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  • Perilous repercussions Date: 5-5-2011

    I am sorry for this inquiry: is it permissible for two spouses to film their own sexual intercourse so as to enhance their sexual desires, on the condition that they encrypt the disk of that video, which is called digital photography, and no one can have access to its content? .. More

  • Thinking of the second wife during sexual intercourse with the first Date: 4-5-2011

    Is it permissible to imagine the second wife while having sexual intercourse with the first one? Is it permissible to imagine any past sexual incident during sexual intercourse? After repenting of past sexual incidents, will the person be held accountable for imagining them? Is the imagination of fantasies such as imaginary stories permissible? Please.. More

  • Alternative for wife’s self arousal during sexual intercourse Date: 1-5-2011

    I am a married woman. However, since my young age I practice masturbation and have become addicted to it. After marriage, I could not help stopping this habit because I cannot reach climax during sexual intercourse. So, I stroke the upper parts of the vagina with my fingers while the penis of my husband is inside it. In other words, I practice masturbatio.. More

  • Enjoying sex with wife on webcam Date: 16-12-2008

    salam alaikum please help me due to family crisis i am staying out of the country i can not keep my wife with me due to less salary & i am doing internet chatting with my wife & using webcam to see both of us during chatting we can not control & our desire i use to show private parts & do masturbation & relase sperm is it permissible.. More

  • Anal sex is absolutely prohibited Date: 15-4-2008

    Asalamu Aleikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatahu, Dear Brothers in Islam, I'm a Muslim man, married for about 15 years now and Alhamdulilah with 8 children. With 8 children alive, my wife aborted 3 times because of some weakness in her ovary as she had delivered children continuously without child spacing. We have tried to naturally plan our family by refraining.. More

  • Her imprisoned husband refuses to hug and kiss her publicly during visitations Date: 10-6-2007

    My Husband is serving a life sentence for a murder he did no commit. He has served 16 years out of a 20 year tariff. I met him 6 years ago and we got married. I was practising but he wasn't. Now he has started practising within the last 6 months alhamdulilah. I only see him once a week, my visits are so precious and it is the only time I can hold.. More

  • Had intercourse during her menses and got pregnant in the same month Date: 27-3-2007

    assalamu alaikum i m a married woman...we did a grave sin by having intercourse during menses...but later we repented and vowed never to such a thing again..but i got pregnant dat month..and now i m afraid will dat hav any bad effect on my child.....i mean...i want my child to be pious n healthy...pls advice me..... More

  • His wife asks him to insert a penis – shaped ice item in her anus during intercourse Date: 22-1-2007

    Salaam brothers, Firstly I apologise for any inconvinience I cause to you due to this question. I am going to be open with you. My wife and i both are in kowledge of the fact that anal sex is haram. My wife has some desires. She wants me to perform intercause with her (vaginal) and at the same time me to insert a piece ice in a shape of a penis in to.. More

  • Using sex toys to masturbate one's spouse Date: 5-9-2006

    Masterbation by one's spouse's hand is permitted in Islam. My question is that is it permissible to use a sex toy like an artificial mouth or vigina for a wife to masterbate her husband and to use a dildo for a husband to masterbate his wife... More

  • This act is like the act of the people of Prophet Loot (Lut) Date: 20-8-2006

    Is pegging(sexual act) allowed in islam?.. More

  • Applying honey on wife's body and licking it Date: 4-4-2006

    During foreplay with wife can we use honey, jam, etc. egg applying honey on wife's breasts, nipples or thighs and then eat honey from their, I am waiting for your quickest and positive response... More

  • A man had sexual intercourse with his wife believing she is pure Date: 29-3-2006

    I had sexual intercourse with my wife while believing that her menses stopped but after intercourse I discovered that she is not yet pure, do I have to expiate for this?.. More

  • He had intercourse with his wife before she had Ghusl from menses Date: 21-3-2006

    I had intercourse with my wife after her menses stopped but before she performed Ghusl (ritual bath), I knew this, but I could not be patient, so what is the ruling on this? I heard that I have to expiate for this sin by fasting two consecutive months. If I could not fast, what should I do?.. More

  • Imagining having sex with his wife while he is away from her Date: 16-11-2005

    As I got married before 9 month, first three months I spend with wife and from past five months I am away from my wife due to job (I am working in Dubai and wife back in India). As time is passing I need her due to this sometime while going to bed I use to think in mind the time which we spend together (I mean the sex). It gives me some kind of.. More

  • Penetrated his wife's anus by mistake Date: 11-9-2005

    My question is that in the first night of wedding, when I was copulating with my wife I enter my male sex in the back (stool place) by mistake. Only the head (QADEEB). My wife warned me for my mistake. This whole thing happened in few seconds. Now what I have to do? Please answer me in simple language and may Allaah forgive me for what I have.. More