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  • Bathing or Performing Ablution Naked Date: 13-5-2002

    What is your verdict on taking a bath in a closed bathroom naked? What about performing ablution after taking normal bath, is it accepted if done naked? .. More

  • Questions regarding purification Date: 29-4-2002

    Here are few questions which many of us have. These are regarding purification.1) Is there a specific Du'a to say while taking bath in the bathroom or before entering in (when a relation ship between husband and wife, when women have there menstrual periods, after giving birth)?2) Do the beds become unclean after a relationship between partners?3).. More

  • Performing Ghusl While Intending Ghusl and Ablution at the Same Time Date: 20-4-2002

    After performing Ghusl is there a need to do ablution (Wudu)? .. More

  • Women Removing Sexual Impurity Date: 24-3-2002

    My wife needs to know how can a woman cleanup after sexual intercourse. Do women have to take a complete bath. She heard that they can wash their bodies and just touch their hair with their wet hands. .. More

  • Removing al-Janabah Date: 25-9-2001

    How can you remove al janabah (sexual impurity)?.. More

  • Taking shower naked Date: 6-9-2001

    Is it allowed to bath shower in the completely closed bathroom naked? (For men and women)... More

  • Purification after sex (How to perform Ghusl from Janaba) Date: 7-6-2001

    What is the right way for tahara after Janabah. Do I have to wash my hair or just touch my hair with water just like Wudu... More

  • Taking Ghusl with Oil in Hair Date: 11-2-2001

    If someone has oil on his or her head and the person enters in a state of janabah does the person have to wash his or her hair with shampoo for ghusl to let the water touch the hair? .. More

  • Teaching newly converted husband how to perform Ghusl Date: 22-3-2000

    I am happily married to a Finnish man who embraced Islam. Upon conversion, he was given some books on how to pray and some recitations. As a married couple, we do get intimate. For myself, I know that after every intimacy I have to do the Ghusul of Janabha. But how should I tell my husband the recitations and interpret it in English to him. Please help! .. More