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  • Anyone who claims there is a prophet after Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, is a disbeliever Date: 25-10-2014

    Going by the ideology/doctrine of the ahmadiyyah movement, as we were told they believe another prophet will come after Muhammad(s.a.w), is it permissible to observe solat in their congregation? .. More

  • Qadianism Date: 5-5-2011

    I had a conversation with a Qadiyani person. That person alleged that the Maseeh (Messiah), may Allaah exalt his mention, was not raised to heaven because this was neither mentioned in the Quran nor the Sunnah (Prophetic tradition). He also argued that: 1- Allaah The Almighty Said (what means): {Rather, Allaah raised him to Himself.} [Quran 4:158].. More

  • Translating works of deviant sects Date: 18-5-2006

    Asalamu alaikum Sir or Madam, I'm an Arabic to English translator. I recently received an offer from an Islamic group (The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement) based in the USA to translate a series of Islamic books written by the founder of their movement. After I read portions of the first book, I felt unsure of the credibility of the claims made by.. More

  • Ruling about the Ahmadiyyah (Qadiyani) Date: 4-8-2004

    My question is about Ahmadiyyah. I understand that they are considered Kuffaar. I know that there are two branches: Qadiyani and Lahori. The Lahori sect doesn't claim that there Ahmed is a prophet. They consider him as you know as "Mujaddid". I really don't believe that, but is that alone considered a reason to call a person as a Kaffir. My.. More

  • Qadiyani and Agha Khan Date: 23-10-2003

    Who were the Qadiani, Agha Khan?.. More

  • Associating with Qadiyani members Date: 22-9-2002

    I have three questions: 1) Is it Haram to eat and sit with Qadiyani people? 2) Is it Halal to divorce his wife in her period or pregnancy? Is it counted as divorce? Is saying three divorces in same moment and take her back right way and ask forgiveness to Allah permissible to do between couple? 3) If some one dies can we read whole Qur'an for that.. More

  • Ahmadiyah in the Jewish state Date: 12-6-2002

    What is the Ahmadiyah group here in Israel?.. More

  • Are the Ahmadiya Muslims? Date: 23-1-2002

    Are the Ahmadiya believers, i.e. seen by Islamic rules as Muslims or non-Muslims? They believe that Muhammad is not the last prophet. They also believe that Jesus will not return before judgement day because raised means to them raised body and soul, i.e. a natural death. They claim a man named Ahmad Mirza is both the Messiah and Imam Mahdi. How can.. More

  • Associating with Ahmadiyya Date: 2-5-2001

    I am an international student in Glasgow, UK. Today(Friday) I was woking for a mosque to perform my Jumaa prayers. Since I am new here, I went into a place that showed the signboard "Ahmadyya Muslim Mission", thinking that it was a mosque. Anyway, when I went in a man approached me and lead me to a guest room. Then he asked me which sect I was from... More