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  • Prerequisites for calling apostates and non-Muslims to Islam Date: 20-7-2011

    I came across a Christian evangelist website where a group of apostates who converted to Christianity claim they are fine thinkers. I thought about going through their writings and rebutting them using the Fatawas of the early and contemporary scholars. Should I go ahead with this action and try to call them back to Islam? Or should I leave this task.. More

  • It is permissible to eat the food of sinful people on the condition of forbidding their evil Date: 11-5-2011

    I have a brother-in-law who plays the violin in Arab musical concerts. Is it forbidden for me to eat from a banquet that is made from his money? My refusal to eat from his banquet will create some problems, such as severing kinship ties between the two sisters, his wife and my wife. Is it also forbidden to accept his gift?.. More

  • His relatives insist on visiting graves for help Date: 18-4-2011

    Assalamalekum, Most of my relatives and my grand parents believe in going to dargah(ie majhars of some people who according to them were great maulanas or preachers). They go there and ask those people to pray to Allah(SWT) on their behalf. They read fatiha over there in dargahs. I know this is wrong to do. My family and my self have been telling.. More

  • Responsibility towards his dissolute sisters Date: 7-4-2011

    I have a sister who does not adhere to Hijaab, and she is addicted to listening to music and watching television. I became religious one year ago and started to advise her to give up these prohibited deeds, but she often quarrels with me. Usually, my mother interferes and tells me to leave her alone since Allaah is the one who will judge her. I have.. More

  • Her sister lost her faith and became a Darwinist Date: 5-4-2011

    My sister has disbelieved in Islam she does not believe in religion she has been watching a lot of the theory of evolution I am afraid shaitan has taken over her heart I don’t think she believes in ALLAH too. My parents had sent her to a kafir university and this is the result. Me and my other sister are (All praise be to ALLAH) believing people.. More

  • Impermissible to accompany people committing major sins Date: 28-2-2011

    I study in another city and I live with few young men. Two of them are Christians and another two are Muslims. One of the Christian roommates brings a girl home. I have many problems with them as I did not expect that they would be that immoral and I cannot leave the flat as I have already signed a contract and paid money in advance. What can I do?.. More

  • Helping a non-Muslim son financially hoping that he would accept Islam Date: 16-2-2011

    I have a none Muslim son, can I give him money and help him even-though he maybe using the money to buy alcohol and haram things. But through the money and help I can get closer to him and calling him to Alalh, and he may became a Muslim ? .. More

  • His mother gets angry when he rebukes his dissolute brothers Date: 6-2-2011

    I live with my brothers who are younger than me. They are however drunks and drug abusers with no consideration for prayer. However when ever i try to be forceful on them Our Mother gets angry so i have to allow them to do as they please, so as not to bring about Allah`s anger on me by angering my Mother . I do need help as I have tried regular preaching.. More

  • Giving advice in the finest manner Date: 26-1-2011

    I live in America and my maternal uncle lives in the same city as me. He never prays and it is difficult to convince him to start praying because he is very stubborn. What is the most proper way for me to advise him?.. More

  • Guidelines for calling Non-Muslims to Islam Date: 28-10-2010

    What are the verses that instruct and show us how we should deal with non-Muslims and invite them to Islam? What is the interpretation of these verses? .. More

  • Da‘wah: reforming a family who has a lax commitment to Islam Date: 6-10-2010

    I am a girl who has problems with my parents because they have a lax commitment to the teachings of Islam. I advise them leniently but they respond harshly. They insist on making me attend wedding parties which include acts contrary to the Sharee‘ah, or otherwise they are angry with me. What should I do? .. More

  • Intelligent advice to a self-indulgent father Date: 5-10-2010

    My father who is now 48 years old has recently had access to a satellite receiver. He does not let me sit with him so he can enjoy watching indecent movies in private. What should I do, knowing that I know his access password to these channels? Despite all this, he prays all the prayers and even the Fajr (Dawn Prayer) at their due time. I hope you.. More

  • Her non-Muslim brother brings his non-Muslim girlfriend into their home Date: 16-2-2010

    Assalaamu alaikum, My non muslim brother has a non muslim girlfriend. he is 16. she is alwas around the house. how should i behave to her? is it ok to befriend her or give her gifts? i dont agree with their behaviour and dont want to appear accepting yet at the same time i dont want to be too cold as i dont want to give a bad picture about islam or.. More

  • How to help a new convert to Islam Date: 29-12-2009

    I married a Christian woman from Moldavia, where I live, and Allaah the Almighty later guided her to Islam through me. How should I deal with her? How should she dress, given that her family does not know that she has become a Muslim?.. More

  • His family follows the Barelevi sect Date: 29-11-2009

    AsalamoAlikum My family follows barelvi sect and their ways differ alot when comes to practising the deen Is it perissible for me to live with them, eat with them, study with my father's support? kindly calrify me on this issue jazak Allah .. More