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  • Times when sleeping is disliked Date: 28-2-2012

    Assalamu Alaykum... I wanted to know is there any specific time in a day that a person should not sleep. Like before Maghrib or soon after Praying Fajr.. ? I heard many people say that you should not sleep during Maghrib Why is is ?..Coz we might miss prayer ? or is it something else as such.....? .. More

  • Why Sitting between the Shade and Sun Is Prohibited Date: 14-2-2012

    There is a Hadeeth saying that the one who sits one half in the shade and the other half in the sun has lost. How authentic is this Hadeeth?.. More

  • The position of one's bed when sleeping Date: 4-1-2011

    As-salaamu-alaikum ! What is the ruling for positioning ur bed.Is it not allowed to position ur legs towards qibla or its just a practice we have invented.Pls.reply as we are confused in positioning our beds..... More

  • Where the soul goes when we sleep Date: 7-9-2006

    where our ruh goes when we sleep? in islamic belief, sleep is like death. please explain.. More

  • Swallowing spiders and insects while sleeping Date: 24-7-2006

    I have read in many places that when you sleep, spiders and insects might go in your mouth and you might swallow them while you are asleep. How do you stop this from happening and is it haram to swallow a spider?.. More

  • Looking to oneself in the mirror whilst naked Date: 24-5-2006

    Are these things allowed in Islam, (a) to sleep naked in a private room (b) to look yourself naked at the mirror (c) oral sex?.. More

  • Putting the feet or turning the back towards the Qiblah Date: 22-6-2005

    I would like to ask whether there is any sound Hadeeth which says that while sleeping one should not put his feet in the direction of Makkah. Many people say that while doing some work also we should not turn our back toward the Ka'bah. But I see many Imaams after praying place their backs to the Ka'bah while making Du'aa. And I have also.. More

  • Etiquette of sleeping Date: 15-6-2005

    Some people say that keeping hand on the forehead while sleeping is Haraam. Is it true? What does the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam,say? Then how to sleep? Is it Haraam to sleep straight without bending sideways?.. More

  • Has frightening dreams when sleeping after reciting Ayah Al-Kursi Date: 22-3-2005

    A person dusts his bed, lies on his right side and recites Aayat-ul Kursi with Wudu before sleeping at night, yet he occasionally sees scary dreams. The promise of Allaah is true, so that person may be doing or thinking something wrong or there is another problem. Can you please shed more light on this for him and the rest of the people? What.. More

  • Crossing legs in Islam Date: 30-12-2004

    Is crossing legs while sitting, sleeping or in front of elders acceptable in Islam? .. More

  • Having wet dreams Date: 25-11-2004

    Is it Haraam to have a wet dream? What can I do to prevent that it happens? .. More

  • Romantic thoughts about his future wife before sleeping Date: 9-8-2004

    Is it alright if an engaged man before sleeping thinks about romance with his future wife (not about sex)?.. More

  • Can't sleep on her right side Date: 5-7-2004

    My question is about sleeping. I know that our Beloved Prophet slept on his right side. I also know that we as Muslims must follow his Sunnah. My question is as following, every night when I go to sleep, I lay on the right side, read some Qur'an and some Dua, ask for forgiveness but I can't fall asleep... or better said I can't sleep at my right.. More

  • Prounouncing the Shahadah before sleeping Date: 8-6-2004

    Is it obligatory to say the Shahada when going to sleep?.. More

  • Problem with sleeping if stressed or worried Date: 22-4-2004

    I have a problem with sleeping, especially if I am stressed or worried about something. Can you give me a Du'a which I can read before I go to bed? .. More