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  • At pain to guide his non-practicing family to the right path Date: 2-3-2009

    As-Salaamu alaykum warahmatulah wabarakatuh. May allah bless you for conveying the message and helping the ummah. Dear brother, i have an issue with my parents. i live in the US and was born here. My family tho muslims by blood, are not religious in anyway, nor are any of my relatives (dont adhere to the five pillars at all). Recently; alhamdulilaahi.. More

  • His uncle practices fortune-telling Date: 9-2-2009

    Asalamou Alykoum ya Jamatoul Muslimna ans Asalamou alykoum to all the team in Islam! My Question is that, almost all my family believes in fortune tellers and most of them go for their help. One of my paternal uncle however, him self does the work of the fortune tellers (I mean he is a fortune teller) and he is very much successful in this... More

  • This man does not know Islam Date: 31-12-2008

    ASSALAMOALAIKUM Sir, please read the message below that was sent to me by my american freind Subject: Next Saturday MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR NEXT SATURDAY! As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked. He must commit suicide if he does. So next Saturday at 4 PM Pacific Standard Time, all American.. More

  • Wants to call her Qadiyani friend to Islam Date: 16-12-2008

    if my friend who is qaddiyani become muslim,can she live with me and my family,infact my all brothers are younger?and can i make friendship with her[qaddiyani] to convince her to be muslim?.. More

  • You are not sinful if your mother does not embrace Islam Date: 5-5-2008

    Salam. I have an interesting question. In one of the fatwas I read, it says that no soul will bear another person's [soul] burden or things he/she did wrong. So the reason why I don't understand this is because my mom is a christian and I wrote about it and you stated that I am responsible for my mom becoming a muslim, although I must say, I really.. More

  • Doing shopping for non-Muslim elderly neighbors Date: 29-4-2008

    Salaam Alikum brothers. I live in an area of London where majority of my neighbors are old ladies and all of them are either Jews or Christians. Due to my religious duty to help neighbors I do their shopping, because I am busy on weekdays and the only time I can help them is one day of weekend where I do their shopping. I do most of their shopping except.. More

  • Guidance for one who deviated after being righteous Date: 10-1-2008

    My brother was so religious and after few years he turned upside down. He began to commit many sins, such as earning ill-gotten money, lying, cheating, bearing false testimony and giving precedence to his own interests over everything. Is it possible to call him to the true path? What can I do for him? .. More

  • Priority to those who need Da‘wah more Date: 11-11-2007

    Nowadays, should Da‘wah efforts focus on a certain category of people more than others?.. More

  • How to invite a Christian to Islam Date: 10-11-2007

    How can I invite Christians to Islam and debate with them?.. More

  • Calling a Christian friend to Islam Date: 10-11-2007

    I have a Christian friend who wants to become a Muslim and he is fully convinced of Islam. But he is confused between the different schools of Fiqh. I am aware that adherence to the Sunnah is the way to be safe from Hell, but I do not know how to explain this to him. Please advise... More

  • Her sister has a relationship with a non-Muslim man Date: 31-10-2007

    Salam Alaykom. My sister(18 yrs. old) has a boyfriend and I am very upset. I keep telling her to leave himand she said she won't. I told her it is haram to be with him because this is a haram relationship and he is not a muslim. But I am pretty sure they don't have sex. She only fasts Ramadan and thats all.I also keep telling her to pray but to no avail... More

  • His new Muslim girlfriend might leave Islam Date: 18-9-2007

    Alslam Alikom , i have girl friend from USA and alhamdulliah she become Muslim but the problem is she still doubt and her friends talk with her and showing the old religion to her again , and she scear me becouse i feel she maybe change , and i dont know what i do ?.. More

  • His non-Muslim driver smokes when driving him to the mosque Date: 20-5-2007

    Assalamu aleikum I have a big problem. I am a teenager and cannot drive as yet since i'm underage. Our family employs a driver who is a non-muslim. Sometimes when i go to the masjid with this driver, while he parks the car and waits for me to finish salah and come, there is a little shop near the mosque , which probably sells cigarettes, he sits near.. More

  • His father says that Injeel is the word of Jesus and that revelation will not end Date: 3-5-2007

    Salaam, In sha Allah, I have a very important question. We and my brothers live in Holland. Our father used to be really a good man in the Ummah. He builds a mosque and did many things well. Since 2001 he stopped visiting the mosque for the prayers. He stopped to do al 3ied el adhHaa. But he never stopped with praying at home and he always asked us.. More

  • Wants to keep ties with her apostate relatives to call them back to Islam Date: 5-4-2007

    As-salam-alikum, My uncle's ex-wife has left Islam and joined a cult-like religion. She is very involved in the religion and has taken her kids (my cousins who are in their 20s) with her. I feel terrible that my cousins are involved in this cult. They work for this group and live with them. Their cult is vey controlling and has brain-washed them. All.. More