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  • Shaking Hands, Hugging and Kissing Sister Without Lust Date: 5-1-2020

    aoa, can an adult brother shake hand, hug or kiss her adult sister in a good faith. thanks .. More

  • Tested By Relatives Because of Her Religious Commitment Date: 4-8-2019

    I’m asking question on behalf of my friend who needed Islamic advice and I’m not sure what I can give her, islamically She says that she recently discovered the “sweetness of imaan” and doesn’t want to go back to her old ways but her wiswisa is getting too bad. She told me that she also suffers with anxiety and admitted that her thoughts.. More

  • Cutting relations with grandparents Date: 3-1-2018

    Is it forbidden in Islam to end all contact with my grandparents from my mothers side? If it is forbidden, then what are the exceptions to ending all contact, and what is the punishment if it is forbidden in Islam? .. More

  • Keeping ties with relatives who cause trouble Date: 26-12-2017

    I have three questions: 1) I have many relatives who live far from me. We have some family disputes that make us distant. Sometimes, they would call me but cause trouble, so my family ignored them. During Eid, however, we meet as a family and talk normally. Is this considered cutting the ties? Do I have to greet my family often or is being in a neutral.. More

  • Severing ties of kinship with grandparents Date: 11-10-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a problem regarding my grandparents. I have not been in contact with them for more than 10 years. The problem started with my grandmother, she would always be making problems in my parents' marriage. My grandparents are Muslim, but they are not religious. My parents are very religious, and she does not like it. As a child,.. More

  • Keeping kinship ties through weekly emails while living in same house Date: 21-9-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Please answer my question directly, because referring to links is not going to give me the complete answer that I need as it is a specific question. May Allah reward you. Here is my question: In one of your answers, you said it that.. More

  • Dealing with toxic relative Date: 27-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I would like to know what a person should do when they are dealing with a toxic person/mentally sick person? Did Prophet Muhammad said anything on how we should treat these individuals when they are interacting with others? I have an aunt who is quite toxic, and she often picks fights with other family members. They all tried their.. More

  • How to treat evil relatives Date: 24-6-2017

    My mum, my siblings, and I are living in poverty because my father never gave us any money; he used to give all his money to his adult, married siblings and parents and has given all his lands and property to them, leaving us with nothing. His siblings brainwashed him into giving everything to them for 20 years and turned him against my mother, and.. More

  • Maintaining kinship ties with relatives who disobey Allah Date: 22-3-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Sorry in advance for my lengthy question. My question is: how much of the ties of kinship is one obliged to keep with very close relatives who openly disobey Allaah and His commands, like women exposing their body by wearing very thin clothes, exposing their hair and head in public places, and celebrating many celebrations of the.. More

  • Improving relations with abusive relatives Date: 17-1-2017

    My sister and sister-in-law do not want to keep a relationship with me, but when I try to maintain a relationship with them, they make make fun and also tell lies about me, which is harmful to me, as they are powerful. What can I do? .. More

  • Spending on jobless brother's family to return his favor Date: 4-1-2017

    I have been married for more than 19 years and, praise be to Allaah, we have children whom I love dearly. I live abroad with with family for my job. I have been fulfilling all the needs of my family. I was 1 year old when my father died, and my elder brother and mother brought me up. My brother used to work as a laborer to finance my education from.. More

  • Severing ties of kinship does not affect acceptance of deeds Date: 18-9-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. If a person cut the family ties for years and then repents and gives them cards as an effort to keep the ties of kinship and they live in my home. All those years, like two years; my deeds are not accepted? Does that mean that all my deeds were for nothing? .. More

  • Brother-in-law has no authority over brother's wife Date: 30-5-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My question is: can I stop my sister-in-law from going to my uncle's house (mother's brother) by herself as it is creating a lot of confusion in the family? She is my eldest sister-in-law among four brothers, and I am the youngest son-in-law to her, but my second brother says that I cannot tell her this as I have no say in her life... More

  • Her non-Muslim in-laws jeopardize her son's religiosity Date: 23-5-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I married a new Muslim and, praise be to Allaah, have a four-year-old boy. My husband is from a big Hindu family. Due to his job, we live in another state. Our problem started from day one, they asked me to keep 'bindi' and 'sindhoor', asked us to touch their feet, and fight with me for wearing hijab, and his two big brothers always.. More

  • Neglecting ties of kinship to focus on calling to Allaah Date: 2-5-2016

    Assalaama alaykum. I want to ask you if it is permissible for me to ignore my muslim brothers and family members (not because of hatred, envy, or jealousy) except for my brother, sister, and mother. Is there not a hadith that states that the pleasure of Allaah is the pleasure of the mother? If I compensate it by being the best for my mother among all.. More