee’ah) on her but without result. Once this is done her condition worsens in the first and second days, then,.. More

  • Treatment of Satanic possession Date: 8-3-2011

    From time to time I have strange feelings when I wake up. I hear the whirring of a fan and other sounds but I am unable to move, as if I am paralyzed, and I cannot open my eyes. Strange sounds mingle and I feel as if I am hanging in a place that I do not know. I scream but my voice is not audible. It has happened many times, which means these things.. More

  • Knowing when a magic spell is removed Date: 28-2-2011

    Recently, I was under the effect of a magic spell and I went to a Shaykh who treats it with verses from the Quran. I followed his instructions to recite the Quran regularly for a long period of time, but how can I be certain that the spell has been removed, given that I live abroad now?.. More

  • Combine Sharee`ah and medical treatment Date: 28-2-2011

    My problem is that I find difficulty in pronouncing some letters. Is there an Islamic treatment for this (Ruqyah) or any other psychological treatment? The reason for this problem is that my mother beat me severely when I was five, and from then on I have suffered from it... More

  • Treatment with Quran & Du‘aa’, and seeing a doctor Date: 28-2-2011

    I have been suffering from sexual dysfunction for more than three years now. I cannot achieve penile erection due to a magic spell. I want to get married, but I fear that I might not be able to satisfy my sexual desire and that of my wife. I did several Ruqyahs (Quranic treatments), but in vain. Please advise... More

  • Countering marital and other problems Date: 7-2-2011

    There is a patient woman whose life with her husband is nothing but a series of endless problems. Once he told her that he entered a room in their house and found it black. What is the explanation for the problems she suffers from? What should she do?.. More