991 fatwas

  • Asking Parents in a General Manner for Forgiveness Date: 1-6-2020

    Asalamo aleikoum wa rahmatulah. If a person wants to ask forgivness to his parents for any disrespectdul act he may have done towards them can he do this in a general manner for example saying: Mum can you forgive me anytime I made you angry or I may have done uqoq to you? .If she accepts and say yes, will Allah accept this even if she does not remember.. More

  • Parents Prevent Their Children From Keeping Ties with Grandparents Date: 16-5-2020

    Salam Alaikum: Parents have strived for a relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, but the grandparents have not taken a single step to build any relationship and have no justification for this. So there is no relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, even though there is relationship between parents and granparents based on.. More

  • How to Deal with an Oppressive Father Date: 5-5-2020

    How to deal with tyrant dad, who don't listen to us what ever he says we have to hear and obey him. But if it go against Quran and sunnah,what should I do not listen anyone.then he will oppress us for not listening him. Whom should I ask for help. .. More

  • Mother Commands Him to Use His Car While Expenses Are High Date: 4-5-2020

    I want to stop using my car, but my mother wants me to carry on using it so that I can help her out with things. The problem is that my savings aren't huge and road tax and insurance will cost me over £1000, and on top of that I will have to pay for fuel, servicing, MOT, and for the car to be towed if it breaks down. What do you advise? Could I ask.. More

  • Parent Asks Him to Drive Female Relatives Who Don’t Wear Hijab To Hospital Date: 21-4-2020

    My grandparent is in hospital and was on the verge of dying at one point so my parent has of course been very upset and stressed at times. The problem is because of this situation making them so busy, my parent has started asking me to take female family members who don’t wear hijab to the hospital or to school and so on. I just don’t know what.. More

  • Tolerance Towards Disbelievers vs. Forbidding Them From Committing Evil Date: 5-4-2020

    How is tolerance to the kuffar to be done beside doing nahi munkar. I mean like we should let the christians do their worship (without helping them in any way), but isnt seeing that they worship something beside Allah (like they do their rituals outside the church so i can see it, or in the church but not inside the building) oblige us to forbid evil?. .. More

  • Justice Amongst Children When The Gift is Insignificant Date: 1-4-2020

    I know that parents must be just in giving gifts to their children. But sometimes you may be out with a parent and they may take you out for lunch or buy you some snack. Is it permissible to accept this since the other children won't receive it, although the parent does generally provide for all of the children? .. More

  • Wears His Hair Long and Wants To Keep It in A Man Bun while Parents Object Date: 25-3-2020

    Alsalam Alikum, So I am guy with long curly hair that lives in a European country. My parents want me to cut it because they think it is imitating women which is haram, but my hair doesn’t look like women’s hair. They pointed out that when my hair gets wet it reaches the top part of my back but when it drys it compresses to shoulder length. So.. More

  • Losing Respect For The Father Date: 19-3-2020

    Asalaamualaikum. I would like to know how to deal with a bad relationship between my father and I. I'm aware that I am supposed to be treating him kindly and have also been told that the pleasure of Allah lies with the pleasure of parents. However, after a series of events, I see myself losing respect for my father and wanting to have nothing to do.. More

  • Parents Favor His Younger Siblings Over Him Date: 15-3-2020

    How to deal with parents who are noticeably partial towards some of their children, but categorically deny it when informed regarding it. They may not know they commit such an act, but it is pretty evident. No matter what, the parents take sides with the younger children against the eldest. This undermines the authority the eldest child has on any.. More

  • Father Forbids From Doing Something While Mother Permits Date: 3-3-2020

    Assalamualikum, I wanted to ask that if my father forbids me from doing that is permissible, but my mother permits me to do the permissible action, will I be sinful for doing the permissible action. .. More

  • Refused Gifts From His Mother In-Law Date: 25-2-2020

    Assalam alaikum. May Allah reward you. I am afraid i have transgressed towards my mother. She is not muslim. She did not want to visit me or her grandchildren for many years because of me wearing hijab. We used to speak on the phone and she used to send the children gifts on christmas, birthdays etc, by post. She lives near to us. Recently my husband.. More

  • Consulting Husband Is Not Inferiority or Dependence Date: 18-2-2020

    Salam alaikoum My question is related to if a wife depends on her husband a lot for things is that a bad thing? I realized and other people have noticed that my life is almost always me doing things based on what his opinions are. Even when I want to go back to study after years of giving up my husband supports me but advised me to do as many online.. More

  • Shaking Hands, Hugging and Kissing Sister Without Lust Date: 5-1-2020

    aoa, can an adult brother shake hand, hug or kiss her adult sister in a good faith. thanks .. More

  • Voluntary Fasting against The Will of Parents Date: 1-1-2020

    As-salaamu alaykum. I fast every other day alhamdulillah. But my parents don't like it. I'm very thin but i don't think that fasting is the only reason. I've digestive and other physical and mental problems. Am i sinning by fasting against the will of my parents? .. More