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  • She Was Ashamed to Inform Family of Her Menses when in a State of Ihraam for ‘Umrah

    Few years ago (before my marriage), I had made the intention to do Umrah and went with another family. On our way there I got a feeling that I have got my periods. But I was embarrassed to let the family know so I continued my journey without confirming and performed Umrah. It was only after I reached home after completing my Umrah I checked to confirm.. More

  • Wearing Fake Eyelashes and Performing ‘Umrah

    Do the one by one eyelashes Prevent from going to Omra. .. More

  • Better for women to perform Tawaaf away from men

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, Shaykh. If a woman feels uncomfortable among men in a crowd (especially because I have seen bad things among a lot of people in this world), is it better for her to stay at a distance from the Ka‘bah, where the crowd is less, while doing Tawaaf (circumambulation)? May Allaah reward you, Shaykh. .. More

  • Tawaaf of woman suffering continuous vaginal discharges

    I went to ‘Umrah while I was suffering vaginal discharges. These discharges are sometimes continuous and sometimes intermittent. Before doing Tawaaf (circumambulation), I went to the toilet and found some of these discharges, so I used a handkerchief to stop them during Tawaaf and performed ablution. Having finished the rituals of ‘Umrah, I found.. More

  • Woman not performing Hajj and ‘Umrah to avoid overwhelming intermixing and crowd

    I ask about the ruling on Hajj and ‘Umrah in these days, when the people’s intentions have differed concerning going to perform those great rites. I ask Allaah to forgive me for my question. But the overwhelming crowd and intermixing between men and women to the extent that they may touch one another cause me to strongly hesitate to go and perform.. More

  • She completed the Hajj after her menstrual blood ceased, and then it flowed again

    I am a girl whom Allaah Almighty enabled to perform the Hajj last year. As I was still completing my Hajj, I had my period, which was intermittent this time. When it ceased, I went to complete my Hajj. As I returned to the lodging, it came back for a little while and then stopped again, after which I washed up. Please clarify the ruling for me, may.. More

  • She performed ‘Umrah during her menses

    I intended to perform ‘Umrah with my husband last Ramadan, but I was surprised by the monthly menses on the day of travelling. At the miqat (place of assuming the Ihram [sacred state]), I padded the place of blood with handkerchiefs and said: "Labbayk Allaahumma ‘Umrah", hoping that the blood would stop, but it did not stop. I performed tawaf (circumambul.. More

  • No specific color or outfit prescribed for woman in state of Ihram

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful; the Ever-Merciful. I would like to ask about a woman's clothes during ‘Umrah, while having assumed ihram (ritual consecration). Is there a specific color for ihram clothes? What is the meaning of warus (pseudo-saffron) and saffron? Please, reply as soon as possible for I am planning to perform ‘Umrah this.. More

  • A woman travelling to Hajj with a non-practicing Mahram

    Assalamu alaykum. I'm absolutely dying to go to hajj and perform my duty towards Allah while still young (I'm nineteen). The only mahram I have is my father, who would be funding the trip for both of us. We are both physically and financially able to undertake the pilgrimage. The only problem is that my father is only a Muslim "by name". He's completely.. More

  • Men mixing with women in Tawaaf from a Sharee‘ah perspective

    My question pertains to what takes place in Hajj, particularly when people throng when performing Tawaaf and throwing the pebbles, where male and female pilgrims who are foreign to each other thrust with their bodies sticking to each other, which makes them sense the details of the body, and thus injures the dignity of the female pilgrim and turns one.. More

  • ‘Umrah in a period of purity between two menstruations

    I was at the end of my menstruation period and I thought that I had become pure. My menstruation period usually lasts for six or seven days. I became pure on the sixth day because the discharge stopped. Therefore, I started to perform ‘Umrah. After finishing the rituals, I discovered that I had discharged a little quantity of blood. On the seventh.. More

  • Performed Tawaaf for ‘Umrah during menses out of misunderstanding

    I performed ‘Umrah in Ramadhaan this year – thanks to Allaah – and before it I had taken pills which stop the menstrual blood discharge. I did my ‘Umrah correctly, but later the menstrual period suddenly started despite the pills I took to prevent it. The doctor advised me to stop taking the pills and accordingly I stopped taking them which.. More

  • A nine-month-pregnant woman may perform Hajj or 'Umrah

    Hello To All, Please help me with this: What is the Hukem of doing Haj or Umra for a 9th month pregnant woman? Best Regards, Rabab .. More

  • No effect for irregular bleeding on validity of Tawaaf

    I performed ‘Umrah after purification from the menstruation and while making ‘Umrah, I suffered unclear blood which looked like brownish discharge flowing interruptedly. I used to make Ghusl, and after I ended my Ihraam, I discovered that this discharge as well as the blood that I considered menses was miscarriage. I did not know anything about.. More

  • Family planning does not make Hajj unaccepted

    As Salamalaykum iam 32 years & iam blessed with two kids,& iam an diebetic so because of some medical reasons doctors advise is not to have kids in future so my husband is asking me to go for family planning but i heard that after family planning is done hajj is not acceptable pls suggest me is it true & what should i husband is thinking.. More