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  • She has discharge and wants to pray Date: 9-2-2005

    I am pregnant and I get discharged often. I pray regularly I would like to know. Can I pray in this condition? .. More

  • Can not maintain Taharah Date: 16-6-2004

    My problem is that I cannot maintain 'Taharah'(few drops of urine come out occasionally). Further I also have gastric problem due to which I cannot maintain my ablution. Also during prayers bad words and thoughts disturbs me very much. I like to pray but all the above factors stops me from praying as I think what's the use of praying if I cannot.. More

  • Penile emissions cause distress regarding the prayer Date: 25-3-2004

    LatelyI have been having problems wheneverI visit the toilet and finish urinating. After a while small clear sticky drops come out.I think its Madhi or Wadi.Previously it used to appear afterI visited the toilet; now it comes almost every time.I know its Najis.I have to remove my underwear every time prayer timebegins andI have torush the.. More

  • Passing Wind Continuously Date: 5-10-2003

    What is the longest period you can keep you Wudu if you are a person that continues breaking it (gastro problem - winds)? .. More

  • Wind in the vagina Date: 4-6-2003

    Some days before the menstrual period, I feel a continuous wind passing through my vagina that is uncontrollable. This happens in between prayers and also while reciting Qur'an. I always worry about my ablution being safe. This problem continues after the periods end on normal days too. How can I perform my prayers purely?.. More

  • Urine Incontinence Date: 10-3-2003

    I have urine incontinence and I have read a lot about how to perform the prayer correctly. The problem is that I know you have to use an absorbent, but do you have to change it every prayer time? So you use one absorbent for Fajr. When zuhr comes do you change the absorbent or can you re-use it although there is urine on it? Usually I use a tissue.. More

  • Urine Drops during Prayer Date: 9-9-2002

    I belong to the Hanafi school of thought. Sometimes while praying a drop of urine comes out. In this case, should I continue my prayer or stop? If I continue, is my prayer right or should I repeat it? This does not happen always. Here to fore, when it does, I repeat my previous prayers just in case. .. More

  • Penile emissions Date: 20-4-2002

    I have a condition that when I use the toilet to pass water or excrete more so with the latter a thick whitish fluid comes out from my penis which soils my clothes and requires me to bath. I perform my Salah, etc. at times in this state which occurs unintentionally and at no given time. I always feel that I am impure. Does the religion have a ruling.. More

  • Doubts about Removing Urine and Prayer Date: 25-3-2002

    My problem is about doubt. I have always a doubt in every thing related to religion, for example I lose a few quantity of urine after urination. I put something to absorb this urine for about 15 minutes and I remove this absorbent thing. I do the Wudu but after this I have a doubt that I still lose urine. I'm not sure and I can't say if I find some.. More

  • Problem with urination and prayer Date: 12-12-2001

    I want to know more about the Fatwa I received from you wish is about the loss of urine that I have after every urination during about 15 minutes and the fact that I delay the prayer about a half hour and the Fatwa says that I can do Wudu only one time and do the prayer and after that drops of urine do not nullify my Wudu and my clothes do not become.. More

  • Passing Wind While Praying Date: 2-12-2001

    I am facing a problem. 1) Sometimes I feel wind passes suddenly without notice, in the middle of prayer. Passage of wind during Namaaz defunct Namaaz (Salat) if it is deliberate I should be held responsible. If it passes (as in my case sometimes) all of a sudden (very very very minor one) which I feel only after passing. Then I don't know whether I.. More

  • Nose bleed while praying Date: 13-8-2001

    I was praying and in the last Rakat a drop of blood was hanging from my nose but it didn't fall down. I completed my prayer, but I am not sure that if I did the right thing... More

  • Doubt about purification due to urine Date: 21-5-2001

    I and other friends have the problem given below:He sits for duration double the normal time while urinating so that not a single drop remains, but when he gets up there is a feeling or perhaps a clear doubt that one or little less or little more drop has come out from Penis, this sometimes happens because of high temperature in the body mainly due.. More

  • Fluid from the Uterus and Ablution Date: 10-1-2001

    Does the white fluid coming from the uterus spoil one's Wudu? Do I have to make another Wudu for each prayer when I have this fluid? .. More

  • Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy Date: 6-1-2001

    Please explain the order of shariah for the discharge that is excreted by the vagina during pregnancy as well. Is this discharge 'najis' (impure)? What method of purification is needed for women during their pregnancy? .. More