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  • Performing Ghusl correctly without knowing its obligations Date: 3-5-2007

    Assalamu AleikumIn my youth , i use to masturbate and have a bath afterwards but was not aware of the obligations and conditions of ghusl at that time. Some tim elater i came to know about the obligations such as niyyah and water touching every part of the body.I am worried now as to whether i should reperform my salah which i perfromed during that.. More

  • Has doubts about the validity of her Ghusl and prayers Date: 1-5-2007

    As salam alaikum. want an urgent help 2 solve my problem. I m suffuring from waswasulqahri since my child hood and bcaz of this after my marriage i had to do wadoo and had 2 make bath several time in one ritual bath . it was very difficult and lot of time was waisting. so being tired i left doing wadoo b4 bath and started 2 take as simple bath with.. More

  • Wife performing Ghusl before her husband after intercourse Date: 10-12-2006

    Assalamualikum, I would like to ask that after sex/intercourse with his wife who should be GHUSUL first, husband of wife? Some peoples say that woman should GHUSUL first... More

  • Removing the sperm from the vagina before performing Ghusl (ritual bath) Date: 28-3-2006

    What is the method of performing Ghusl (a ritual bath) after having sex? Is it correct that a woman is obliged to insert her hand in her vagina in order to remove the sperm that remained at the beginning of the womb?.. More

  • Getting rid of sperm before Ghusl Date: 26-3-2006

    Is it permissible for a woman to perform Ghusl (ritual bath) straight after sexual intercourse? It should be noted that the sperm may still come out [of her private parts] even after Ghusl. .. More

  • Anything which prevents purity from sexual defilement must be removed Date: 25-3-2006

    I want to know whether or not it is an obligation for a bride to get rid of the hair spray when performing Ghusl (ritual bath) before performing the prayer of marriage, or is being a bride a special case? .. More

  • Dandruff does not affect the validity of Ghusl Date: 25-3-2006

    Does dandruff affect the validity of Ghusl (ritual bath) as it is difficult to completely get rid of it even when using shampoo? .. More

  • It is permissible for a woman to bathe her elderly father Date: 21-3-2006

    Is it permissible for a woman to bathe her elderly father taking into account that he is able to move? [What is the ruling on this?] .. More

  • When to make Ghusl after menses Date: 13-9-2005

    I want to know how much time duration we can have between menses stopping and making Ghusl. Should we make Ghusl immediately after menses stop or should consider odd days for making Ghusl? .. More

  • Discharge comes after bath Date: 25-11-2004

    After having slept with your husband then you purify yourself but after coming out of the toilet and you still find out that something is coming out from your private parts do you have to go and make Tahaara again starting from the first to last or just wash yourself and continue with the prayers that you have miss... More

  • The Ghusl for women Date: 22-4-2004

    My question isabout the ruling for females making Ghusl (ablution). I recently got married and realised that it is too difficult for women to take afull bath, including washing the hair every time after intercourse specially in winter. I want to know if women can take a bath without undoing their hair braids and without wetting the whole scalp.. More

  • How to make Ghusl after sexual discharge Date: 8-2-2004

    How does one perform Ghusl during Ramadan if one has sexual discharge?.. More

  • Hair Falls out Because of Water, How to Perform Ghusl Date: 13-11-2003

    I have embraced Islam almost three years ago and in April this year I got married, Al-Hamdu Lillah. I am Jamaican Origin, and have afro-Caribbean hair, my question is Ghusl and Wudu is causing my hair to fall out, as I have to constantly wet/wash it and my husband does not like the condition of my hair. I have knowledge of hair dressing and I know its.. More

  • Cleanliness and Ritual Purity Date: 18-6-2003

    Is this right that washing any body part or washing any thing three times will clean that thing. If it is so then there is no need of soap or washing powders. Is this true for taking bath also? If not then what is the exact way of taking bath (Ghusl). .. More

  • Talking in bathroom while bathing Date: 14-10-2002

    Some people say that we can talk in the bathroom, basing their evidence on the Hadith of Ayisha (Radiya Allahu Anha) that she used to tell Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) to leave water for her when they are performing Ghusl together. Is it true that we can talk when bathing?.. More