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  • Waiting Period for Women after Divorce Date: 4-2-2002

    My husband and I have not been intimate for over a month. I was just about to start my 2nd menses without relations with him when he divorced me. He said he didn't mean it, but if it is valid, this is our third divorce. Do I still have to wait an additional 3 menses before I can marry again? .. More

  • Divorce in marriage without sexual relations Date: 3-2-2002

    If a husband divorces his wife, and during the time of the marriage there was no sexual relationship, after the divorce is there Iddah. I have read somewhere in Arabic, if the husband (Lam Yadqul Alyhaah in Arabic) there is no Iddah required. Can you clarify the full meaning of the word (Yadqul) does that mean full sexual relationship or does kissing.. More

  • Compensating Pregnant Wife Who Wants Divorce Date: 3-2-2002

    A pregnant woman asked her husband to divorce her for some reasons. Should he pay her Nafaqah during her pregnancy? .. More

  • 'Iddah of divorced woman Date: 22-1-2002

    If a woman got divorced from her husband cause she hates him and doesn't want him and he didn't have sex with her must she wait for 3 month to marry again?.. More

  • Divorced wife seeks past maintenance Date: 2-1-2002

    I was married to a US citizen who left me for US after 24 days of marriage and never paid any maintenance to me during 3 years of marriage. He has sent the divorce to me. Do I have the right to ask for three years maintenance now?.. More

  • During divorce, wife spends Iddah outside the home Date: 30-11-2000

    My wife and I are divorcing; a Talaq was given while she is in another country and I am in another country. I advised her that she has to return home to spend her Iddah period in our home. One Imam told her that she do not have to spend her Iddah period in our home that she can spend it where ever she chooses. Is this true? Should she return home.. More

  • A Woman's Behavior after Husband's Death Date: 14-7-2000

    CAN A WOMAN WEAR A BEAUTIFUL DRESS & USE MAKE-UP AFTER HER HUSBAND DIES ESPECIALLY IN THE IDDAH PERIOD, AND WHAT ARE THE PROHIBITED ACTIONS DURING THAT TIME?Can a woman wear a beautiful dress and use make up after her husband dies especially in the Iddah period, and what are the prohibited .. More

  • The length of the waiting period of a divorced woman (‘Iddah) Date: 14-6-2000

    Alsalaamu Alaikum: I read that the period of ‘Iddah’ is a period of three mensturation periods. Is that correct? And if so, does a woman start counting from the day of divorce or the day of her last sexual encounter with her husband? Please clarify. Thank you! .. More

  • No Intention Is Required for Waiting Period (‘Iddah) after Husband’s Death Date: 28-1-2000

    When a Muslim husband dies, the wife is supposed to be in Iddah for four months and ten days. Does anyone from the husband's side need to read a "NIYYA" for the Iddah? .. More

  • Widow beautifying herself during her Iddah Date: 15-8-1999

    A widow whose husband died and who is still inside the Idda period, can she apply some oil on her hair or body after washing it?.. More