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  • Allaah created earth for humans but dinosaurs lived before them Date: 1-11-2012

    Assalamu Alaikum, According to Quran, God created earth for mankind. Scientists have discovered based on fossil records that dinosaurs were living in the earth even before humans. How could we reconcile what is mentioned in the Quran and what science have discovered and explain that God created earth for mankind? .. More

  • Allaah has promised us victory if we fulfill its conditions Date: 3-7-2012

    Assalam alaikum Warahmatullah Wa barakato Ama bad References from Quran: Surah:Ayah 7:128 40:51 24:55 My question is that according these Aya's most leaders must be the Motaqen or Righteous people , but currently nowdays in the world not in Islamic countries or none islamic countries we dont see the leaders(Presidents) who are really Righteous... More

  • Two abrogated verses about breastfeeding and stoning Date: 26-6-2012

    Al salam Alikom, I was this reading this article when it mentioned the following hadeeth, Sunan Ibn Majah, Book of Nikah, Hadith # 1934. This hadeeth mentions that there were verses from the quran written down on a piece of paper that Aisha (Radia Allahu anha) had placed under her bed and a goat came in and ate that paper containing the verses.. More

  • Reciting the Quran does not cause a mental disorder Date: 9-2-2012

    A brother who was known for reciting the Quran a lot was struck with a mental disorder. Doctors said that his case is incurable. When we sought the advice of a Shaykh, he told us that our brother might have recited certain Quranic chapters that he was not permitted to recite or that he might have used a manner of recitation without observing its rules.. More

  • Forget not your portion of legal enjoyment in this world Date: 4-12-2011

    Assalamu alaikum.Kindly clarify the Verses which seem contradicting to me.There should not be contradictions in Quran. Verse 7:32 says we should show our Zeenath(glitters).Based on this Ibn Abaas Allah be pleased with him said we can wear good dress(costly also?kindly answer as Imaam Malik Allah’s mercy on him wore costly dress based on this.. More

  • Is there a contradiction? Date: 1-12-2011

    quran says in 3.77 that Allah will NOT speak with disbelievers on Judgment Day, but in 23.108, its says that Allah will SAY i.e. speak to disbelievers as : "Be ye driven into it (with ignominy)! And speak ye not to Me! isn't this a contradiction ?.. More

  • These two verses are not contradictory Date: 19-5-2011

    i have a question. i was just going through some videos on youtube and i saw this video which pointed out some contradicitons in the Quran [ASTAGHFIRALLAH] I didn’t mean to open it but I just happened to click on it! example: [22:47] AND [70:4] one says "And they ask you to hasten on the torment! And Allah fails not His Promise. And verily, a.. More

  • The minimum term of pregnancy according to the Quran Date: 5-7-2010

    Bismillah Assalaamuu Alaikum warahamatuhlahi wbarakatuh! I am being tediously harassed with this question from the kufar. Can you please send me an answer as soon as possible. "The Koran provides that the length of a normal gestation (pregnancy) is six months (Luqman 31:14; al-Baqarah 2:233; al-Ahqaf 46:15). Luqman 31:14 and al-Baqarah 2:233 provide.. More

  • Her non-Muslim family raises conceptions about the Quran Date: 6-6-2010

    Assalamu alaikum, Some people says that Koran was originally written in Armenian language and that al-hoor al-‘iyn actually was wine grapes but was translated wrongly, what is correct view in this matter? And what shall i say to these people? I live in Finland and my family is christian so i get a lot of questions, especially when media shows programs.. More

  • His non-Muslim teacher has probably mocked the Quran Date: 19-4-2010

    Asslamualykum Respectable Imam I want to share an important issue regarding Holy Quran's respect. Actually I'm a student in Sweden and studying Masters Degree Programme in Environmental Science here. During one class lecture few days ago our class teacher commented on Holy Quran , which i think might be considered carefully and should be evaluated for.. More

  • Why Surah Al-Faatihah did not start with 'Qul' or 'Say' Date: 22-4-2009

    assalm wa alykum a non muslim asked: why Surah Al Fatiha did not have a "Qul" or "Say" in the beginning, because it says 'guide us...' and it is Allah who is saying it... Can someone clarify? .. More

  • The false story of Gharaaneeq Date: 31-3-2009

    Are their satanic verses in Holy Quran?What do you have to say about Salman Rushdie Book?Kindly Eloborate this Verses 53:19-22 & 22:52-53.What Desires are Mentioned Here?Did Prophet (SAW)at anytime acknowledge the Quraish gods to win followers?Is their Contradiction on Period of weaning in the Holy Quran?Am a Strong muslim my friend whom am trying to.. More

  • The Quran ordering the Jews and Christians to judge according to the Torah and the Gospel Date: 5-10-2006

    Assalamu Alaikum, The Quran commands the Jews in verse 5:44 to judge using the Torah. And in the verse 5:47, it commands: "Let the People of the Gospel(Injeel) judge by that which Allah hath revealed therein." [5:47] Why does Quran commands christians, Jews to judge by Injeel, Torah respectively when it has said elsewhere that their scriptures are.. More

  • As-Saamiri in the Quran Date: 12-6-2006

    Peace be upon you and Thanks for your help, I have a question a Christian has been bothering me about. I have no knowledge on this issue so I thought to write you. It is as follows: He [Allah] said, "We have tempted thy people since thou didst leave them. The Samaritan has led them into error." Then Moses returned .... and we cast them [(gold).. More

  • Meaning of Quran 7:157 Date: 16-3-2006

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question I was posed by a non-Islamic teacher of mine. His question was: "You, Muslims claim that the Quran is perfect and without any contradictions, right? Then why in Surah 7 verse 157 when God speaks to Moses He says: (7:157 those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write,.. More