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  • His urine does not stop and he fears he will miss the prayer Date: 19-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Thank you for getting back to me regarding question 2641301. Ialready know about the ruling of the fatwas that you reffered me to. I want to know; if one, for example, wakes up late and urinates and only has a small amount of time to perform Istinjaa’(washing intimate parts with water) and ablution to catch the prayer on time but.. More

  • Suffering stress urinary incontinence while praying Date: 10-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a problem of stress urinary incontinence; when I want to prostrate, I feel a drop of urine coming out, or when there is any other pressure on my abdomen, I feel like urine is coming out, should I sit and pray, or should I pray in the regular way? .. More

  • Wind incontinence during prayer Date: 6-12-2016

    I have sporadic incontinence (breaking wind) and became Ma'zoor(excused) during Fajr time. So I performed ablution and started praying. During the prayer, I broke wind and thought to myself that my ablution is invalid, and immediately after that, I remembered that I am a Ma'zoor and completed the prayer. Is my prayer valid? .. More

  • How sufferer of urinary incontinence prepares for prayer Date: 20-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Dear brother, please answer my question directly and do not refer me to other fatwas as I have already seen many of them, and please give me the strongest opinion if there is a difference if opinion. The question is: Someone has urinary incontinence that happens with movement and would like to know.. More

  • She suffers from incontinence and needs to pray Fajr and Thuhr with same ablution Date: 5-10-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu Shaykh. I suffer from diseases that require to renew my ablution for the obligatory prayers. I want to know, if I want to pray the Eid prayer or the Friday prayer at the two Holy Mosques, then one has to go very early to get a good place, and for the Eid one goes for Fajr and then stays there. Can I.. More

  • Rulings on ablution and prayer for the one suffering from urinary incontinence Date: 19-10-2015

    Assalamu alaykum. I would like to ask regarding a problem that I have; urinary incontinence. I follow the Shaafi'i madhhab, but I currently follow the Hanafi madhhab with regards to abulution. My questions are: Can I use my ablution for more than one obligatory prayer? Can i use the same tissue padding (as a barrier to prevent my garments from being.. More

  • Masturbating while fasting – flatal incontinence and ablution for prayer Date: 15-10-2015

    My question is about masturbation I just came to know a few days back that this is haram, especially while fasting. I am confused because I know that I used to have that problem, like a childhood problem, without knowing that it was some thing associated with sexual desires because I was brought up in an extremely conservative family. I have a strong.. More

  • Ruling on white penile liquid discharged after urination Date: 6-10-2015

    Assalamualykum. I read your fatwa in question no 2547768 but i am not satisfied my question is that when i come from toilet after urinating sometimes some white liquid in very much smallamount comesfrommy penis i do not know what it is but it comes in15 to 20 minutes is that thing impure and it comes in very small amount and onmy underwear it comesso.. More

  • A person suffering from urine incontinence in a state of Janabah Date: 26-8-2015

    A man suffers from urine incontinence which usually lasts about 30 minutes after urination. Once, he was in a state of Janabah (major ritual impurity) and had not yet performed the Thuhr (noon) prayer. He urinated a few minutes before the due time of the ‘Asr (afternoon) prayer. Was he required to make Ghusl (shower taken when in a state of Janabah).. More

  • Hardship brings ease Date: 26-8-2015

    My father is an old man and he suffers from blood clots. He can not go to the bathroom and he uses a catheter for urination. How should he perform Wudhoo’ (ablution) and prayer, especially if he went to pray in Al-Masjid Al-Haram (the Holy Mosque)? .. More

  • Sufferer of urine incontinence is allowed to combine two prayers with one Wudhoo’ Date: 25-8-2015

    I suffer from urine incontinence and I am physically handicapped. When I combine two prayers, Thuhr (noon) and ‘Asr (afternoon) or Maghrib (sunset) and ‘Isha’ (night), is it enough to perform the two prayers with one Wudhoo’ (ablution)? What should I do with the Jumu‘ah (Friday) prayer, knowing that I go to the prayer before the second azan.. More

  • Wady must discontinue before Wudhoo’ if discharges last 10 minutes Date: 25-7-2015

    The waswas of the satan affect me in the way that I have to pee before every prayer for example it is 12:59 I do not have to pee and when I hear the adhan at 13:00 I auttomaticly have to pee just because of my mind.The urge then is not the same as for example i wake up in the morning and i normally have to pee(like every body else).I think you know.. More

  • If Wady is continuous, it is legally the same as incontinence Date: 26-4-2015

    URGENT I have a problem with wadiy. Everytime when I urinate I have to wait so long for the wadiy to stop. How long should one wait for the wadiy to stop flowing? Also, is it permissible to ask Allah to stop the flow of wadiy after urinating? What I mean by that is, is it allowed to make dua to Allah to let there be no release of wadiy in me after urinating? .. More

  • Vaginal discharges are presumably impure Date: 16-3-2015

    Assalamu alaikum, Thank you for responding me back. Sheikh I have written you about ruling on leukorrhea. Sheikh I have a lot of leukorrhea which I always see on my cloths, and you sent me link for 4 different questions and thier anwsers regard this matter. Sheikh I am still confused and can not come up to a conclusion that which category does particularly.. More

  • Completing the prayer if its due time expires for one who suffers urinary incontinence Date: 25-8-2014

    If a person who makes wudhu for each prayer due to incontinence wakes up late or gets delayed by dealing with their sickness and manages to catch 1 rakat or more before the sun rises (in the case of Fajr) should they complete the prayer once the sun rises or is their wudhu invalidated as soon as the sun rises? What should a person in this situation.. More