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  • Sleeping without wearing clothes Date: 10-4-2004

    Is it permissible for an unmarried woman to sleep in her bed without any clothes? Is there any Hadith which restricts this? Can a husband and wife sleep together without clothes?.. More

  • Wearing Socks to Bed Date: 28-12-2003

    I'd like to know whether it is permissible to wear socks to bed. I haven't read anything anywhere that says it is not, but I have been told by elders that the Angels do not come if you are wearing socks while asleep. Please clarify the truth for me, so I can tell others and remove any misconceptions there may be. .. More

  • Adhere to the Sunnah and beware of Satan's insinuations Date: 24-12-2003

    Why when I only sleep respecting the Sunnah I do not dream about a girl that I loved so much, otherwise I am dreaming about her every night without exception and she always appears in my dreams on my left side, never on the right. Please could you help me explain this because these dreams are most of the time nightmares and cause me some depression.. More

  • Sleeping on one's stomach Date: 24-8-2002

    Is it Haram to sleep on your stomach?.. More

  • Sleeping Without Covering the Body Date: 9-9-2001

    On very hot nights I sleep without covering my body with a sheet and I've heard that I mustn't sleep without covering the body because of Jinn according to a Hadith. Please help me to understand the good way of Islam. .. More

  • Lying With Feet Toward Qiblah Date: 6-7-2000

    Asalam alaikum. Is their any ruling against lying with your feet outstretched in the direction of the Ka’bah? When we place beds in a house, would it be more desirable to avoid having the feet pointing towards the Ka’bah? This would be done as a sign of respect, reverence, dignity and humility, as is the case when we face towards the same place.. More