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62 fatwas

  • Wants to Remarry Husband with New Contract Date: 21-8-2002

    I have a friend who married a man, but her country refused that marriage, as he is British. She told her father about the marriage after she got married and the father agrees with it. But he wasn't with her when she married. Now she wants to write that contract again and the father agrees. What should she do now? She can't live without her (husband)... More

  • Told wife she was divorced three times then took her back Date: 4-1-2002

    I had a fight with my wife and we were both very angry. When I returned back from work, my wife had left the house to go to her sister house. I tried to call her to ask her to come home and left her two messages but she didn't call me back. Later in the evening I drove to her sister's house to bring her back but nobody was home. I left a note in the.. More