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  • Protection against magic Date: 14-7-2002

    Is it harm to use something to prevent black magic (such as carry a real pig's bone for protection)? What can be used to prevent black magic knowing that I have been threatened by a person who will try to use it on me? .. More

  • Dispelling magic Date: 8-1-2002

    I am 23 years old and was due to get married to my future husband, when it all went wrong. My parents were happy and has accepted him although his parents were not happy simply because I am a Gujerati Muslim and he is a Pakistani Muslim. They did all they could to try and separate us but we were strong and carried on. Last year they did some Taweez.. More

  • Leaf of sidr for treatment of sihr (witchcraft) Date: 24-10-2001

    Assellem 'alaykom wa rahmatoullahi wa barakatou dear brother, my question is about the leaf of sidr (treatment of sihr). I would like to know how to use it exactly please. Such can we use it as an infusion like tea etc. Barakallahou fikoum for your help. May ALLAH bless you. Assellem 'alaykom wa rahmatoullahi wa barakatou.. More

  • Afflicted by witchcraft Date: 24-9-2001

    I have a friend who is suffering from witchcraft/magic/Jinn. A Sheik have been reading Qur'an on him for 4 months now and everyday a number of Jinn come out of him but till now he is not cured. What is to be done for him?.. More

  • Cure for black magic Date: 3-6-2001

    I am not having a child because of Sahir. I have done all the surgery and tests, but could not succeed. I want you to tell me how we can be cured of the affects of this Sahir. I live in Riyadh and do not know any Sheikh here. Please tell me the actual name and the address of one I can reach and can get rid of this horrible situation. Please answer me.. More

  • Married for Two Years but No Children Yet Date: 15-1-2001

    I have no children after 2 years of my marriage. Please tell me any Du'a for this purpose. My husband and I had medical examinations and we both have some problem. But I know that my in-laws have done Saher (magic) on us. What can I do? We are worried about this. .. More

  • Feeling Bewitched By Someone Date: 15-1-2001

    I feel I am being bewitched by someone, kindly let me know what is the remedy to get rid of the same ? I feel these from the things happening or coming my way .. More