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  • Didn't Perform The Farewell Tawaaf During Hajj

    Assalamu-alaikum, I went to Hajj this year and I missed the Tawaaful Weda. I started doing it, but I didn't finish seven circulations around the Kaaba. I did about 3or4 and then I had to leave, because our bus was waitng. Am I obliged to slaughter an animal, fast three days or what is my penalty? Jazakumullahu Khairan. .. More

  • Someone who has not performed farewell Tawaaf and is unable to offer Hady

    You have previously given me a Fatwa indicating that a sheep is due on me to be slaughtered and distributed on the poor inhabitants of Makkah because my farewell Tawaaf (circumambulation) was invalid. Now, however, I am unable to do it because I have returned to my country outside Saudi Arabia. Is there any other possible expiation? .. More

  • Performing farewell Tawaaf night before departure

    I am performing Hajj and intend to travel tomorrow at noon. Is it permissible for me to perform the farewell Tawaaf (circumambulation) tonight before sleeping? .. More

  • Ruling concerning someone who performs farewell Tawaaf and then leaves Makkah after sleeping

    Some colleagues who performed Hajj this year decided to hasten to leave on the twelfth of Thul-Hijjah, which is the second of the Tashreeq days, by throwing the pebbles before sunset, then perform tawaaf (circumambulation) around the House, and then leave Makkah. They actually threw the pebbles before noon, then left Mina for Al-Bayt Al-Haram, and performed.. More

  • The due time of the Farewell Tawaaf

    Is it permissible to perform the Farewell Tawaaf two days before I leave Makkah, given that I frequent the Ka‘bah and pray there after the Farewell Tawaaf? .. More

  • Ruling on missing succession and sleeping during the Farewell Tawaaf

    I performed Hajj this year and we hastened our departure in three days. On the last day, I carried out some acts that might have invalidated my Hajj. What I did was as follows: I was very tired and sick during the Farewell Tawaaf, so I was obliged to take rest two times during Tawaaf: one time after the Maghrib Prayer which lasted for half an hour,.. More

  • Ruling on Tawaaf Al-Wadaa’

    As salamalaikum I performed hajj with my pregnant wife ,on 10th i performed Tawaf Ziyaraah and on12th we went to haram performed tawaf wida before zawwal and came back to Mina and did Rami post zawwal exactly after Zuhr.The reason to do so was we were suppose to leave Mina after Asr final departure and keeping in mind that it would not be possible.. More

  • He did not accompany his wife while performing her Farewell Tawaaf

    Question 1:- During my Umrah trip, while performing sunnah or Farwell tawaaf , my wife performed the tawaaf with my mother, while I was sitting in the Haram, looking after my 2 children’s ( 2 yr & 6 yr old). Is this tawaaf is valid. Question 2:- Conditions are similar as above only the difference is performing tawaaf alone (my wife alone). .. More

  • Going to At-Taa’if after performing the Farewell Tawaaf

    A pilgrim has finished the rituals of ‘Umrah and wants to make the Farewell Tawaaf and leave the Sanctuary, but he wants to visit At-Taa’if. Should he make the Tawaaf and go to At-Taa’if or is At-Taa’if part of the Sanctuary, knowing that he intends to visit Al-Madeenah after that?.. More

  • Delaying Farewell Tawaaf until after visiting Jeddah

    Assalam aleikum dear scholar, Allah has blessed me to get my Hajj visum this year and Insha Allah I am willing to fulfill the hajj requirements with my utmost effort. My question is regarding the farewell Tawaf. Can I leave Mecca before performing the farewell Tawaf and visit my relatives linving Jeddah as well as doing some shopping for back home?.. More

  • Farewell Tawaaf for Jeddah residents

    Please tell me if at the end of Hajj, Tawaaf-al-Widaa' is necessary for those who are residents of Jeddah? I did not perform my Tawaaf-al-Widaa' when I went to Hajj (my Hajj was Hajj al-Ifraad) because people accompanying me insisted that it is not for Jeddah residents as they are with in the Meeqaat, but later on I sacrificed a goat with in Hodood.. More

  • Failure to make the farewell Tawaaf for Hajj

    What is the ruling of somebody that went for Hajj and did not perform Tawaaf Al-Wadaa'? .. More

  • Farewell Tawaaf

    I went to perform Hajj this year and I was unable to do the last portion which was the farewell due to the menses and my brother has said that it does not really matter if you did it or not. I want to know that my Hajj is complete or not and do I have to do it again?.. More

  • Delaying a Bit after Farewell Tawaaf for Hajj

    We performed Hajj this year. On the 12 of Dhul Hijjah, we arrived to Mecca to perform Tawaf Alwada'. Right after the end of the Zuhr prayer, and the people in charge of our group told us that the buses will leave right after the 'Asr prayer. So we performed Tawaf Alwada' first and we were finished with it about an hour before 'Asr, so we waited around.. More

  • Touching the Kaaba and praying there

    What is the ruling on touching the Kaaba (or its door) and praying there while doing so? Is this Bidah (innovation)?.. More