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  • Arabs sometimes use the plural form to refer to something singular Date: 17-1-2015

    Aslama alaikum. why does the Qur'an say different things in different places? For example in one surah Allah says to Moses idhhab ills firaun. But in another surah He (swt) says to both harun and musaa idhhabaa. I'm confused one is singular implying that Allah was speaking only to musaa the other is dual. Also is surah maryam one angel tells her Allah.. More

  • The 'obscure' verses in the Quran are not obscure to everyone Date: 19-12-2014

    Aslamaulakaum How to we relate the verse where Allah calls the whole Quran clear to 3:7. i have seen some good answrs. But please could you expand as they are breif. .. More

  • Being tested to do one's deeds in a good manner is part of worshipping Allaah Date: 30-11-2014

    I am in a confused state about 2 verses which appear contradictory to each other...please answer ASAP! first verse is 51:56 which says that Allah created humans for the only reason that he should worship him. second verse is 67:2 which says that Allah created life and death so he may test which of us is the best in conduct... in the first verse Allah.. More

  • Christians say number of gardens in Paradise is 'contradictory' Date: 26-10-2014

    Aslamualakum "How many gardens are there in paradise? ONE [as stated in 39:73, 41:30, 57:21, 79:41] or MANY [18:31, 22:23, 35:33, 78:32]?" This is a question posed by Chrisitans to muslims, i have seen two answers, but i like your answers. Please can you answer it. The other asnwers are here More

  • Eliminating a misunderstanding about the duration in which the earth was created Date: 31-8-2014

    Asalamu Alykum, This is in no way a questioning of the authenticity of the Quran, so please do not missinderstand my intentions, I just want to know how to answer this when people ask me this question: It says multiple times in the Quran that the Eartg was created in 6 days, but in 41:9-12 it adds up to 8; I listen to Dr. Zakir Naik (A famous caller.. More

  • The meaning of ‘Will’ in the verses 6:148 and 6:149 Date: 7-5-2014

    As-salaamu 3laikum, I don't understand Surat 6 ayat 148 and 149 because in both the will of Allah is mentioned but it doesn't seem to have the same meaning each time. Can you explain. Jazaak Allahu khair. .. More

  • Satanic whisperings about Quran 9:74 Date: 5-4-2014

    please help me from becoming a dis believer i am in extreme stress‎ from last 2 weeks as i was reading quran the chapter "the repentence" {They swear by Allah that they did not say [anything against the Prophet] while they had said the word of disbelief and disbelieved after their [pretense of] Islam and planned that which they were not to attain... More

  • Refutation of the claim that Quran is comparable to poetry Date: 13-2-2014

    As-salaamu 3laikum, I am trying to learn Arabic and one of the books I have is written by a non-Muslim. In the chapter on the rules of Arabic poetry he says that parts of the Qur’an can be classed as poetry according to these rules even though Muslims do not accept that. I know this allegation is false but what is the response to this based on knowledge.. More

  • All creatures are submissive to Allaah either willingly or unwillingly Date: 1-2-2014

    Greetings. Allah says in 3.83. that all creatures in …earth have bowed to Him. But there are billions of unbelievers living in present era. Isn’t it contradictory ? Reply me as soon as possible. Its urgent! .. More

  • No contradiction in Quran 17:8 Date: 9-1-2014

    Allaah Almighty Says (what means): {[Then Allaah said], "It is expected, [if you repent], that your Lord will have mercy upon you. But if you return [to sin], We will return [to punishment]. And We have made Hell, for the disbelievers, a prison-bed.}[Quran 17:8] I found no sufficient explanation for the previous Aayah that may accord with the Promise.. More

  • Refuting alleged discrepancy between a verse and a Hadeeth Date: 22-12-2013

    Salamu Alaykum, I have a question thats been bothering me alot in my head i have been thinking about it the whole day and it has put me down a little. My question is, doesn't the verse below and the hadith contradict with each other? Christians try to say that Muhammad (pbuh) was a false prophet and a lier, then show me the verse of Quran and then the.. More

  • No contradiction between these verses of the Quran Date: 6-11-2013

    Asslamu Alaikum, You referred to earlier fatwas for my below question. "Assalamu Alaikum, Allah says He will not guide the unbelievers (2:264). In verse 2:7, He says that He has sealed their hearts and He will not guide them (2:6). In verse 2:213 and many other places, He says He will guide the unbelievers whomoever He wishes. Can you please explain.. More

  • Presenting good deeds to the dead does not contradict the Quran Date: 21-7-2013

    assalamu alaikum, According to the Quran, no soul can benefit the other in terms of deeds (53:39, 6:164). We read in ahadith that a son's dua can benefit the dead, umrah & hajj can be done for the deceased. Please explain how to understand these ahadith. .. More

  • Acid rain does not contradict verses that describe rain as pure water Date: 29-5-2013

    Assalaamalaykum One convert while reading Fiqh us sunnah the chapter dealing with pure water asked me the summary of his question "We send down purifying water from the sky" (al-Furqan 48). "And sent down water from the sky upon you, that thereby He might purify you..." these verses indicate that water is pure, and it purifies us but what about the.. More

  • Why women and children are included in Mubaahalah Date: 6-12-2012

    Assalamu alaikum, In the Quran 3:61, Allah asks the Prophet to tell the people of the book to summon muslims' and people of book's sons & women and invoke curse on those who lie. The children are generally innocent and unaware of anything about the dispute regarding for which curse is done. Why are they to be involved in the curse and will they.. More