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  • Urinary incontinence patient should change diaper before each obligatory prayer Date: 27-1-2014

    On the basis of Fatwa '92359' Should I renew the diapers which have come in contact with Najis for each prayer? .. More

  • Person suffering from urinary incontinence makes a new Wudhoo’ for each prayer Date: 21-1-2014

    I suffer from urinary incontinence. 15 minutes before the due time of the ‘Asr (afternoon) prayer, I make Istinjaa’ and Wudhoo’ (ablution) and then perform the Thuhr (noon) prayer and wait for the ‘Asr prayer in order to perform it with the same Wudhoo’. I sometimes do that 10 or 5 minutes before the ‘Asr prayer. Is this considered a concession.. More

  • Using a balloon and praying with it for urinary incontinence Date: 21-1-2014

    I suffer from urinary incontinence. When I am at work, I wear a balloon around my penis where urine is gathered in order not to affect my underwear. That is because I can not allocate certain clothes for prayer during work as I do at home. Moreover, I can not remove this balloon or put it in any place at work. Can I pray while wearing the balloon or.. More

  • Discharge of pre-ejaculatory fluid due to weeping while one prays or supplicates Date: 21-1-2014

    When I pray or make supplication and weep, some pre-ejaculatory fluid is discharged. What is the Sharee‘ah ruling? When the pre-ejaculatory fluid is discharged during the night voluntary prayers, can I perform the Fajr (dawn) and Subh (morning) prayer with the same Wudhoo’ (ablution)? Thanks. .. More

  • Explaining the phrase 'lifting the Hadath actually and legally under the Sharee’ah' Date: 12-1-2014

    Can you elaborate on this definition of the juristic term thoroughly and in detail, "Lifting the Hadath or removing filth or things that have the same meaning or appearance," while elaborating in detail on the phrase, "… things that have the same meaning or appearance"? .. More

  • Ruling on sensing wetness in the underwear while praying Date: 4-4-2013

    I might discharge urine after relieving myself, given that I wipe my penis carefully after urinating. Is this considered urinary incontinence? What should I do in this situation? This might happen to me during ablution or during prayer. I am psychologically distressed because of this problem. If this happens to me, what should I do concerning the coming.. More

  • She has doubts that she urinates during sleep Date: 21-6-2012

    i want your help and guidance regarding my problem. sometimes i feel urge to go washroom while i am asleep but since my medicine is very potent i can't give up my sleep and go washrum. then when i get up, i become anxious thinking either i urinated or not. i keep on thinking if i am naapaak, then my prayers are not going to be accepted. what should.. More

  • She has doubts that she has stress urinary incontinence Date: 7-6-2012

    salam my problem is sometimes when i laugh or do certain activity which require a bit of strain, i feel as if i am urinating. let me tell you one thing more, i have a very old psychiatric problem so these feelings may be not real. and even if i am urinating, it would be due to the same psychiatric problem. assuming if i am urinating really, then.. More

  • Incontinence of wind and combining prayers while travelling Date: 19-2-2012

    Salam an excused person who suffers from continul wind was told to make wudu foe each salah but what happens when he is travelling and combining dur and asr should he do two rakat of dur then go and do another wud then do two rakat asr sometimes this is very difficlut especially on pklanes and the queue is drastically long and the very fact that there.. More

  • It is permissible to continue praying if one has an ulcer, even if it is bleeding Date: 13-2-2012

    May Allah reward you for answering my question, I am a young man with a chronic disease and I have an ulcer in my leg from which blood and a white water-like substance is emitted and I find it on the gauze covering the ulcer. I would like to know whether this substance invalidates my prayers and ablution or not. Please advise me. May Allaah The.. More

  • Urinary incontinence does not affect the validity of prayers Date: 13-2-2012

    Is the prayer of someone who suffers from urinary incontinence valid?.. More

  • A person with urinary incontinence reading Quran and entering the mosque Date: 9-10-2011

    Assalam O Alaykum, I have urine incontinence problem. I use tissue paper as absorbent after urination. I use to remove it after 30-40 minutes as no more drops come out. I can then perform wadoo for visiting mosque for Salaat. Based on my condition I have some questions: 1. Can I recite Al Quraan (memorized surah like Yaseen) with low voice spcially.. More

  • He suffers from sporadic urinary incontinence Date: 15-9-2011

    1) i read on one of the websites Fatwa no 120946 that. During ghusl after ablution. If one touches there private parts . they cannot pray in that ghusl does this mean that there ghusl is invalid and they have to repeat ghusl to perform prayers ? 2) i have random drops of urine falling. this happens sometimes in 5 minutes or 30 min or so. i have read.. More

  • He suffers from incontinence of urine while performing Ghusl Date: 24-3-2011

    If during bath (ghusl), one or two drops of urine releases (due to sickness or any problem), is the ghusl becomes invalid and should that be done again from start?.. More

  • Ruling on vaginal gas Date: 20-3-2011

    asalmu alaikum,I have a question regarding passing gas through the vagina.Does it annull my wudu.It happens too often and even during prayer.JAzak Allah Khair... More