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  • Involved in Illicit Relationship, Caused Her to Leave Work and Accommodation and Now Hesitant about Marrying Her

    Assalamu alaikum brother and sister,Brother and sisters, im in deep pain, i did dhulm to my self and also to others, i had a haram relationship and i regret it. I was planning to marry a girl, she had an Apartment in a city far away from mine and i decided to search for an Apartment here in my city so she can live in my city, and here you may already.. More

  • Criteria for Marriage

    i am a devoted muslim always trying to avoid Riba. but i found out that my fiancée was born and raised with riba money. can that affect our offsprings, purity of my rizq? can I still marry her?? .. More

  • Can a 15 year old teenager be a guardian in a marriage?

    As salamu laikum,Can a 15 year old teenager be a wallee in a marriage if the eldest male is non-Muslim, or should they have an Imam stand in, and if they have already done the contract should they do it again with an older Muslim male?Thank you, may Allah reward you. .. More

  • The Right of Choosing a Spouse

    Assalamualaikum... I love my cousin so much and wanted to marry him. But my mother is not ready for our marriage. Though his parents are supporting our marriage. I don't have a father not even a brother, but i have 3 uncles(brothers of my father) and they are also opposing my decision. They want me to get married to a boy of their choice without.. More

  • Writes Romantic Words in His Diary About a Girl Whom He Wishes to Marry

    Assalamualaykum. I am 18 years of age. I believe that I have fallen in love with a girl, but I do not interact with her in person or online at all. I have a habit of writing in my diary about this girl, which I intend to show her after we get married in sha allah. Although I sometimes write romantic words, I never write anything sexual or provocative... More

  • You Must Choose a Religiously Committed Wife

    Salam. I'd like to understand if it is permissible for me to marry a woman, in this circumstance: - I am fully practicing Muslim. The woman I am trying to get to know, she is Muslim (by birth), she believes in God, but she does not practice her religion, though she does not have objections and will not obstruct my practice. Will my marriage be acceptable.. More

  • Not Very Religiously Committed But Looks for Very Religious Wife

    I'm normal religious male.I pray 5 times a day sometimes read quran,hadith etc.Can i expect very very religious wife while i'm looking for girl to marryjQuery111007216244523378295_1599461541227Because normally everybody should expect something as their level.Can i look for it?? .. More

  • Marrying a Man Who Wants to Exploit Her Financially

    Salaam alaykum.May Allah reward you for all the efforts to provide fatwa for the community. A man has proposed to marry me.We both have jobs. He has borrowed money from me (loan) and not returned it (paying back) when he promised he would. He is also struggling to accept that husband should provide the wife with food, shelter, clothing. He wants.. More

  • Wants to Marry a Girl He Knew Back from High School

    Salam, I know this girl from high school that I really like and wish to marry. She doesn't know me nor do our families know each other. It's been 7 years since we graduated from high school. I know her dad's profile on facebook and wish to approach him directly there. Here's what I drafted: More

  • A Divorcee’s Father Prevents Her From Remarrying

    Please help me i have a question i am a divorced women who wants to get married to a man but my father dont accept me to get married until death and he dont even give me money to take care of me, and there is a good man who wants to marry me and i wonder if i can go to a seihk and get engaged without my father is that okey? I am 24 years old .. More

  • Wants To Marry A Married Person But Laws Prohibit Polygyny

    I am a Dr and one Dr approached me saying that he loves me etc I also liked him and said approach my parents they came I prayed so much for him His family didn't like me based on my looks I lost my confidence everything can't go to work I get into depression he is married and having a girl child its been 2 years i never talked to him since his family.. More

  • Her Deobandi Parents Refuse to Send Her to Her Husband after He Divorced Her

    Salaam, I hope you can resolve this issue in regards to if my divorce has taken place or not. Me and my wife were married for 7 years and one day we had a serious arguement. Me being naive, I said I divorce you three times in a space of 2 seconds. My wife parents are deobandi and advised her that the marriage is over. I do not claim to be from any madhab... More

  • Wants To Marry A Girl Who Is Already Married

    Assalamu Alaikum, I wanted to marry a girl, she was a islamic minded girl. Don’t have a any relation with her. But she is now married, still now I wan to marry her. So can I do dua to Allah? .. More

  • Having Difficulty Finding a Wife To Marry

    Salam I am a 30 year old male from New Zealand. I am finding it very hard to find someone to settle down with and marry. My parents did not approve of my hindu girlfriend I had and I have now broken up with her and back living with my parents. I feel stuck. I feel like my life is on hold because I cant find someone to settle down with and I feel really.. More

  • Don't Like Her, Don't Marry Her

    When the scholars say that marriage is obligatory when one fears that he will fall into haraam, does this include masturbation? And also, does this mean that a man must accept the first woman he meets whom is willing to marry him, even if he doesn't like her that much? .. More