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  • Having an Opinion Opposite of One's Parents Date: 6-11-2019

    Is it totally prohibited to answer parent's opinion?, I mean example is like my parent said about something "bla, bla, bla". and then i answered it with the opposite of my parent's opinion, like "but i think..bla, bla, bla, and so on... .. More

  • Being Good to Parents Date: 22-10-2019

    How can I be good to my parents? .. More

  • Hates her Father For Killing Her Mother Date: 2-10-2019

    Assalamu alaykum, does a Muslim woman who's father killed her mother have to maintain ties with him and show kindness? This sister wanted her father to be executed after he had attacked and killed her mother in her sleep, and the execution was not carried out rather he was imprisoned in Somalia (their home country) for about a year, and thereafter he.. More

  • Mother Is Hot-Tempered and Orders Him to Divorce His Wife Date: 17-9-2019

    I'm a 32yr old married man and I have a hot tempered mother that insults me and after frustration I sometimes replied her with bad responses(may Allah forgive me and I seek for her forgiveness immediately I transgressed) Presently,I got married to my second wife which he advised me not to take because I'm too small for that and she does not like polygamy.. More

  • Mother Orders Him to Cut His Hair Date: 16-9-2019

    Asalamo aleikoum. I want my wife to be pleased with my apparence and I love to beautify myslef to my wife. My hair is not long but is not too short, I have a medium hair, perhaps it can reach the ears. I do not want to cut it or shave it as it makes me look fine. My mother has a habit that whenever she sees something she does not like she says do not.. More

  • Limits of Obeying Parents Date: 16-7-2019

    My parents told me not to use a certain app on my phone, but I really like the app. The app does contain some haram content but I never use it for that and if I ever see something haram it’s almost always by accident. I generally use it just for fun. So my question is, if I use this app, am I committing any sin for not following my parents’ orders?.. More

  • Misbehaved With His Father and Regretted It After His Death Date: 23-6-2019

    1. I have misbehaved with my father ,5 months before his death .Could not ask forgiveness directly from him since he was away from me .But my wife has asked pardon soon after the incident . I am finding myself guilty ,pls advise how can i get pardon from him .. More

  • A Man Refuses to Supplicate for His Dead Parents Date: 7-4-2019

    what is the ruling on a man who refuses to supplicate for his dead parents because he doesn't want them to enter paradise after they abused him when he was a child? .. More

  • Wants to Marry Older Woman But His Parents Disagree Date: 20-3-2019

    I'm 25 years old . I love a woman age 40years divorced ..I want to marry her .but my parents not allowing me to marry her ..we want to do secret marriage ...can I perform nikah kutbah myself without walijQuery111006862770532877345_1550910185427 .. More

  • Not Honoring the Advice of Parents is Not a Sin Date: 22-1-2019

    If my parents tell me to do something which is culturally not regarded as not obeying parents or if they tell me something which is most likely to be a advice not a command, is it then allowed to me to do sonething else?For example my mother told me to put the heater in my room on level 2 when I go sleeping. But this was I think an advice because if.. More

  • Taking Permission From Her Father to Go Out Date: 2-8-2018

    A male Muslim married to a female Christian. His wife gave birth to a female. She gave her daughter to her husband's family (father, mother, sister, and uncle) to take care of her. Husband's father made it an obligation to everyone to take care of the child. His granddaughter was never raised by her father and mother. She was raised by her grandmother,.. More

  • Obey Your Parents in Not Shaving Your Mustaches Date: 30-5-2018

    I'm 15 years old and I have peach fuzz as mustache. First of all, it looks TERRIBLE. My parents don't allow me to shave it. I don't really think I should have it it looks bad and people kind mock me about it... Somebody got any advice? .. More

  • Obeying Parents Regarding the Job and Who to Marry Date: 28-5-2018

    Assalamu alaikum. I am happy with my current job, and want to marry. I have liked a girl but I didn't officially propose her. Her body is devoid of an ovary due to an appendix operation complexity, but I like her because of her personality and I have no problem regarding her physical defect. But my parents not only want me not to marry her, but also.. More

  • Raising the Voice When Speaking to Parents who Are Far Date: 22-4-2018 is permissible to raise voice to parents because far distance between me or them?(so they can hear my voice clearly)..Or it is obligatory for me to go near them everytime if the cannot hear my voice clearly..thanks .. More

  • Parents believe working with Muslims in West is unsafe Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a halal job, which is run by Muslims. I live in the West. My family are concerned about my safety since I decided to work in this job that is filled with Muslims. My family have been trying to explain to me that they would like me to find another job that is "normal," where there are Muslims and Non-Muslims. They were telling.. More