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  • Broke his oath in extreme anger Date: 10-6-2009

    As salamu aleykum, I made a oath (yameen) to my woman by saying ''wallahi i will not call you so and so..." but after our child fall off from something and hurt himself, i did get very angry and in this very angry state i said what i made oath to. Does this nessaciate kaffarah ? I was in very angry state and said it without thinking. Was.. More

  • Made an oath to be a non-Muslim if he committed Zina Date: 19-11-2008

    Salam i swear that if do fornication(zana) than i exit from Islam, then i do fornication(zana) many time, dose i still on Islam or not. if i still on Islam then what is penalty and if i exited from then what is the procedure for me. if i am still in islam and due to fornication(zana) i have some penalty after paying the penalty, i still in swear and.. More

  • Her husband obliges her to swear that she did not sin in the past Date: 31-10-2007

    alsalam wa alykium , am a married woman with a baby and alhamduallah am doing good in my marriage but the problem is before getting married i did something haram, and i repent to allah and stopped doing it , but my husband always asks me if i did anything wrong before getting married and i always say no and he makes me say wallah and i do , because.. More

  • Muslims swearing on the Bible in American Courts Date: 10-4-2007

    as salamu alaykum. My question deals with muslims taking court oaths on the bible. When Muslims are called to court in America for civil or criminal matters and their testimony is required, many instances the Muslim is order to swear an oath on the bible that that they will tell the truth. sometimes the Muslim is require to swear this oath with his.. More

  • She broke her oath to her mother not to contact the one she loves Date: 13-3-2007

    Salamalaikum, I come to here for my question answer please give me a right. My Zahra Sharief who live in azerbaijan and I live in Pakistan we want to marry early in possible my all family agree her late father was agree but after her death her mother denied. She put zahra hand on holy Book Quran take swear if you not contact with saleem if contact then.. More

  • Said to his wife, 'Your money is Haraam to me' Date: 5-12-2006

    i am married from worker woman , i was told her that i will not accept any amont of your money , imean in arabic money will becom haram . after that i turn back and take from her money under her pressure and pursuant to her satisfy . please advise if my behave is accepted or not .. More

  • Made an oath not to contact a guy she met through the Internet Date: 14-9-2006

    as salaam alaikum dear brother/sister in islam i want 2 ask u a pzl ans me immedi8ly 4 allah s sake!! my q is i met this guy thru net an year ago hence v contcted thru fone v nvr saw each othr nor v met but v wer plannin 2 meet but my family came 2 kno abt it hence i was forced to take a religiou oath of yaseen. but i was desperate 2 c him hence.. More

  • Why Allaah swore by some of His creations Date: 23-8-2006

    A non-Muslim once asked me a question which puzzled me. He asked according to the Sahih Hadis, a Muslim is only allowed to swear by Allah's name because none is greater than He while on the other hand Allah swears by his own creation in several places in the Quran. Does that mean that His Creations are greater than Him? (Please, answer with Quran &.. More

  • If a woman in menses gives oath, is it effective? Date: 2-4-2006

    If a woman swears when she is in menses or in postpartum bleeding, is her swearing effective or not? .. More

  • Beware of swearing too much Date: 22-12-2005

    My question is that I have some friends who always swear for Allaah in everything they are saying means Uksambillaah, Kasambillaah, Walahil-Azeem and Uksambillahil-Azeem, I just wanted to know that is it a bad habit or is it ok to swear for Allaah in each and everything they are saying please let me know so that I could advice them thanks and.. More

  • Swearing to lie over silly things Date: 20-12-2005

    If someone says Wallaahy (swears by Allaah) and is lying but over something really stupid e.g. he says Wallaahy it wasn't me who ate the cake when it was him who ate the cake. Does he need to do a Kaffaarah? What is the difference between an oath and an unintentional oath? What's an oath? May Allaah reward you for your help Inshaa Allaah. .. More

  • Saying, 'I will become a non-Muslim if I do such and such' Date: 28-11-2005

    I would like to ask something regarding cursing. Well, there is this story about a man and his mother. They were poor. One day, the man traveled and he became rich. When he returned, his mother welcomed him but he did not admit that she was his mother. He did not admit that she was his mother because he was ashamed with his poor mother. His.. More

  • Divulged a secret Date: 1-9-2005

    If you swore to someone to keep a secret of theirs to yourself, but you broke your word, what are the consequences or religious obligations of this? .. More

  • Making recompense for swearing to a lie Date: 7-9-2004

    Last year I took an oath by Allaah, but I was lying. I swore by Allaah to a friend that I hadn't done something but I had and I knew I had been lying. I repented to Allaah and I know that we can either release a slave or feed 10 poor people, but at the moment I found it difficult to find 10 poor people even though I had enough money. It was hard.. More

  • Wants to use false means to get wife's confession of infidelity Date: 18-7-2004

    What does Islam say in this matter? I am a married man.Due to workrequirements, I traveled and I left my wife with her family. When I came back to my homeland for vacation, some people told me that they saw my wife in suspicious situation with a manduring my absence. When I approachedmy wife about that she disowned and denied any connection.. More