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  • Listening to Video Clips Whereby the Speakers May Be Men or Women and Non-Muslims Date: 27-1-2021

    Assalamualikum! I wanna make youtube channel and in which i plained to put motivational videos featuring with non muslim(they r not muslim so is it halal to listen to a person voice who is not reachable u didnt know anything about him/her) men/women voice(audio only they are just reading quotes ) without music is it haram or not? will u plz explain? .. More

  • Listening to music without human voice Date: 1-11-2017

    Hello,I am 19 years old. I pray five times a day, praise be to Allah, and I hope that, Allah willing, it will stay this way. I have an issue about the topic "music" and have some questions. I have heard that musical instruments are haram, which I can not deny, because you really gave the evidence from the Quran and Hadith. My questions are: 1. Is.. More

  • Choosing not to talk to non-mahram men Date: 27-12-2015

    Is it ok to not talk to non-mahram (permanently unmarriageable) men even if Islam said that we can in some cases? .. More

  • Woman's voice is not 'Awrah but she has to speak modestly Date: 21-8-2014

    I am a revert to islam. This question is in two parts. Shortly after we married, my wife tripped over an uneven part of the pavement and fractured her knee. A particularly conservative lady phoned her to state that she would visit her that evening - provided that I was not home; thereby throwing me out of my own home when all I wanted to do is relax.. More

  • Listening to women give Islamic lectures on YouTube Date: 4-4-2014

    Now a days I see a lot of Muslim lady scholars delivering Islamic lectures uploaded in YouTube. Though these ladies are covered properly how far it is permissible for the men to hear their talk? Kindly elaborate. Jazakallah wa Khairan.... .. More

  • Woman laughing loudly in the presence of non-Mahram men Date: 10-5-2011

    assalamualaykum, dear respected scholar my husband says it is forbidden (haram) for me to laugh loudly in an adjacent room while sitting with my family because his friends will hear me in the room where the men are sitting with him, but he said talking is this true? .. More

  • Woman using mobile phone in front of non-Mahram men Date: 26-2-2008

    CAN I USE A CELL phone outside in front of non mahram thank you may allah have mercy on you... More

  • When is a woman permitted to perform her prayer loudly? Date: 14-2-2006

    Why the Muslim woman must pray every time with a low voice, while the Muslim man can pray in aloud voice during some prayers like Aa'ishah for example. .. More

  • Listening to tapes of women lecturers Date: 14-7-2005

    Recently, my wife has started to play an audio tape in the car which is teaching day and night Du'as with Tajweed. The voice is of a female. Allaah has proven the sacred state of women by not even mentioning the names of women in Quran except of Maryam, may Allaah be pleased with her, for a specific reason. Can the voice of women be.. More

  • Quranic recitation by the sisters Date: 28-6-2005

    Please in a Muslim organization of some few brothers and sisters, they hold Quranic memorization weekly, after the lesson the leader asks the people to recite individually to ascertain their understanding of it. Please can the sisters also recite audibly and if they can, should they sonorously or just like normal conversation?.. More

  • Loud women's voices during celebrations among women only Date: 6-4-2003

    Is it Haram for women to do Zaggareed in Islamic weddings where there are women and no music, just singing regular songs with the Duff and the Zaggareeds (which is only a loud voice from some of the women to celebrate the event with no men around? .. More

  • Female reciters Date: 28-1-2003

    I'm from Canada and we received group of reciters from Indonesia. Among them was a woman. My question is : Is it allowed for a woman to make a public recitation or to be a reciter?.. More

  • Female responses in male audience Date: 13-10-2002

    Can women contribute or ask questions using a microphone in a program where there are men?.. More

  • Woman's Voice in Quran Date: 8-7-2002

    Are women's voices forbidden in Qur'an? .. More

  • Women Praying in a Loud Voice Date: 15-5-2002

    Can women pray with a loud voice? .. More