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  • Washing holes in the skin during ghusl Date: 25-1-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I want to ask you regarding ghusl (ritual bath taken in the state of major ritual impurity). At my penis, I have some overlapping skin that forms a very small hole, like an earring hole, which is wide enough for a needle to pass through it. I find it it very hard to insert water inside this hole, so I just pour water on top of it... More

  • Performing ghusl without washing the ears Date: 26-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am a Hanafi, but I did not know that you had to wash your ears until today. Does this mean that all my previous ghusls (ritual shower) were invalid, and all my acts of worship based on those ghusls too? Is it obligatory to wash the feet if a person showers and then walk a few steps while doing so; for example, to get something from.. More

  • He pefrormed ghusl but forgot washing his ear until next day Date: 22-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum, this question is urgent. I want to ask you about continuity in ghusl (shower taken in case of major impurity). If I do ghusl and a day later realise that I did not wash my ear, then can I just continue to wash that part only on the next day? My next question is: if I only wash the part that I did not wash the day before, do I need.. More

  • Washing the inner parts of the ears in Ghusl Date: 26-8-2015

    Is it obligatory to wash the inner parts of the ears in Ghusl (shower taken when in a state of major impurity)? Does abandoning this render Ghusl invalid? Is it obligatory to remove the wax that may be inside the ears or is it enough to pass the wet finger inside them without removing that wax? .. More

  • Making Ghusl in the bathtub Date: 25-8-2015

    Is it allowable for me to make Ghusl (washing the whole body to end a state of major impurity) in the bathtub immediately after making Wudhoo’ (ablution)? Please advise. .. More

  • Ruling on offering two Rak‘ahs after Ghusl Date: 24-8-2015

    Is there a specific supplication to be said when making Ghusl (shower taken for major purification) from menstruation or post-partum bleeding? Should a woman offer two Rak‘ahs (units of prayer) in order to thank Allaah Almighty for attaining purity? May Allaah Almighty reward you. .. More

  • Small amount of dirt under the fingernail is excused in Ghusl Date: 31-12-2014

    As salamu 'alaikum, When performing ghusl for janaba, the majority of scholars agree that making water reach the parts under long fingernails and toenails is obligatory for ghusl to be valid i.e. the small portion of skin underneath the fingernails and toenails and the underside of nails themselves. However, what if someone had short nails (i.e. short.. More

  • Ghusl without intention is invalid Date: 29-8-2014

    At night at sleep i had ejaculation. Then i fell asleep again. Then i forgot about it. I took a usual bath without intention to do ghusl. Some time passed, maybe two weeks, maybe more, i don't know exactly. Then i suddenly remembred about this. So all the prayers since that time were done in the state of janaabah (i am not married so i don't take ghusl.. More

  • Leaving a spot on the body unwashed in Ghusl from Janaabah Date: 3-5-2014

    I have been performing ghusl for almost a year, but one thing i recently realized is that i forgot to wash a small part of my body during ghusl for all these months. Does that mean I have to repeat my prayers that i prayed over the last several months? Please note that Allah has not laid any hardship in religion for us, and that it would be difficult.. More

  • Washing the beard in Ghusl according to the Hanbali school Date: 25-4-2014

    salaam aleikoum dear ustad, If one does ghusl for janabah in hanbali point of view. How do hanabilah judge a beard to be thin or thick? If we say some parts of the beard is thin then we are obliged to wash the skin beneath, is it enough to ensure that the water reaches the skin or does one must do tagleel? Or is tagleel only a method but the goal namely.. More

  • Urinating in the bathtub while washing Date: 5-11-2013

    I remember urinating in the bath tub I then washed myself. I think the water was running so all the urine would have gone down the drain even if I did not left the water running I think I still opened the water. I think this would have washed my feet which I think I washed afterwards anyway. I don't think I saw any traces of urine left and don't think.. More

  • Pouring water over body more than 3 times in Ghusl Date: 4-11-2013

    Assalaamu alaykum,when bathing ghusl,does the water from the shower have to flow on your rigtht and leftside body three times or it can be done even more than three times,please advice me jazakAllahu .. More

  • How a traveler by land purifies herself after menstruation Date: 8-4-2013

    Is it permissible to delay Ghusl for menstruation while traveling until I reach my country? I travel by land and want to know what I should do in this case... More

  • Ghusl is performed after uttering the two testimonies of faith Date: 7-4-2013

    I converted to Islam but I could not perform Ghusl, so I only uttered the two testimonies of faith. After the end of menstruation, I made Ghusl but I did not utter the two testimonies of faith again. I drew an analogy between this and a person who had to make Ghusl for prayer but he could not do that and therefore he prayed without Ghusl. When he was.. More

  • Looking at the place of prostration during prayer / Washing the hair in Ghusl Date: 7-10-2012

    Salaam, I have two questions. 1) If a praying person's eyes look away from the spot where he will prostrate, is his prayer invalidated? 2) How should a man with thick and long hair wash his head during ghusl in such a way that all of the skin under the hair is moistened? Jazaak Allaah Khayran... More