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  • Seclusion has same legal status as consummation of marriage Date: 7-4-2014

    Bismillah Assalamu alekum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu. I urgently need your answer. After my nikah I did not live with my husband, that is, the marriage ceremony and walima did not take place. My husband and I had secret intercourse at my home. Very sadly, I need khula from him now due to many unavoidable reasons. I know well the valid reasons for.. More

  • An irrevocably divorced woman may spend her 'Iddah anywhere but not travel Date: 25-3-2014

    Asalamu walaykum wr wb. I have been married for soon 3 years. Our marriage took place sencerly for Allah swt sake, since I didnt speak very long time with my husband befor the marrige took place. Now I have come to the stage where I am sick and tired of my husbands verbacly abuse calling me bad names(names wich makes me want to trow up sometimes). He.. More

  • Waiting period of a woman who was divorced during menses Date: 18-2-2014

    Asallam u Alaikum, if a woman's menstrual blood/period began a minute before husband gave divorce or any other issue that requires waiting for iddah to end, does that cycle that just began count as one cycle of iddah or does she have to wait for this cycle to end and another 3 more cycles ? .. More

  • 'Iddah starts directly when the husband utters divorce Date: 9-2-2014

    I live in USA..and My husband lives in Pakistan. Actually i went to Pakistan last year in August 2013 and took a Divorce from Him. and now we really need to do patch up again.. He signed the Divorce paper on 4th October 2013. and On my Divorce paper the Date is mentioned of 25th September 2013.. and the Union Council they Registered my Divorce paper.. More

  • Ruling on a woman whose husband died two hours after concluding the marriage contract Date: 22-1-2014

    In the Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful What is the Sharee‘ah ruling on a man who liked to marry, and just two hours after concluding the marriage contract, he died because of a car accident, before consummating the marriage with his wife? Give us a Fatwa in this respect. May Allaah Reward you... More

  • Ruling on marrying a divorcee during her ‘Iddah Date: 14-1-2014

    I married a European woman who reverted to Islam since the first day of our marriage, praise be to Allaah. However, she was previously married to a Christian man but they were separated six years ago and she received the verdict on her divorce case and was legally divorced only a week before our marriage. Thus, we got married before the end of her ‘Iddah.. More

  • Implicit and explicit marriage proposal for a woman during her ‘Iddah Date: 14-1-2014

    Is it permissible for a widow to inform her brother-in-law implicitly or explicitly of her desire to marry him? Please, provide the references or the name of the Mufti. May Allaah Reward you... More

  • Sexual intercourse during 'Iddah Date: 13-12-2012

    Aasalam alaikum i just wanted to know dat if a husband divorces his wife in the court and inbetween the idaat if they sleep with each lll olther but dey still want to get divorced dont want to reunit is the divorce acceptable and can the woman marry a sun one else by completing the iddat .. More

  • A widow travelling in her waiting period without necessity Date: 16-6-2012

    My fater died a month ago, left behind his wife who is 74 years old. Can I call her to Saudi Arabia during period of Iddat as there are no proper arrangements to look after her. Though one son and one daughter are there but she is not comfirtable to be there. .. More

  • Is a divorced wife obliged to share life expenses with husband during `Iddah? Date: 29-1-2012

    I married for 1 year then one divorced because he wants me to share expenses half half then before eddat finnish we agee iwill share the painment we stayed three months now my husband wants to marry his first wife,the first wife she had gone to islamic court to claim for divorce and outside husband willing court gave divorce and after she married another.. More

  • His ex-wife’s father demands for the expenses of his daughter’s marriage Date: 2-8-2011

    Dear Sir, Assalamualikum, May Allah grant you peace and health. I Syed Firasat Ali, presently working in Makkah, i am married and i have one son who is 4 years old, i have given divorce (i.e. Talaq e bayana in Urdu) to my wife as she did sin by having an affair with my younger cousin brother first of all she told me that this affair is only over.. More

  • A divorced woman going for ‘Umrah during her waiting period Date: 7-6-2011

    Dear Mufti Sahab, Asalam-u-Alaikum Me & my mother are going on Umrah from pakistan. Every thing ticket/visa/hotel booking is ready & payment is also handover to concern people. But problem arose here that my father has given divorce to my mother 1 month ago. At that time we are not aware that there is Edat of divorce thus we applied for.. More

  • She received a proposal during her waiting period after Khul’ Date: 2-5-2011

    salam.i got marrid 3yrs bck and i hv a son.i m livng wd mothr 4last 1.5yr and recently i get khula,as my husband used 2insult me,torture,didnt trust niether support da mean while a man gv proposal 4me 2 my my reconcilliatin wasnt possible so thy talked him..later v talked eachother on phone during court proceedings just 2.. More

  • The waiting period of an old woman after the death of her husband Date: 20-12-2010

    assalamualaikum, needed a clarification regarding the iddah period (after death). according certain scholars, it seems iddah period is only for younger women and not for older women. is that right? is the iddah period for younger women not to get married in that period? and the period for older women is not prescribed for 4months 10days? is there.. More

  • He has to take his widowed mother abroad before the expiry of her Iddah Date: 2-6-2010

    Assalamo Alaikum dear scholars, I have an urgent question on behalf of my friend whose father has died 1 and half month ago. My friend, his brothers and their mother have been living in Qatar for a long time. Their father had been staying and working in US. The father got deadly pancreas cancer and the doctors there in US told him that there was no.. More