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  • Divorcee wishes to remarry ex-husband after Khul’ but her father refuses Date: 15-1-2014

    I am a divorcee who sought Khul’ two years ago, and I have a six-year-old daughter. My ex-husband got remarried so as to forget me, but he could not really move on; hence, he divorced his wife and now he wants to remarry me so that we can live together with our daughter again. I am not opposed to that proposal especially that we got married after.. More

  • Engagement after divorce that took place before consummation of marriage contract Date: 14-1-2014

    A short time ago, I got engaged to a young man for seven months, during which we concluded the wedding contract with the help of a marriage official. Later, we broke up our engagement. Recently, we decided to return to each other. We went to the marriage official who said: “This is impermissible, and this (disengagement) is considered a first (pronouncement.. More

  • The wife divorced thrice returning to the first husband after divorce from the second one Date: 14-1-2014

    If a woman who has been divorced thrice returned to her previous husband after her second husband dies or divorces her without a previous agreement on that, how many pronouncements of divorce become available for her first husband according to the four schools of Islamic Fiqh?.. More

  • Wants to return to her ex-husband for not being happy with her second husband Date: 13-1-2014

    Please advise me regarding this issue as it bothers me a lot. I have been married to a man for about 6 years up till now and we have a son. However, we do not get along in many ways and I feel that he is strange to me. I seek divorce for I married him due to his religiosity, but after marriage I found out that he is not as religious as he seemed to.. More

  • Conditions for the permissibility of a divorced man’s remarriage Date: 12-1-2014

    What is the ruling on a man who divorced his wife and then married another woman seven days after his divorce?.. More

  • Is permanent divorce reversed after doubtful marriage to second husband? Date: 5-1-2014

    Assalamo alikom, I divorced my wife three times and she became haram to me. Later on, she married a Muslim brother and consummated the marriage. However, she got divorced from her second husband. She had two witnesses but NO wali in her second marriage and now she wants to remarry her first husband (me). (Note: she didn't do that to remarry her first.. More

  • Her first husband trying to reconcile after she married another Date: 12-2-2013

    My sister In law is in a very tense situation and it seems nobody can give the right answer. She was married to a man 9 years ago and have a 8 year old daughter. He never was religious and never worked. 2 years ago he started talking to another woman and it caused problems In there marriage and he left the house, after she talked to him and they reconciled... More

  • Her husband wants to take her back after divorcing her several times Date: 7-9-2012

    Salam, I was married to my x husband for years nd separated 2 years ago we d hope we sought things out..he has give 2 talaags on seperate occasion nd...d first One I jus our second child nd went and for hand again nd he did all necessary things...well he got married in December 2011 last year and they expecting to have a child..about 2weeks ago.. More

  • He took back his wife 3 or 4 months after divorce Date: 19-1-2012

    assalamoualaikum brother please i have let my wife go to stay at her sister place because of some discussion so people told her that its better to have a break and then you can see what happen so this has gone for 3 years without any changes but i have not giving her talaak. but after that i saw that this will not change and give her one talaak and.. More

  • Wants to take his wife back after she took Khul’ from a court Date: 26-5-2011

    Us Salaamo Alaiqum, We belong to Fiqah Hanfi. My wife went to attend marriage and later stay their for no solid reason we do have some family disputes but those were very minor. i tried all way to explain her and her famliy so that we live in peace but no one listen to me even i vist her and said lets go home but... we have one son as well. i.. More

  • Ruling on returning to her ex-husband after marrying the man who ruined her marriage Date: 1-5-2011

    In an attempt to take revenge on my husband, one of my relatives seduced me into asking for divorce. After divorce, this spiteful man invented every possible lie to marry me; verbally, without witnesses or the consent of a Wali (guardian). He had sex with me several times, but when I knew that he was deceiving me and asked him for a divorce, he refused... More

  • She asks Allaah to make her ex-husband come back to her Date: 20-3-2011

    Asak Iam a divorcee.It has been 10yrs since i got divorced by my husband after a short marriage of just 3 months. my ex mother- in -law was responsible for that. But i still love my him and truly wish Allah send him back in my life as husband.though its nearly imposssible ,i stiill supplicate in every saleh. is my supplication valid or not.I have.. More

  • Wants to return to her husband after taking Khul’ from him Date: 16-3-2011

    Kindly help me out.i was married last year,due to some misunderstanding 8 months after marriage i forced him for khula.But within 2 weeks after khula he returned back to me and said that he never accepted khula by his heart and it was only my parents pushing him for it which made him to accept that time and he still considers me his wife.We started.. More

  • Returning to a non-practicing husband who married a Christian woman Date: 1-3-2011

    aslamu alkum could i get answer for this question my husband divorced in few months before then he married another christain lady he live with her now days he want to keep me as a second wife ... is it allow for islam ? he have one christain wife and he is not folow even prayer on proper time ... he is not follow other islamic rulles also this circumstance.. More

  • Wants to remarry her ex-husband after Khul' and one divorce Date: 12-1-2011

    12 years before my husband sent me one divorce notice when i was pragnant after 4 months of marriage that was arrange marriage. he sent photocopies of that notice to my relatives also. after delivery i took khula on the basis of that one divorce notice . now i want to clear according to sunni fiqa hanfi in islam that is it divorce or khula and.. More