1512 fatwas

  • Ruling on a man gifting his residence to his wife Date: 3-9-2023

    Salam waleikum. Husband registered apartment on wife’s name so she could have residency and live in Muslim country. After some time he told her she can to keep it forever for her and her children. Now husband wants to divorce her and take the apartment back. Is she allowed to keep it ? JazakaAllah kheir .. More

  • Wife Not Listening to Him and Not Answering Him in A Nice Manner Date: 12-6-2023

    Are there any conditions that a Muslim man has to fulfill if he wants to divorce his wife? I mean if the wife is for example not listening to him and is not answering him in a nice manner and so on, which she did before, then is he allowed to divorce his wife on the basis of her behaviour or is he obliged to talk to her first even if he knows she will.. More

  • Husband Told Her: 'You Look As Beautiful As a Goddess' Date: 12-6-2023

    Husband out of ignorance said you look beautiful as a goddess( not believing in goddesses) but meaning looking very beautiful . Did this affect the couples nikkah then. Do they have to renew nikkah? .. More

  • Drunken Husband Told Her ‘I Can't Stay with You Anymore’ Date: 21-5-2023

    AssalamuaalikumI'm a wife who has 8 months son. Sometimes, I argue and fight with my husband while he is drunk. Almost every fighting time, he said I can't stay with you anymore (I divorce you). He said it in our Language, Burmese. This meaning same as Twalaq (I think so). But he doesn't understand Twalaq. I would like to know is "does really tawlaq.. More

  • Husband Told Her ‘If You Leave House You Are Divorced’ and She Left Date: 18-5-2023

    After a fight my husband told me I am taleq if I leave the house, and I left. This would be the thirds talaq for us. Now he say he want me to let go at all my rights to legally divorce me in the court. He will only give me the custody of our 3 years old child. Isn't in my right to get the money for divorce or for child maintenance? .. More

  • Persistent Verbal and Physical Abuse from Husband Date: 4-5-2023

    Asalamu Alaikum, in the name of Allah the most gracious, the most Merciful. 1. What is the stand of a marriage which has persistent verbal abuse and physical abuse beyond the intervention of both families. 2. The husband insist saying “Allah should punish you “with any disagreement .. More

  • Can a wife refuse her husband’s request for intercourse so that she could pray? Date: 13-4-2023

    Asalam alaikoum. Is it bad that it was a call to Isha prayer, and my husband wanted to have intercourse. I told him that after we pray, it would be great to be intimate with him. However, he got upset, prayed with me, and then stayed mad about not having intercourse. When I went to try and have intercourse with him he was refusing me because I wanted.. More

  • Divorce at a moment of extreme anger Date: 13-4-2023

    My husband has said Talaq 3 times in extrem heated argument and i forced him to say the talaq 3 times when he was angery is this a valid divorce or not, or is this 1 divorce. .. More

  • Valid reasons to refuse intercourse with husband Date: 10-4-2023

    Is my situation a valid reason to refuse from intimate affairs with my husband because it causes a severe harm for my mental health and sexuality? He has verbally forced me to have sex with him for ten years. His actions caused me very severe health issues like dissociative PTSD and self-harming tendencies. Besides, I have never felt any kind of sexual.. More

  • Divorce under the influence of drugs and intense anger Date: 4-4-2023

    My husband divorced me 2 years ago by saying I divorce you three times whilst heavily under the influence of drugs. It was clear to me that he was not in his right mental state. he divorced me again last year same way and he was in the same condition. After getting some advice we came to the understanding that both of them divorces did not class as.. More

  • Told His Wife ‘If You Do Not Pray You Are Divorced’ Date: 2-4-2023

    Assalamualaikum ,I would like to know about conditional divorce fatwa .I said to my wife if you do not pray namaz you are divorced.(that situation I was very angry and I have nothing intention divorced)so if she break the condition divorce will take place or not ?When I said this word she was period (menstruation )so that time conditional divorce will.. More

  • Newly Married Committed Kufr: Is His Marriage Still Valid Date: 30-3-2023

    I am newly married boy two days ago with a girl only at an Imam of masjid, not intercoursed and touched my wife yet she is still at her father house waiting to transport to our house as our custom norms. if have done kufr took me of out fold of Islam made me kafr, and after 5 or 10 minutes repented and felt remorseful and took shahada again, does this.. More

  • Divorced His Wife Repeatedly and Wants to Take Her Back Date: 30-3-2023

    I got married After sometime my wife left me,to warn her I divorced her,later after sometime we have rajoo/intercourse,but still my wife didn't returned my home, he was living at her parent house,i send her 2nd divorce,and we again met and have intercourse and she got pregnant,but still she was at her parent house ,once i was angry i gave her divorce,.. More

  • Her husband treats her badly Date: 30-3-2023

    Assalamu Alaikum.My husband uses very bad insults whenever he gets mad. Of all times he's insulted me badly, I actually didn't do anything on purpose to make him angry. He's constantly complaining, criticizing me .. More

  • Narrating a Divorce that Took Place in the Past Does Not Lead to a New Divorce Date: 30-3-2023

    Salam,My husband in a telephone conversation today referred to a past incident in which he has said “you are divorced”. So basically in the telephone conversation he said “I have in the past told you that you are divorced”. I’m This statement he was referring to the past incident but does the fact that he said “you are divorced” constitute.. More