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  • Zakah on a commercial transport company Date: 4-5-2011

    Asalamu3alaykum. My question is how can a commercial trasnport company determine the nisab in order to pay zakaat. the company is a heavy commercial transport company that deals with transporting halal goods to various destinations. ur quick answer will be highly appreciated. Wasalamu 3alaykum... More

  • Calculating Zakah on a rice mill Date: 6-1-2011

    I am operating a small rice mill, I want to ask on how would I compute my Zakah on the income I derived from its operation. Shall I include the total cost of operation for one lunar year such as a) fuel, oil and other maintenance cost; and, b) total wage for the operator for one year, as basis in computing zakat for my income in the operation of this.. More

  • Zakat on a stone crushing unit Date: 23-11-2005

    I have invested some money in setting up a stone crushing unit in India. Though this unit was commissioned 2 months ago, I have not received any income from this investment. Should I pay Zakaah on this investment? .. More

  • Own some property that is managed and its income used by others Date: 2-2-2003

    I have some agricultural property which is not being used by me, but it is being looked after by my parents. They are using the income and also distributing among other family members. I am not using any of the income from that. Am I responsible for the zakat for that property... More

  • Value of industrial company for Zakah Date: 2-5-2000

    I have an industrial company; I want to know how to calculate Zakah? Thank you. .. More