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  • Prevent your mother and cover her Date: 14-10-2003

    I knew that my mother was cheating on my father but I didn't tell my father to preserve and protect our family now am old and I want to know was it a sin that I didn't tell my father... More

  • How to Call Jews and Christians Date: 23-9-2003

    Did Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) use Bible for Da'wah? Some learned people are doing Da'wah by using Bible by pointing out the errors and contradictions in the Bible that it is creating ill feelings among Christians. Is this the right way to do Da'wah to Christians? .. More

  • New convert wants to help her Buddhist family Date: 13-9-2003

    I am a new convert to Islam. Allah guided me. My questions: 1) Can I take off my Hijab before my family members? 2) Can I pray in my mother's house where there are pictures, stones that she worships? 3) Can I stay in her home and cook Halal food for her to eat? I have a plan to return to my country to do Da'wah with my family. My mother is Buddhist... More

  • Wants Non-Muslim Friends to Know about Islam Date: 9-9-2003

    I have many non-Muslim friends in my circle. I just want to know how should approach them and present them Islam. A few of them have done favour for me in my bad time. In return I want to do something that may benefit them in the hereafter life. Please tell me what sort of book I should present them because if I initially present them the Holy Qur'an.. More

  • Inviting ‘born’ Muslims to Islam Date: 20-1-2003

    How can I invite my family to Islam if they were born as Muslims?. They lived in USA for 10 years and so did I.I feel like no matter what I say I can not reach them and bring them to the light. Help me to help my family! GOD bless us all. .. More

  • Da'wah among Muslims Date: 2-9-2002

    How are we supposed to address Muslim sinners to explain and convince them that it's not sufficient to pronounce the Shahadah, pray 5 times a day, and fast the month of Ramadan to enter Paradise? Nowadays many Muslims think this is enough for them - and they don't do any more good deeds, instead they commit major as well as minor sins. So, please.. More

  • Calling Christians to Islam Date: 22-6-2002

    Dear Brothers. I have several friends who are Christians, whose I would like to convert to Islam, but I am not sure how to approach the issue. I have already proposed the idea to them, but I might have driven them away from it just a bit. Please advise me on what to do. .. More

  • Giving Da'wah to non-Muslims Date: 18-6-2002

    I would like to draw your attention to the current situation of hundreds of thousands of Daees in Pakistan known as the 'The Tablighi Jamaat'.Their faith is so strong that some of them even leave their wives, children and the comfort of their houses behind them in the name of Allah and dedicate their whole lives for the cause of Islam. They travel.. More

  • Responding to Christian claims about Jesus Date: 29-4-2002

    I am a new Muslim and what I wanted to ask is what do you say when Christians tell me that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ? Sometimes I just stay quiet because I don't know how to respond; at other times I say that we only believe Jesus to be a Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam). Any suggestions that I could use?.. More

  • Implementing Islam in its entirety Date: 6-4-2002

    Is it Fard to have Islam implemented in its entirety? How is this achieved and what should we as Muslims do about it?.. More

  • Da'wah with servant Date: 8-1-2002

    My servant is Christian and I want to help her to enter Islam? When I talk with her about Islam, she asks me give her something to make her trust me... More

  • How to introduce a monk to Islam Date: 19-10-1999

    I am living in France and I know a monk; we meet once a week and discuss religions sometime but I don't know how to introduce him to Islam. What must I do?.. More

  • Wants to Explain Polygyny to His Non-Muslim Wife Date: 21-8-1999

    I am a Lebanese Muslim. How can I explain and support the permission in Islam of being married several times for my European wife? Through the text of the Holy Qu'ran we understand clearly that a believer will get several nice women in Paradise. Do women also get several nice men? Should my wife encourage me to be an unbeliever? .. More