1485 fatwas

  • These words are not explicit expressions of divorce Date: 25-1-2023

    Aoa, I want to know, I had argument with my wife, she said to me you have toxic personality, I was irritated by this word to which I said then don't live with me, she said you have the right say those two words then, I said why should I say, why you want everything should be done by me, later we had reasoning on our dispute, she again said you are toxic,.. More

  • 'The child is attributed to the owner of the bed.' Date: 24-1-2023

    As-salam alykom.I am a revert to Isalm, alhamdulilah. My family recently discovered my father was born from zina. We found this out from DNA ethnicity testing. So his last name is not the name of his biological father but rather the man who raised him. Despite having concrete evidence of this he is concealing the evidence from the man who raised him.. More

  • Grave marital issues Date: 14-1-2023

    Salam, My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years. In this six years a lot of bad things have happened between us. He doesn’t fulfil my needs as a wife sexually physically or emotionally but yet will not divorve me. I have had sexual relations outside of marriage on two separate occasions and as a result have birthed two sons. However I.. More

  • Rulings on a wife who has contact with another man Date: 14-1-2023

    My wife talks to a person on phone at midnight.she sends him her photos also and do video calls also.what should i do. .. More

  • Ruling on written divorce Date: 14-1-2023

    Before knowing that divorce is even counted if sent via sms/text,I sent word "divorce / i divorce you "several times in different occssion to my wife to scare her(or i have doubt about my intention)during quarrel. But every time i refused to issue divorce certificate by saying that i will not divorce you formally / i will not say divorce by mouth.Was.. More

  • Ruling on divorce when one vows not to continue his relationship with his wife Date: 14-1-2023

    Selemu aleikum, a friend of mine argued with his wife and vowed not to continue the relationship, but at that moment he had no intention of divorcing and did not think about divorce. Now he has weswes and doesn't remember that moment in detail. Has he divorced? .. More

  • Ruling on marrying the first husband again Date: 27-11-2022

    Nikkah halala to get back with first husband halal haram makrooh does it invalidate the nikkah when she marries the first husband agian .. More

  • The Intimate Rights between Spouses Date: 19-10-2022

    Aaslam o Alaikum, Sir I have a important question about marital Intimacy. If a couple is married for two years. But intercourse never happened between them. But husband and wife satisfy eashothers sexual needs. Wife don't want to have intercourse because she says that she don't need it. But husband wants to enjoy intercourse. After 2 years she still.. More

  • Correct Communication between Spouses Date: 17-10-2022

    Assalmu alakium . My question is this, is it ok for your husband to constantly threaten divorce? With no intention. Also it ok that I am traveling and he doesn’t speak to me consistently, or says I can only speak to him from this time to that time and I’m not allowed to text after 3 pm ? What if I need to communicate with him and he refuses or when.. More

  • The Right of Sexual Relations between Spouses Date: 17-10-2022

    Question what do I do if my wife refuses sex .. because she say she sick ..And we only have sex once every two months... .. More

  • Husband Apostatized Many Times: Is the Marriage Valid? Date: 15-9-2022

    if one commit kufr on 3 or more occasions is the marraige stil valid if he repent within iddah period. Also is the annulment that’s caused by kufr count as a dvorce. Please give correct view according to islamweb.. More

  • Some Rulings Regarding ‘Iddah and Marriage Date: 14-9-2022

    Im not sure if my iddah was finished when i remarried. My first husband divorced me 21 november. I bled 5th - 15th december (it was a midcarriage, lose of 5 week old baby). I then bled 20th dec -25 dec. Then after that i bled 10th jan - 14th. Then 7th feb - 11feb. I have bled for times in total. But im not sure if the second bleed was part of the miscarriage.. More

  • The Ruling on Divorce during Menses Date: 13-9-2022

    As’salam O’elaikum wa’rehmatAllahi WabarakatuhuFour (4) years ago I divorced my wife for the third time and we went apart, I have two kids with her. Recently I got to know that the divorce is not valid if the women is menstruating, to my best knowledge when the last divorce was announced she was in her days. Or also a scenario if she wasn’t.. More

  • Essentials and Items the Husband Must Provide for His Wife Date: 25-8-2022

    Does a husband need to provide his wife with food, clothing, accommodation, hygiene products, make-up and jewellery? .. More

  • A Case of a Controversial Khul’ Date: 25-8-2022

    My husband and I got into an arguement via text. We were both mad at each other and our emotions got the best of us. He kept telling me to ask him for a khula and so I did. He then sent a voicenote saying that I was released and that he accepts my khula. Him telling me to ask for it, me then asking for it, and him then accepting it was all done out.. More