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  • Proposals of marriage from brothers who deny current families Date: 8-9-2003

    I have noticed when speaking to sisters that many on receiving marriage proposals are approached by married men who insist they are not married and pretend any existing children are not theirs. Is there nothing in Islam that prevents such deception? I agree that Islam allows polygamy and that's not the issue, but surely a brother should inform any unsuspectin.. More

  • Husband took second wife and neglected first wife Date: 29-7-2003

    A husband married a second wife and ignored his first wife and he neglected his responsibilities at home and bills start piling up. He took this other wife while his first wife suffered. Then he kicked the first wife out of the house and said that they were divorced. Can he do that? Is that considered as Fitna?.. More

  • Woman wants to convert to Christianity because husband took second wife Date: 19-7-2003

    Just now I spoke to a lady from Canada and she divorced her husband 2 years ago. She has 2 sons. The reason for the divorce is her husband had second marriage in Egypt that angered her. Now she wants to convert to Christianity. I want you to stop her by giving good advice. She posed a question "Why did God permission for husband to get married.. More

  • Husband in US Took A Second Wife Date: 1-7-2003

    My husband marrying a second wife in the United States. Even though we had no social problems or any other problems, my husband married, without informing me or her family, another Muslim woman in only an Islamic marriage (not a civil or a court one) in a Mosque. As you know it is illegal in the United States to get married to a second person. And after.. More

  • Having two wives is a problem Date: 18-6-2003

    I am pleased you replied so fast. And yes, I need some advice. Let me tell you directly what is my problem. Originally I am from Europe, with no religion. After that I moved to U.A.E. become a Muslim and married an Egyptian man. One difficulty is, he is already married (I knew that before) for 18 years and he married me 6 months ago. Now we are awaiting.. More

  • Opinion of the first wife when husband takes more wives Date: 18-6-2003

    Insha Allah this question reaches you in the best of health, Imaan, and Taqwa. I am in High School and am doing a "Women in Islam" presentation for my class. In my presentation I am talking about the most sensitive topics about women in Islam because I want them to know about it now so in the future when someone mentions it to them they will be able.. More

  • Wants to Marry Again after Unsuccessful Marriage Date: 29-3-2003

    Are there any pre-conditions for the second marriage? I am unhappy with my marriage and plan to get separated shortly. We didn't really get going even a year after marriage. .. More

  • Husband Refuses to Have Children because He Insists to Have Second Wife Date: 4-12-2002

    Assalamu Alikaum,I have a question which is bothering me always. My husband and I are separated for two years. I do love my husband very much. But the problem is I love to have child with my husband, but he said he will not have child with me unless he gets a second wife. I am very stressed day and Night why I can't have my husband's child, I know Islam.. More

  • Problematic Relations with Married Man Date: 27-10-2002

    I have a problem. I have a problem needing a proper decision. The problem is shortly the following: I'm a 30-year-old divorced woman living in Europe without children. Almost a year ago I met a man of my age. We fall in love and decided to get married. He told his wife about me; she became angry and is trying her best to get him to leave me. She is.. More

  • Needs Second Wife in Country away from Current Wife and Children Date: 13-10-2002

    I am currently married with one child. However, due to some difficulties it may not be possible to bring my wife and child to join me as we are currently in different countries due to circumstances out of our control. If I cannot bring them, am I allowed to marry another woman in the country I am in, especially as my wife may not be able to cope with.. More

  • Wants A Second Wife while Living Abroad Date: 9-10-2002

    I am currently married but live in a non-Muslim country, as I have to study. My spouse is in her home country as I am unable to bring her due to immigration and financial obstacles. Also, she will not be able to cope with living in a non-Muslim country. I wish to marry another wife but no woman is interested in marrying a man who already has a wife.. More

  • Issues of a Second Wife Date: 1-9-2002

    Is it Halal for a man to marry a second wife without the wife's family knowing it? Is it Halal for a man to bring the second wife at the first wife's house while the first one is sick in hospital, even though he told her he would never do it? .. More

  • Conditions for Marrying a Second Wife Date: 13-8-2002

    A friend of mine is taking a second wife. However the second wife has put certain conditions for marriage. 1) She does not want him to support her or her children from previous marriage; financially as she is very rich. 2) She does not want equal share of his time and is happy if he spends only 2 days/nights with her a week-any more is to the.. More

  • Muslim Marriage in Czech Republic Date: 31-7-2002

    I would like to have an Islamic opinion on marriage with another woman in European countries [Muslim and non-Muslim]. One Czech Muslim man married two women together in one day without Wali [one is Muslim, one is Christian]. He has given interview about it to the newspaper with non-Islamic photo [he kissed one of his wives and other wife was looking.. More

  • Taking a Second Wife Date: 3-7-2002

    Please tell me the procedures for a man to take a second wife and does he need the consent of the first wife? Can I put in my marriage contract that my husband to be, can only take a second wife with my permission? .. More